Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1942 - So What If I Am?

Chapter 1942 – So What If I Am?

A flood of monsters still surged out of the spatial passage above Kama Island. Moreover, as the swarm grew, stronger monsters emerged from the black hole. At first, only Lords had come forth, but then, Great Lords and Grand Lords had begun to arrive. Now, even Mythic monsters appeared from the passage.

Like hungry wolves spotting fresh meat, these monsters descended on the fleeing Miracle members the moment they emerged.

Level 160 Lords were enough to instant-kill Miracle’s members, not to mention the higher-leveled Great Lord, Grand Lord, and Mythic ranked monsters. Although Miracle’s members had scattered and run the moment they received Thousand Miles’s command, the flying monsters were too fast to outrun.

In the seconds after Miracle had initiated its retreat, over 3,000 members had transformed into streaks of light and vanished.

“Vice Guild Leader, these monsters are even chasing the members that have left the valley! They have no regional restrictions! With how fast the monster force is growing, I’m afraid that they’ll annihilate us before we reach the shore!”

Silent March said, watching the monster-filled sky with a grim expression.

An endless number of monsters flew out of the black hole above, and even though their forces had split up, the monsters wouldn’t need long to eliminate them all. If the 30,000 players had only consisted of elite members, Miracle’s losses wouldn’t have been so severe, significantly harming the Guild’s operations, if they all died, but over 400 of these players were Tier 2 experts. If these players were slain as well…

“We can’t break through? It seems that we have no choice but to use the Magic Breaker Scroll to remove the seal on the island!” Thousand Miles gritted his teeth as he watched his guildmates die, one after another. “March, instruct our elite members to do everything they can to attract the monsters’ attention! Once I remove the seal, have our Guild experts use Return Scrolls to get out of here as soon as possible!”

Very few Magic Scrolls in God’s Domain were capable of removing regional seals. Even a super-first-rate Guild like Miracle had only managed to obtain six thus far. Normally, these scrolls were reserved as lifesaving tools to prevent other superpowers from ambushing their key forces.

Since he was one of Miracle’s Vice Guild Leaders, he had been allocated one of these scrolls. If he used it now, he’d have to wait a long time before he’d receive another.

However, he couldn’t hold anything back with so many of his Guild’s Tier 2 experts at risk.

Understood!” Silent March nodded.

Following which, Thousand Miles took an ancient, golden Magic Scroll from his bag and began to activate it.

In response, a golden light pillar flew from the unfurled scroll and pierced the invisible magic barrier that enveloped Kama Island. The magic barrier shattered, and players on the island could once again use Teleportation Spells and tools.

As the magic seal faded, Miracle’s members breathed sighs of relief. With the barrier gone, they would not have to rely on their own feet to escape the island. Once they found a safe location, they could use a Return Scroll and leave this nightmare.

However, just as Miracle’s many experts activated their Return Scrolls to flee this godforsaken island, the scrolls’ loading bars were interrupted.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I teleport?”

“No! We’re still under the magic seal’s effects!”

“But didn’t we remove the barrier?”

The development left Miracle’s fleeing experts confused. Even Thousand Miles, who had just used the Magic Breaker Scroll, was bewildered.

“Vice Guild Leader, look at Black Flame! I think he just used a magic seal!” a Ranger with sharp eyesight announced as he pointed to the mountain and Shi Feng.

Hearing this, Thousand Miles spun towards Shi Feng. Multiple magic arrays hovered around the Swordsman, all of which manifested to seal off Kama Island.

“Black Flame! You’re courting death!” Thousand Miles’s gaze was frosty as he glared at Shi Feng, his enraged bellow echoing throughout the valley.

Every Miracle member in the valley stared at Shi Feng with hatred and killing intent. They had already used their only Magic Breaker Scroll, so only death awaited them if another magic seal enclosed the island!

“Courting death?” Seeing Thousand Miles’s wrathful expression, Shi Feng couldn’t help but laugh as he replied, “So what if I am?”

In truth, Shi Feng hadn’t wanted to open an Abyss Passage on Kama Island. Once it opened, it would affect the region, and with the exception of himself, the Ancient Abyssal Book’s owner, the abyssal monsters would hunt down every player within range. Activating the Abyssal Passage had greatly affected his plans for the Manatite vein.

Although Shi Feng had expected information on the Manatite vein to leak and had prepared certain countermeasures, he hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.

Moreover, Miracle had intended to take the vein for itself, rather than negotiate. He couldn’t afford to be courteous with the enemy Guild. He would teach Miracle the price for trying to steal Zero Wing’s Manatite vein.

“Black Flame! Do you truly think Miracle will let you off the hook for this?!” Thousand Miles threatened as he watched the sealing magic array complete. “Your entire Guild will face Miracle’s wrath, not just you!”

“Guild Leader Black Flame, many of Miracle’s experts are on Kama Island. Our Guild Leader isn’t exaggerating. If you complete the seal on Kama Island, Miracle will do everything it can to destroy Zero Wing!” Silent March attempted to persuade Shi Feng. “Since you have developed Zero Wing to its current power, you should understand the various superpowers’ strength. You should know how powerful our Guild is. Do you really want to make an enemy of Miracle?’

Zero Wing had already become a noteworthy force in God’s Domain, but to a top-ranked, super-first-rate Guild like Miracle,

it was still a trivial opponent. The only reason Miracle had not turned against Zero Wing thus far, despite the Guild’s multiple transgressions, was that it had much better things to do with its time and resources.

However, if Miracle concentrated its strength against Zero Wing, removing the Guild from God’s Domain wouldn’t be difficult.

“You people really are interesting. You clearly came looking for trouble, yet you’re making Zero Wing look like the bad guy here, claiming that our Guild is trying to make an enemy of ours? Miracle’s members sure are skilled with one-sided plays!” Shi Feng laughed. “I’ll repeat myself once again. So what if I am?”