Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1944 - Slaying Thousand Miles "You!"

Chapter 1944 – Slaying Thousand Miles “You!”

Thousand Miles’s paled when he saw the fully-formed magic arrays.

Magic Scrolls like the Magic Breaker Scroll was the only way to remove the magic seal once it was complete and before it’s duration ended.

“It’s over! We’re doomed!”

When the rest of Miracle’s army saw the magic barrier slowly spread out from above them, they were distraught.

Thousands of abyssal monsters had already emerged from the spatial passage. They had thought it would be possible to reach the island’s shores before their annihilation when there had only been several hundred, but that hope was gone.

Several hundred more Miracle members had died while the army had succumbed to their despair. Players only snapped out of their daze, fleeing like madmen, when the fallen players’ weapons and equipment hit the ground. Although they knew that they had no hope of surviving this, they prayed for a miracle to save them.

“Vice Guild Leader, what should we do?” Silent March asked anxiously as she watched Miracle’s Tier 2 experts fall, one after another.

“We’re out of options now that the magic seal is complete. Have our experts bring up the rear. We’re retreating,” Thousand Miles said, shaking his head. Now that the magic seal had taken shape, not even he had a countermeasure.

Fortunately, he was one of Miracle’s Vice Guild Leaders, and his Guild had allocated him plenty of lifesaving tools. Unfortunately, he’d only be able to save a small number of players with the tools he had on hand.

“But…” Silent March felt her heart bleed as she watched the abyssal monsters slaughter their Guild’s experts in the valley. Miracle had brought more than 7,000 experts to Kama Island!

This was the first time their Guild had suffered such a severe loss since joining God’s Domain.

“Enough! If you don’t hurry, I can’t guarantee our safe escape!” Thousand Miles snapped gravely.

He, too, was reluctant to make the decision. He was, after all, responsible for this offensive operation. He wanted nothing more than to kill Shi Feng, but he understood that with Shi Feng’s strength and the abyssal monsters’ interference, slaying the Swordsman was impossible.

All he could do was leave this godforsaken island as quickly as possible.

“Understood.” Silent March nodded.

As Silent March began her retreat, several hundred experts formed a tight circle around her, guiding Silent March and several upper echelons out of the valley.

“Black Flame, just you wait! It won’t be long before I pay this back tenfold!” Thousand Miles bellowed as he glared at Shi Feng, already thinking of ways to deal with Zero Wing.

After ensuring that his Guild’s upper echelons had gathered around him, Thousand Miles retrieved a dark-purple globe from his bag. Countless divine runes had been engraved on this crystal globe, the globe itself giving off waves of pressure.

This globe was one of the treasures Miracle had obtained from an ancient ruin_the Wind God’s Orb!

The Wind God’s Orb was a Consumable that temporarily granted players the power of the Wind God. With the Wind God’s power, players could fly freely through the sky for five minutes. Moreover, players’ flight speed would be so incredible that not even flying ships could keep up with them. Whether one was using the Wind God’s Orb for escape or pursuit, the orb was a very useful tool. Unfortunately, it could only be used ten times. Once all ten uses had been expended, the Wind God’s Orb would turn into dust

Although the magic seal on Kama Island prevented teleportation, it did not prohibit players from flying. As long as they had the power of the Wind God, they could easily shake off the abyssal monsters’ pursuit Moreover, five minutes of flying would be more than enough to escape Kama Island. Once they were off of the island, fleeing from the abyssal monsters would be a piece of cake.

After taking out the Wind God’s Orb, Thousand Miles began to chant an incantation, granting him and the others the Wind God’s power. With Thousand Miles as the center, a gigantic, dark-purple magic array formed on the ground,hungrily absorbing and devouring the surrounding Mana. At the same time, a powerful storm enveloped Thousand Miles and the others, preventing other players from approaching the group.

“The Wind God’s Orb?” Shi Feng muttered. He could not help but feel a little astonished when he saw the dark-purple globe in Thousand Miles’s hands. “Miracle really is quite generous to have given him such a precious item, but you must be dreaming if you think you can escape with that.”

Shi Feng then activated Gale Domain, transforming into a blur as he flew toward Thousand Miles.

The Wind God’s Orb had been extremely famous in God’s Domain, a masterpiece crafted by an ancient civilization. As long as there were no magic arrays that prevented flight in an area, even Tier 5 players wouldn’t stop a player endowed with the Wind God’s power. Only Tier 6 players would have the ability.

Hence, the Wind God’s Orb had been publicly acknowledged as one of the top ten treasures for pursuit and escape in God’s Domain in the past.

However, the Wind God’s Orb had an obvious flaw; it required a lengthy channeling time. Each endowment required roughly 15 seconds.

Although Shi Feng was currently around 800 yards away from Thousand Miles, he could cross the distance in less than ten seconds with the effects of Gale Domain.

Of course, Miracle’s members noticed Shi Feng’s movement.

“Black Flame!” Thousand Miles’s rage burned even brighter when he saw Shi Feng’s approach. “Escort team, block him with everything you’ve got! I’ll kill him myself in a moment!”

He had called off the assault on Shi Feng simply because he found the task troublesome. He had decided to ignore the man and let the hateful bastard live for a few more days. However, Shi Feng ignored his benevolence and now targeted his life.

“Vice Guild Leader, rest assured, we’ll make sure he doesn’t leave your sight! We’ll show this brat just how ignorant he is!” a silver-armored, middle-aged man confidently declared as he watched Shi Feng’s approaching figure.

After saying so, the middle-aged man, who led the escort team, and the team’s 200-plus members vigilantly awaited Shi Feng’s arrival.

Once the flying Swordsman was within 100 yards, the escort team activated their Berserk Skills. A few members even activated a magic array, trapping Shi Feng within a magic barrier.

“Shatter!” When Shi Feng was less than 60 yards away from Thousand Miles, he activated Power of Darkness and swung down Killing Ray.

Lightning Slash!

A blue lightning bolt tore through the sturdy magic barrier, and by the time Miracle’s players noticed it, the bolt had pierced through Thousand Miles’s body, devouring all of his HP…