Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1941 - Abyss Descends

Chapter 1941 – Abyss Descends

Within Kama Island’s shriveled forest, Miracle’s members advanced on the valley near the island’s center.

“Vice Guild Leader, I found Black Flame’s tracks. By the looks of it, he has traveled past here before. It’s very likely that he is ahead of us in the valley. Although the terrain here is complex, it is also a dead-end. As long as we surround the valley’s exit, he won’t get away!” the gray-clad Assassin said, grinning at the tracks on the ground before gesturing to the valley ahead.

Miracle had already sealed o什 the island with magic arrays, so players couldn’t use Return Scrolls or Instantaneous Movement Magic Scrolls to flee. In other words, the only way to leave Kama Island was on foot.

While Shi Feng would have the ability to employ guerilla tactics from within the valley’s complex terrain, he had also sealed off his own path of retreat.

It might not have been a disadvantage if Shi Feng were merely facing several thousand players, but what awaited him was an army of 30,000. Such a large force was more than enough to search every inch of the valley. Shi Feng wouldn’t have room for guerilla warfare. As long as he revealed himself, he’d be surrounded and killed.

“Good! Since Black Flame is so eager to die, we’ll grant his wish! Leave 50 Tier 2 players to guard the exit! Everyone else, search the valley! Leave no stone unturned!” Thousand Miles barked as he watched the dark, distant valley. “Remember, start recording the moment you spot him! I want everyone to know what happens when you make an enemy of Miracle! I will also reward a piece of Epic Equipment to anyone who kills Black Flame!”

Miracle had suffered significant losses in the battle on Savage God Island, and although they had achieved their goal, securing the Savage God’s Legacy, the various large Guilds had learned of the Water Ghost Legion’s miserable defeat and the loss of dozens of ships. This had wounded Miracle’s prestige among the Guilds.

Now that Shi Feng was trying to cause trouble for his Guild, Thousand Miles was more than willing to slay the man, using the opportunity to restore some of the Guild’s lost reputation.

When Miracle’s members heard Thousand Miles’s orders, they bubbled with excitement.

Although a lot of Epic Weapons and Equipment had been found in God’s Domain thus far, even the various superpowers considered such items a luxury. Aside from the various superpowers’ upper echelons and peak experts, Guild players had no chance of wielding an Epic ranked item.

Now that they had the opportunity to obtain a piece of Epic Equipment by killing Shi Feng, why wouldn’t they be excited?

Under Thousand Miles’s command, Miracle’s members swiftly entered the valley and searched through the island like a finetoothed comb. Everyone hoped that Shi Feng would appear before them.

Shortly after Miracle’s members began their search, a powerful storm brewed above them. Countless spatial tears ripped apart the dusky sky. Seeing this, Miracle’s members slowed to a halt, watching the scene above them.

As they all wondered what was happening, the numerous spatial tears merged into one, massive black hole, nearly half as large as Kama Island. Darkness Energy then poured out, making the space around the black hole muddy and violent.

“A spatial passage?”

Thousand Miles, who was quite knowledgeable about God’s Domain, found the black hole similar to spatial passages he had seen before. Only, the one above Kama Island was on a much larger scale.

As Thousand Miles wondered about the spatial passage that had appeared above the island, deafening roaring drifted out of the pathway.

A winged monster, covered in pitch-black scales, then pulled itself from the spatial passage. The moment this scaled monster appeared, Miracle’s members felt the threat of death looming over them.

When some of the players used their Identification Skills on the scaled monster, they could not help but gasp. This monster was actually a Level 160 Lord!

“How is this possible?!”

“Why has such a powerful monster appeared?!”

These players’ thoughts became chaotic when they learned the scaled monster’s identity.

A Lord ranked monster might not be a tough opponent since it was only the equivalent of a Tier 2 player, but a Level 160 monster was basically invincible to current players.

While the army was stunned by the sudden development, another scaled monster emerged from the black hole. Not only was the second monster much larger than the first, but its aura was also leaps and bounds more powerful. To make matters worse, more scaled monsters followed, swarming out of the spatial passage.

One.” Two… Three…

By the time these monsters covered half of the sky above Kama Island, Miracle’s members had gone from panicked to full-on despair.

One Level 160 Lord was enough to wipe out their 30,000-man army, much less an entire force of such monsters.

“Retreat! Everyone retreat immediately!” Thousand Miles shouted as he snapped out of his daze.

Unfortunately, by the time Thousand Miles had issued the command, the scaled monsters had descended on the players in the valley. They gave Miracle’s members no chance for escape.

Not only did the Level 160 Lords attack with unrivaled Strength, but their speed was just as overwhelming. In the blink of an eye, several hundred Miracle members had transformed into streaks of light and vanished from the island.

Several thousand players had died by the time Miracle’s army had fled the valley, and plenty of Tier 2 experts had been among the slain…

While Miracle’s members ran for their lives, Thousand Miles noticed a figure at the top of the mountain. He was very familiar with this figure; it was none other than Shi Feng.

Like an uninvolved passerby, Shi Feng casually admired the massacre below.

Damn it! It must be him! He must be responsible for opening that spatial passage! There’s no way these monsters’ arrival was a coincidence! Confusion and fury overwhelmed Thousand Miles as he watched Shi Feng. He actually summoned these monsters just to prevent Miracle from stealing the Manatite vein, to prevent anyone from obtaining it? Insane! He is definitely insane!