Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1938 - Magicbreaking Crossbow

Chapter 1938: Magicbreaking Crossbow

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The faint metallic luster and Mana fluctuations in the dark cave stunned Zero Wing's team. Once they realized what they were looking at, they couldn't help their excitement, their breathing becoming a little hurried.

"Dark-silver…and this Mana fluctuation… There's no mistake! This is a Manatite vein!" Blackie's eyes glowed as he gazed at the dark-silver ore. "Guild Leader, we're rich!"

Ordinary players might not know much about ores, but all of these players were Guild experts. They had access to far more information than ordinary players on the subject, especially on precious ores that generated Magic Crystals as a by-product like Manatite. Such veins had already been the cause of plenty of struggles between God's Domain's various superpowers.

Based on Blackie's knowledge, four major Guild wars had been fought between superpowers over the discovery of an ore vein that generated Magic Crystals. Each war had involved multiple superpowers, with at least four involved in the smaller struggles, and up to six superpowers participating in the larger wars. These various superpowers had spared no effort while competing for the vein.

The most impressive war had involved over a million players and nearly a full day of combat. By the time the war had ended, more than 600,000 players had been slain. The participating superpowers had suffered severe losses.

Considering these wars, ore veins that generated Magic Crystals were akin to a war horn, signaling the start of another mass-battle.

However, despite the extreme costs, the superpowers that eventually secured the veins had judged the benefits worth the cost. Magic Crystals were a Guild's foundation and an important resource for nurturing experts, which were essential in protecting a Guild Town.

Moreover, as players reached higher levels, Magic Crystals would become even more important. Currently, players needed Magic Crystals to use the Divine Colosseum, trade with special NPC merchants, and fuel powerful magic tools. Zero Wing's teleportation arrays, Magic Towers, and defensive magic arrays were a few examples, all of which required a ton of Magic Crystals each day to maintain.

Yet, while the various superpowers fought to obtain veins that generated Magic Crystals, Zero Wing had discovered one without attracting attention. Now, the Guild simply needed to occupy the ore vein and send people to mine it in secret. It would be able to avoid paying a bloody cost.

If Zero Wing had a stable Magic Crystal income, the Guild could reach new heights in a short time.

Blackie wasn't the only one with such thoughts. Aqua Rose was also ecstatic over the discovery of this Manatite vein.

Although the Manatite vein wasn't as valuable as the Attributed ore vein in the Flame Demon's Valley, the valley's environment was simply too harsh for players. Conducting a large-scale mining operation there was impossible.

Fortunately, Karna Island was different. The thin Mana here would not affect mining players overmuch. The only problem was the darkness corrosion, but that could be easily solved with Darkness Resistance Potions.

With the Candlelight Trading Firm's current strength, mass-producing Darkness Resistance Potions would be a piece of cake. Dispatching a large number of players to mine this Manatite vein was definitely possible for Zero Wing. Once Zero Wing harvested enough Magic Crystals and nurtured a large number of experts, the Guild wouldn't have to remain passive in the Orc Empire. It could take the initiative to face Beast Emperor and Blackwater head-on.

As the team celebrated the Manatite vein before them, nearly a hundred dark-skinned, armed Demonkin. The Demonkin were all Level 65 and above, and the weakest among them was a Lord. The strongest Demonkin was even a Level 66 Grand Lord. The group radiated a chilling aura and moved like a well-trained army.

What startled the players the most was the Demonkin patrol squad's heavy crossbows. The weapons were covered in runes, which gathered the surrounding mana to them. Even from some distance away, Zero Wing's members could sense how dangerous those crossbows were.

Magicbreaking Crossbows?When Shi Feng saw the Demonkin's weapons, he was astonished.

Shi Feng had known that the Manatite vein was a Demonkin nest, and Pantheon had paid a high price to secure the vein in his previous life.

However, he hadn't expected these Demonkin to be so powerful. A single patrol squad even wielded multiple Magicbreaking Crossbows.

Magicbreaking Crossbows were lightweight war weapons that individual players could control. They were similar to expendable tools, such as engineered bombs. Not only did the Magicbreaking Crossbows' attacks carry Tier 3 power, but they were also incredibly fast. Even Tier 2 Assassins would struggle to dodge the crossbows' bolts.

Meanwhile, with this Demonkin patrol squad's strength, annihilating a team of 100 Tier 2 players wouldn't be much of a problem. It was no wonder why Pantheon had paid so dearly.

"Everyone, prepare for battle. This is a Demonkin nest. Don't let a single one escape. If any do, they'll notify their companions," Shi Feng instructed as he watched the patrolling Demonkin. "Fire, sneak over to the patrol squad with the Assassin unit. Once the fight begins, focus on keeping the Demonkin with the crossbows under control. Do not give them any opportunities to use those heavy crossbows."

"Leave it to us! We'll make sure that they don't fire a single bolt!" Fire Dance said, nodding as she eyed the crossbow-wielding Lords.

Shi Feng then assigned tasks to the rest of his team. Once Fire Dance's Assassin unit was in position, Shi Feng sent Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian to start the fight according to plan.


The three MTs charged at the Demonkin patrol squad without hesitation.

When the Demonkin noticed the MT trio, they responded by launching their own attacks, but Cola and his companions ignored them. Relying on their powerful Defense and Strength, the trio bulldozed through the Demonkin formation and straight toward the cave entrance, sealing off the Demonkin's path of retreat. It was then that Fire Dance's unit ambushed the crossbow-wielding Demonkin while the rest of Zero Wing's members surrounded the monsters and prevented their escape, ensuring that the Demonkin couldn't flee to single their allies.

Meanwhile, while Zero Wing's members cleared out the Demonkin, a party of six Assassins discovered the massive pit.

"Leader, I've checked their path with my Advanced Tracking Skill. Zero Wing's members should be inside this pit."

"Good! Let's head inside!" the Level 58, Tier 2 Assassin clad in gray nodded before entering the pit.

Zero Wing's actions thus far had rendered the Assassin party speechless. The Guild team had ventured through dangerous sea zones infested with sea monsters. Initially, their tracking fleet had consisted of multiple speedboats, but only a single party of players still lived by the time they had reached Karna Island. Sea monsters had killed the rest. Fortunately, they hadn't lost track of their prey and could continue their mission.

Running along the narrow, winding path, the Assassin party soon reached the bottom of the pit.

"Leader, look. Zero Wing's members are fighting Demonkin."

"These Demonkin are so powerful! Even the weakest is a Lord! It really makes you wonder what Zero Wing's members are thinking. Did they really have to come this far just to grind and level up?"

"Wait a minute. The ore at the cave entrance looks like Manatite Ore. There are so many Manatite deposits here! Is this a Manatite vein?"