Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1939 - Secret Exposed "I'm not hallucinating, am I?"

Chapter 1939 – Secret Exposed “I’m not hallucinating, am I?”

“Leader, we’re rich!”

Miracle’s six Assassins gazed at the Manatite deposits around the cave entrance with sparkling eyes.

They were very familiar with Manatite veins, and they knew how valuable such veins were. Miracle had fought other superpowers over such a vein before.

Magic Crystals were becoming increasingly important to the various large Guilds, and having a stable source had become the foundation for a Guild’s development. Hence, the various superpowers offered massive rewards to players for providing the coordinates of unclaimed Manatite and other ore veins that generated Magic Crystals.

If a player provided proof of an unoccupied ore vein, they would earn 10,000 Gold and a single Epic Weapon. When the various superpowers had announced the reward, players had frantically searched for ore veins. For the majority of the game’s players, 10,000 Gold was an astronomical sum. If converted into Credits, an ordinary person wouldn’t have to worry about shelter or food for the rest of their life. Naturally, an Epic Weapon was fatally attractive to expert players, as well.

Epic Weapons were even rare among the various superpowers. They were god-tiered weapons to ordinary experts. As long as they wielded an Epic Weapon, their combat power would skyrocket. They might even be able to stand alongside peak experts. Players could only hunt for more resources with sufficient strength, after all, and as long as an ordinary expert had enough resources, becoming a peak expert wouldn’t pose much of a challenge.

Because of this, a large number of players had joined the hunt for ore veins.

Unfortunately, even though a long time had passed since the superpowers had announced their offer, not a single player had claimed the reward…

Of course, they had never thought that they would find a rumored Manatite vein by simply following Zero Wing’s members.

If one of Miracle’s members discovered an unclaimed Manatite vein, not only would they receive the 10,000 Gold and an Epic Weapon, but their rank in the Guild would also increase by one level, bypassing the normal restrictions.

Thinking up to this point, the gray-clad Assassin serving as the party leader contacted Thousand Miles and reported on Zero Wing’s current situation and the Manatite vein.

Many of the Guild’s upper echelons had gathered in a meeting room in Miracle’s Residence on Thunder Island to discuss the Savage God’s Legacy. It was, after all, of the utmost importance as it concerned the Guild’s development

Meanwhile, when Thousand Miles received the report regarding Kama Island, he displayed an ecstatic expression.

He had never thought that he’d gain such an unexpected harvest by sending some of his Assassins to follow Zero Wing.

First, the Savage God’s Legacy, and now, the Manatite vein? Thousand Miles chuckled at this double blessing. He then instructed the Assassin party, “You have done well! Keep an eye on the Manatite vein! I’ll send the army to meet you immediately!”

He had already witnessed Zero Wing’s naval strength, so he knew that if it really came down to an aH-out fight between their Guilds, they would likely suffer mutual destruction. However, it was a different story if the battle took place on an island.

Players with sea-based Legacies wouldn’t receive a combat power boost on an island.

Moreover, Kama Island happened to be within Miracle’s range of influence. Zero Wing had only dispatched a 500-man team to the island, and annihilating such a small team would be a piece of cake.

Following which, Thousand Miles gathered Miracle’s fleet in the Sea of Death in preparation to secure Kama Island’s Manatite vein.

Meanwhile, inside the Demonkin’s nest, Zero Wing’s members continued to clear out the patrol squads under Shi Feng’s command. While these Demonkin patrol squads might be difficult for any other expert team, but they were no challenge for Zero Wing’s members.

Ordinary MTs would not even be able to stop the first volley from the Magicbreaking Crossbows without breaking their stances. However, Cola could block five crossbow bolts at one time without issues. At most, he would lose around half of his HP, but by the time the Demonkin launched their second volley, Fire Dance’s Assassin unit suppressed the monsters. Cola then tanked the Grand Lord ranked Demonkin that led the patrol squad, while Turtledove and Ye Wumian tanked the Great Lord ranked Demonkin. The rest of the team systematically dealt with the remaining Demonkin.

The Demonkin granted more EXP than ordinary monsters of the same rank and level, and they dropped relatively good weapons and equipment, all of which were Level 60 and 65 Bronze and Mysterious-Iron rank. Occasionally, the Grand Lord ranked Demonkin even dropped Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment.

When the team had defeated the fourth patrol squad, a tattered piece of parchment dropped from one of the Demonkin.

This actually drops here? Shi Feng was stunned as he inspected the tattered parchment piece.

This leaf of parchment was a fragment of the Magicbreaking Crossbow Design. If he could gather six fragments, he’d be able to form the complete design.

Although the various large Guilds were ignorant of the Magicbreaking Crossbow, Shi Feng wasn’t. In the past, small Guilds had commonly used the weapons. Small Guilds’ teams had even considered it necessary for grinding in the fields.

At the end of the day, only a small portion of God’s Domain’s player base would reach the realm of expert players. Very few would reach Tier 3, and even less would climb beyond that to Tier 4 and 5. Having Tier 4 and 5 players would be practically impossible for the various large Guilds. So, what were these Guilds supposed to do if they encountered hostile Tier 4 or 5 experts?

The answer to that question was reliance on lightweight war weapons and tools like the Magicbreaking Crossbow!

The Magicbreaking Crossbow’s attacks carried Tier 3 power, and while that might not seem impressive, the weapons’ Attack Speed was so high that even Tier 4 players struggled to evade its attacks. If a group of players fired Magicbreaking Crossbows simultaneously, even Tier 4 players would be at risk of dying!

However, the Magicbreaking Crossbow Design was extremely rare, generally only available in ancient ruins.

Now that he knew that the Demonkin here dropped fragments of the design, why wouldn’t he be surprised?

Even in the hands of a Tier 0 player, the Magicbreaking Crossbow would exhibit Tier 3 power and threaten Tier 4 players. If he could mass-produce these weapons, even dealing with an army of Tier 2 experts would be child’s play.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng inspired his team to grind the Demonkin with far greater fervor.

Unfortunately, after nearly four hours and constantly using Divine Providence, the team had only collected three fragments. They were still far from completing the design.

As Shi Feng prepared to lead his guildmates further into the Demonkin nest, Phoenix Rain called him.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, just what are you doing on Kama Island?” Phoenix Rain demanded with a serious expression. “I’ve just received a report stating that Miracle is gathering a force of more than 30,000 players to head for the island. Over 7,000 of them are Tier 1 experts, and more than 400 are Tier 2 experts.”

She found it truly unbelievable that Miracle was mobilizing such a large force just to deal with Zero Wing’s 500-man team.

Miracle’s gathering more than 30,000 players to take us out? The news confused Shi Feng. Suddenly, he realized something. Has information on the Manatite vein leaked?

“You should hurry and retreat from Kama Island now. Once Miracle’s forces arrive, they won’t let you simply walk away!” Phoenix Rain advised.

A 30,000-man army from Miracle was no laughing matter. Even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would have to take the force seriously, not to mention Zero Wing.

“Thank you for informing me, but Miracle will have to think twice if it wants to force Zero Wing to flee,” Shi Feng said, smiling before disconnecting the call.

Although he hadn’t expected this development, Zero Wing wasn’t as weak as it had been in the past. If Miracle wanted to plunder Zero Wing’s riches, he would make sure they lost a limb or two in the process!