Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1936 - Moving House

Chapter 1936 – Moving House

Hundreds of Zero Wing members had gathered in the main hall of Zero Wing’s Workshop, making the space feel a little cramped.

“Boss Blackie, has something happened? Why have you suddenly gathered us here?”

“Don’t tell me the Guild is trying to replace some of us!”

The Zero Wing members in the hall bombarded Blackie with questions; some of them were curious, while others were worried.

Zero Wing had developed quite a bit recently. Not only did the Guild’s member count continue to increase, but the Guild also ranked its internal members in various aspects. Competition between internal members was incredibly intense, and a large number of players arrived for interviews each day.

The Guild’s Workshop was only so large. There was a limit to how many internal members the Guild could house. Hence, it wasn’t unusual for the Guild to cut off some of its present members for new recruits. After all, unlike other members of the Guild, internal members received a significant salary.

“Stop making blind guesses. Even I don’t know the meaning of this meeting,” Blackie replied. “But it should be something good.”

When the crowd heard Blackie’s words, they relaxed.

Shortly after the crowd had begun its discussion, Shi Feng entered the hall. The crowd fell silent the moment they saw him, turning towards him with respectful gazes.

The majority of Zero Wing’s internal members didn’t know that Shi Feng was actually the Guild Leader, Black Flame’ very few of the upper echelons knew the secret. However, they were all aware that Shi Feng was the Zero Wing Workshop’s true manager. His position in the Guild was the equivalent of First Vice Guild Leader.

“Since everyone’s here, let me explain why we’ve gathered you all. From today on, our Workshop will be located elsewhere. We’ll be moving to Ouroboros’s main headquarters. This will become Zero Wing’s Branch Workshop, and it will be responsible for recruiting talented players in Jin Hai City. If no one has any questions, everyone should prepare for the move,” Shi Feng announced.

“We’re moving to Ouroboros’s main headquarters?”

“What?! Doesn’t that mean our Guild will have its own training ground like the other first-rate Guilds?!”

“Amazing! I’ve heard that first-rate Guilds generally use entire skyscrapers as their main headquarters! These skyscrapers are usually as large as a sports arena that can fit tens of thousands of people! We won’t have to train in this cramped office anymore!”

“That’s not all! First-rate Guilds’ main headquarters are usually near or in the center of first-tier cities. And a lot of them come equipped with the latest facilities! Their rooms can even rival four-star hotels. Some of the more impressive headquarters can even rival five-star hotels!”

“Does that mean we get to live in a first-tier city’s center?! I’m not dreaming, am I?!”

After listening to Shi Feng’s announcement, the crowd was elated. Even Fire Dance, Blackie, Ye Wumian, and Zero Wing’s other upper echelons were stunned. Although they had known that Gentle Snow was working to acquire Ouroboros’s training ground, the five companies that had supported the annexed Guild had refused to budge. They had expected the matter to take a lot more time to deal with. They hadn’t expected to secure the training ground so soon.

Moving from a third-rate city like Jin Hai City to a first-tier city was a matter worth celebrating for the Guild’s internal members. However, acquiring Ouroboros’s main headquarters held a deeper meaning for the Guild’s upper echelons.

Now that Zero Wing had its own training ground, the Guild could nurture experts with more ease. Moreover, the Guild would no longer be limited by the limited size of its Workshop and could recruit more internal members. With this, Zero Wing’s development speed would increase by several times.

After Shi Feng had informed his players of the move, he had Blackie arrange the group for the relocation. In reality, they didn’t need to do a lot for the move since the facilities at Ouroboros’s main headquarters were top-notch. Ouroboros’s headquarters offered even more virtual gaming cabins and training facilities than Greenwater Villa, but first, they needed to familiarize Zero Wing’s internal members with the new training ground. As for the Greenwater Villa’s facilities, they could transfer them at a later date.

Naturally, the commotion at the Zero Wing Workshop immediately attracted the Big Dipper Group’s attention.

“They’re finally leaving?” Xiao Yu, who currently sat in his office, could not help his rueful sigh when he received Liang Jing’s latest report.

Although he knew how extraordinary the Zero Wing Workshop, which even had dealings with major corporations, was through Liang Jing’s periodic reports, he hadn’t expected the Workshop to leave so soon. Moreover, the Workshop had moved to a first-tier city, where talents gathered from throughout the country and competition was intense.

He had dreamed of doing the same for many years, but even now, the Big Dipper Group was stuck in Jin Hai City.

The Big Dipper Group wasn’t stuck in the third-rate city due to a lack of funding, but because of a lack of fame and connections. If he tried to set up a training center in a first-tier city, stronger competitors would quickly target the center, and it would be forced to close its doors very quickly.

“Chairman, Head Instructor Shi has said that Zero Wing is willing to partner with the Big Dipper Group. The Big Dipper Group can use Zero Wing’s fame to recruit members for its dojo. Zero Wing will also assist in training the Big Dipper Dojo’s members. However, in return, the dojo’s talented members have to sign up to become internal members in Zero Wing,” Liang Jing reported.

“Is that so?” Xiao Yu could not help his growing excitement.

He was no longer ignorant of God’s Domain. Through Liang Jing’s reports and the game’s growing popularity, he knew how famous Zero Wing had become.

If he could utilize Zero Wing’s fame to promote the Big Dipper Dojo, he’d be able to attract many martial artists to join. “Chairman, my scheduled flight will soon board. I have to go,” Liang Jing said.

“Go. Continue to work hard with Zero Wing. And you do not need to continue to report back to me. You’re already one of Zero Wing’s internal members. You’ll have a much better future with Zero Wing than Big Dipper,” Xiao Yu said, nodding.

When he had first tasked Liang Jing to serve as Shi Feng’s assistant, he had done so to get a better understanding of the mysterious man. He had been confident in her capabilities, but he had never thought that Shi Feng would poach such a talented employee…

But the outcome wasn’t so bad. After all, Liang Jing owed him a debt of gratitude. If she became one of Zero Wing’s upper echelons in the future, the Big Dipper Group could benefit, as well.

“Thank you, Chairman!” Liang Jing said sincerely.

Meanwhile, below Big Dipper Tower…

As the dojo’s many envious members watched, Zero Wing’s internal members left for the airport on multiple high-class buses.

After several hours of travel, Zero Wing’s internal members finally arrived before the building that had previously served as Ouroboros’s main headquarters. As they alighted from the buses, the towering skyscraper drew their gazes upward, over one-hundred-stories tall, leaving them astounded.

“Welcome,” Gentle Snow greeted as she and her assistant emerged from the building. “The rooms and facilities inside are ready for your use. We have also updated the virtual training system. Everyone can begin training right away.”

“Let’s forget about training for today and let everyone adapt first,” Shi Feng said, smiling as he glanced at the excited crowd behind him. “We’ll focus on recruitment today.”

“I have already sent people to advertise the matter. I doubt it will be long before independent experts and Workshops seek us out,” Gentle Snow said, nodding. She understood that starting everyone on their work after arriving was a little rushed. Moreover, losing one day of training wouldn’t affect Zero Wing’s development significantly.

When Zero Wing’s internal members heard that Shi Feng and Gentle Snow had given them a day off, they were elated. They dashed into the building to explore the new training ground.

The building that had served as Ouroboros’s main headquarters had 133 floors. It had been divided into multiple areas, covering offices, training areas, entertainment areas, and rest areas. Every internal member would receive their own living space, and they wouldn’t be nearly as cramped as they had been in the Greenwater Villa, where they had shared a room with several others.

When Liang Jing had finished touring the building, she had been stupefied. Every facility in the building was state of the art. Even the simplest accommodation was as luxurious as a four-star hotel, whereas the top-level rooms and suites were on par with five-star hotels.

Standing in the top-floor suite of the building, excitement bubbled up in Shi Feng as he gazed at the night view from the french windows.

He found it hard to believe that such a magnificent building officially belonged to Zero Wing, now the Guild’s main headquarters.

Meanwhile, under Gentle Snow’s management, it took only a day for Zero Wing’s internal members to get back on track. Moreover, the Zero Wing Workshop had recruited 500 new internal members in that single day. Every one of these internal members was extraordinarily talented, either with combat, management, or Lifestyle classes. Once God’s Domain’s system update had completed, these 500 people would be integrated in Zero Wing’s operation.

At 6 a.m. the next day, God’s Domain’s system update had finished. Laying down in the newly-installed virtual gaming cabin in his luxury suite, Shi Feng logged into God’s Domain.