Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1943 - Zero Wing's Wrath

“Black Flame, you’re going too far!” Thousand Miles shouted hurriedly when he realized that Shi Feng showed no intentions of canceling the magic array. “We no longer have the power to take the Manatite vein! We have even lost several thousand elites! If you complete the barrier around Kama Island, you might be able to use these monsters to kill us, but only once! However, Zero Wing will have to face Miracle’s full wrath in return!”

“Wrath?” Shi Feng could not help but laugh at Thousand Miles. “I don’t know how terrifying Miracle’s wrath is, but you should have a taste of Zero Wing’s, first!”

Shi Feng’s voice echoed throughout the valley, and Miracle’s members felt a chill crawl down their spines from the indifference and killing intent histone contained.

They had never thought that Shi Feng was so ruthless!

He actually ignored his Guild’s safety to ensure their deaths!

“Insane! He must be insane! He wants to drag us down with him!”

“How can a Guild Leader like this exist in God’s Domain?!”

Miracle’s members were bewildered as they stared at Shi Feng.

The various large Guilds’ Guild Leaders would do almost anything they could to ensure their Guild’s survival in God’s Domain. They often set aside their personal feelings for the bigger picture. Shi Feng, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care about Zero Wing’s survival in the least, acting entirely on his emotions.

However, Shi Feng hadn’t lied. While they weren’t sure how Miracle would retaliate, they were certain that they’d face Zero Wing’s wrath right now.

“Good! Very good! Since you want to duke it out, show me what you’re capable of!” Thousand Miles shouted, his eyes turning bloodshot. “Everyone, heed my command! Attack Black Flame with everything you’ve got! The magic seal has a long activation time! If we can interrupt his channeling, he can’t seal off the island! I will personally gift anyone who kills Black Flame a piece of Epic Equipment!”

“The Vice Guild Leader is right! Our deaths are not certain yet! As long as we can interrupt Black Flame, we still have hope of surviving! If we kill Black Flame, we’ll even get a piece of Epic Equipment!”

“Right! This battle’s outcome isn’t set in stone! We still have a fighting chance!”

“Kill Black Flame!”

Hearing Thousand Miles’s orders, Miracle’s members knew that their only hope of survival hinged on striking Shi Feng with everything they had. Otherwise, none of them should think of leaving Kama Island alive. Fortunately, the magic seal needed two minutes to complete. They weren’t completely out of luck.

As their morale recovered, Miracle’s members charged toward Shi Feng while ignoring the abyssal monsters around them. The only thing on their minds was Shi Feng’s death.

Like wild beasts that had awakened from their slumber, the auras of the remaining 20,000-plus players flared as they bared their teeth at their adversary.

“Retaliating even in the face of death?” Shi Feng sneered at the approaching mob.”

He stood just below the spatial passage, and as Miracle’s members approached, they would encounter more abyssal monsters. With current players’ strength, charging at these monsters was suicidal.

But Miracle’s players were in a frenzy. They disregarded all costs while charging at Shi Feng, and even when their comrades fell beside them, they didn’t pull their gazes from their target.

“Everyone, keep it up! Black Flame is still channeling the magic array and can’t move! If even one of us reaches him, victory will be ours!” Silent March cried, rallying his troops.

While a magic seal was powerful, it had an obvious flaw: the player activating it had to remain in a safe place. If the caster moved in the slightest, the channeling process would be interrupted and would fail.

Although there were indeed a lot of abyssal monsters between them and Shi Feng, Miracle’s players on Kama Island greatly outnumbered the monsters. Although the price of distracting the abyssal monsters was considerably high, it was possible, and it would allow a few players to slip by, reaching their target.

Sure enough, seven players managed to break through the abyssal monsters’ encirclement after a short moment, arriving within 60 yards of Zero Wing’s Guild Leader.

“Even if I can’t move, I can still use my Skills and Spells!” Seeing the approaching enemies, Shi Feng promptly activated Chilling Field.

The moment Chilling Field activated, the seven Miracle members immediately felt a chill envelop their flesh. Both their Movement Speed and Attack Speed significantly decreased.

Before the Miracle members could move within 40 yards of Shi Feng, icicles exploded from the ground, striking the seven players as damages in the tens of thousands appeared above their heads…

The Mana on Kama Island was extremely thin, which limited the combat power players could exert, and with Chilling Field’s Movement Speed reduction, dodging the icicles’ attacks became impossible for the seven Miracle players. In the blink of an eye, the attacks killed two players. Only the five Refinement Realm experts managed to avoid death.

However, while the five Refinement Realm experts had dodged the first wave of Shi Feng’s attacks, the Swordsman was far from finished. As a constant stream of attacks bombarded them, the Refinement Realm experts were forced to halt their advance, focusing on defense. Unfortunately, they still took hits from time to time, continuing to lose HP. In the end, all five died before they could move within 20 yards of their target.

Although Refinement Realm experts were frightening existences in first-rate Guilds, their evasive and defensive maneuvers were unrefined before Shi Feng.


Following which, Shi Feng struck one group of Miracle’s members after another, mercilessly slaying every player that came within his attack range. None of them could get within 10 yards of Shi Feng. Seeing this, Miracle’s surviving members were dumbfounded.

While Silent Marce came within 50 yards of the Swordsman, she stopped her advanced and took out a single-target, Tier 4 Offensive Magic Scroll.

Numerous spiraling wind-blades then formed around Shi Feng. Under Silent March’s control, these wind blades bombarded the immobile Guild Leader.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Explosions rang out in succession, the resulting shockwaves throwing dust and dirt into the air.

He’s finally dead? Silent March could not help but breathe out a sigh of relief as she watched the dust cloud surround Shi Feng’s location.

She had used a large number of guildmates as bait to get within 50 yards of the Swordsman and find an opportunity to use the Magic Scroll without her opponent noticing.

But once the dust settled, it revealed Shi Feng’s unharmed figure. Golden divine runes circled his body, isolating him from the outside world. These runes were the result of the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Absolute Defense.

However, rather than the runic barrier, everyone’s attention was on the pitch-black magic arrays around Shi Feng. The arrays had completed and sealed off Kama Island.