Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1946 - Impossible Outcome

Chapter 1946 – Impossible Outcome

After Miracle’s forces on Kama Island were annihilated, the abyssal monsters circling above began to scatter to the surrounding areas.

And Shi Feng couldn’t be any happier to see it.

Although this turn of events would be a problem for players developing in the Sea of Death, it would benefit him. The abyssal monsters’ presence would deter anyone from approaching Kama Island.

However, the Abyss Passage he opened above the island was small, unlike the medium passage in the Twin Towers Kingdom. As a result, its influence would be very limited.

In the continent of God’s Domain, abyssal monsters couldn’t roam freely since they were foreign to this world. Hence, the world’s power constantly suppressed them. The farther they ventured from the Abyss Passage, the stronger this suppression would become. With the power of a small Abyss Passage, the passage’s range of influence was very limited.

Moreover, he could only use this method to deter players once.

Each Ancient Abyssal Book could be used to open only two Abyss Passages: a medium passage and a small passage. King’s Return’s Hell Fiend had already opened the medium passage to deal with Immortal Light in the Twin Towers Kingdom, and now that Shi Feng had used the remaining small passage, he’d have to make sufficient sacrifices if he wanted to use the book to open another.

To open another passage, he would need to sacrifice 50,000 players for a small passage, 300,000 players for a medium passage, or 1,000,000 players for a large passage. Capturing so many players to sacrifice would be an immensely difficult task.

He might be fine if his actions went undiscovered, but once other players found proof of his wrongdoing, the consequences would be horrendous.

After watching the abyssal monsters venture away from Kama Island, Shi Feng began to loot the battlefield.

Meanwhile, in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s temporary Residence on Thunder Island…

“Big Sis Rain, I’ve notified every fleet in the Sea of Death. Since we cannot command those under Nine Dragons Emperor, we only have three fleets heading towards Kama Island. They should arrive in half an hour at the earliest,” Blue Phoenix reported.

They had begun to gather their forces the moment they had heard of Miracle’s interest in visiting Kama Island. However, the island was located in an extremely dangerous sea zone, and the various superpowers on Thunder Island didn’t usually operate in that area. As a result, their fleets had been some distance from Kama Island when the situation had occurred, and even the closest ships would need some time before they’d arrive.

“Half an hour? Hopefully, they’ll make it in time.” Phoenix Rain nodded.

While half an hour wasn’t very long, it wasn’t very soon, either. If Zero Wing acted rashly, annihilating the Guild’s forces would be child’s play for Miracle’s 30,000-strong army. However, if Zero Wing’s members split up and hid, they might last for another half an hour.

“Just what is Zero Wing trying to do? Despite knowing that Miracle has dispatched an army of 30,000 to Kama Island, Zero Wing is insistent on clashing with Miracle.” Blue Phoenix was exasperated over Shi Feng’s decision. She had the feeling that Zero Wing must’ve fought so many first-rate Guilds that it was treating Miracle like one of those old enemies.

Zero Wing only had 500 members on Kama Island. Even if these members were all a part of Zero Wing’s main force, they wouldn’t even serve as a warm-up for Miracle’s army. After all, they were talking about 30,000 elite and expert players. Moreover, all of those players were from a veteran super-first-rate Guild, not a first-rate Guild.

As Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix discussed the situation, the doors to the Guild Leader’s office swung open, and two people walked in.

The moment these two people entered the office, Blue Phoenix’s expression darkened.

“Rain, long time no see.” Nine Dragons Emperor greeted Phoenix Rain with a smile after entering the room. “It seems you have secured quite a harvest in the Sea of Death. You’ve already replaced quite a few pieces of your equipment.”

“Nine Dragons Emperor, why are you here?” Phoenix Rain responded dryly.

Nine Dragons Emperor was closely tied to the ambush she had suffered on Savage God Island. If not for her lack of evidence, she would’ve long since reported him to the Great Pavilion Master. Just the sin of setting her up would instantly get Nine Dragons Emperor banished from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

Unfortunately, Nine Dragons Emperor was too clever to leave evidence. No matter how hard she searched, she couldn’t find any proof.

“This is the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Guild Residence. Is there some reason that a Pavilion Master, such as myself, cannot be here?” Nine Dragons Emperor returned Phoenix Rain’s question nonchalantly.

“Although this is the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Residence, this place is under my management. I believe you of all people understand how the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion operates. Neither Pavilion is allowed to interfere with each other’s work. Or do you need me to remind you of the rules?” Phoenix Rain asked coldly.

“Fine, I won’t waste words with you. I am here on official business. The Great Pavilion Master has issued an order. Since this is such a crucial moment, you’re not allowed to interfere with Miracle!” Nine Dragons Emperor said, chuckling. “If you still don’t get it, I’ll explain the order in greater detail. The Great Pavilion Master had stated that you are not to interfere with the situation on Kama Island, and you must recall all of the ships you have sent. Have I made myself clear?”

“All matters on Thunder Island are under Big Sis Rain’s management. Why would the Great Pavilion Master give such a command?” Blue Phoenix refused to believe a word Nine Dragons Emperor said.

“I knew you all would ask that. Here is the Great Pavilion Master’s order. He had intended to inform you directly via call, but fearing that you would disobey, he sent me here to carry his orders out,” Nine Dragons Emperor said as he playfully displayed the system message Ku Rong had sent him.

How could this be?! Phoenix Rain frowned when she saw the message.

“Our Guild is in a precarious situation, and Zero Wing has made too many enemies. All of the various superpowers have expressed their opinions on the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. After lengthy consideration, the Great Pavilion Master has decided not to interfere in the matter between Miracle and Zero Wing to avoid exposing the Pavilion to even greater danger. If you refuse to follow orders, then all responsibilities on Thunder Island will be transferred to me!” Nine Dragons Emperor said, smiling. “Even if you sent reinforcements, it would be futile. Thousand Miles is leading the operation personally. Zero Wing has no chance of survival.”

He was very pleased with Miracle’s actions.

Whether Phoenix Rain helped Zero Wing or not, Zero Wing would suffer severely, and Phoenix Rain would lose a powerful helper. Fortunately, this increased his chances in the next contest for Thunder Island. The naval power Zero Wing had displayed near Savage God Island had been too frightening, forcing him to take the Guild seriously.

But there was no need for that now. Now that Miracle had crippled Zero Wing, the latter would no longer pose a threat in the upcoming contest. Moreover, with Zero Wing’s main force crippled and Ku Rong’s current attitude toward the Guild, he could take advantage of the situation to deal with Zero Wing’s Branch Guild in the Black Dragon Empire.

“Big Sis Rain, what should we do?” Blue Phoenix asked anxiously.

Phoenix Rain considered the matter, her expression ugly. She hadn’t expected Ku Rong to interfere.

“Rain, you best decide quickly. I don’t have that much patience. If you can’t, I’ll make the decision for you,” Nine Dragons Emperor threatened. The twisted expression on Phoenix Rain’s face delighted him greatly.

“You!” Phoenix Rain frowned.

However, before she could say more, she received a message. It had been sent by the spy she had planted in Miracle.

How is this possible?! Phoenix Rain was stunned as she read the message’s contents. She simply could not believe what she read.

“Rain, are you trying to disobey orders?” Nine Dragons Emperor demanded after Phoenix Rain’s long silence. Inwardly, though, he grinned ear-to-ear. As long as Phoenix Rain refused to obey Ku Rong’s orders, he would take control of Thunder Island. It would save him a lot of effort with his future plans.

“Sure! Of course, we’ll follow orders!” Phoenix Rain smiled as she glanced at Nine Dragons Emperor. “Blue, notify the fleets to return immediately.”

“Return?” Blue Phoenix was confused. “Are we really doing this?”

Nine Dragons Emperor stared at Phoenix Rain in shock. He had never expected her to be so decisive.

“Of course. The battle on Kama Island is already over,” Phoenix Rain said. “Including Thousand Miles and Miracle’s other upper echelons, the 30,000-man army has been eliminated. There’s no longer a need to visit the island.”