Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1932 - Divine Library

Chapter 1932 – Divine Library

After getting sucked into the spatial tear, Shi Feng arrived in a dark and chaotic space. Standing at the center of this space was a majestic shrine that gave off such pressure that even the chaotic airflow actively avoided it.

The moment Shi Feng appeared before the shrine, he could feel a stifling suppression of his strength. The frightening Divine Might the shrine exuded also made his movements extremely sluggish.

This pressure really is amazing. It’s no wonder they said that players couldn’t enter the Divine Library without having a certain degree of strength. Shi Feng felt a little surprised as he moved his body tentatively.

Right now, his body’s physique and Basic Attributes weren’t even at the standard of a Tier 1 player. His perception of his surroundings had also become nonexistent.

If he were to fight in such a state, he might have difficulty going up against a Chieftain of the same level. If any other Tier 2 player were in his position right now, one could easily imagine how much weaker they would become, not to mention Lifestyle players.

After familiarizing himself with the environment, Shi Feng approached the shrine, which was over a kilometer tall.

Countless divine runes and magic arrays were engraved into the shrine’s exterior, radiating a golden glow that gave the shrine a sacred ambiance. Meanwhile, standing before the main entrance was a stalwart statue wearing leather armor and a helmet made out of dragon bones, the helmet exposing only a set of eyes. The statue also held an axe in each hand. The pressure the statue gave off was so powerful that Shi Feng had extreme difficulty approaching it. When he got within 100 yards of the statue, his body refused to move even a step closer.

What kind of statue is this? It’s clearly an inanimate object, yet it still has such a powerful pressure. Most likely, even Tier 4 players can’t walk up to its feet Looking at this ten-meter-tall statue, Shi Feng could feel that the pressure it gave off would increase exponentially the closer one got to it.

After bypassing the statue, Shi Feng quickly arrived at the shrine’s main entrance.

The entrance was so massive that even monsters over ten meters tall could walk through it easily. As Shi Feng approached the golden set of doors, the doors slowly parted, a blinding glow escaping through the gap between the doors.

By the time the golden doors were fully opened and the intense light had dissipated, a sea of books appeared before Shi Feng.

Rows of bookshelves filled the hall before him with patrol squads of Stone Guards wandering all around the chamber. Similar to Shi Feng, these Stone Guards were all Level 69. As for their ranks, there were Elites, Special Elites, and Chieftains.

Although the HPs of these Stone Guards were not as high as that of ordinary monsters of the same rank and level, the Elites still had over 1,000,000 HP, while the Chieftain ranked squad captains had 5,000,000 HP.

If Shi Feng were to come across these monsters in the outside world, he wouldn’t even have paid attention to them. However, in his current state, he had no choice but to take the many Stone Guards in the hall seriously. The Chieftain ranked Stone Guards were especially dangerous to him.

While Shi Feng was carefully observing the movements and habits of the Stone Guards, an armored, middle-aged man, whose body was translucent like a ghost, suddenly appeared at the center of the hall. Even when Shi Feng tried using Omniscient Eyes on him, aside from finding out that the man was named Bernard, he did not get any other information.

“Adventurer of the human race, I am Bernard, the manager of the Divine Library. Since you have gained an entry slot from a Divine Tome, you may pick out one book from the Divine Library. However, the books here are not easy to acquire. They will not be given to people who lack ability,” Bernard said after appearing before Shi Feng. Like an emotionless machine, Bernard continued indifferently, “There are a total of five floors in the Divine Library, and the higher you go, the fewer the books available. In return, however, their value will also increase. Even Ancient Gods would covet the books found on the top floor.

“There are a large number of guards on every floor. Your task will be to obtain the book you want from these guards. Once you get a book, I will send you back immediately. If you are killed by the guards, you will similarly be sent away.

“If you wish to reap a harvest in the Divine Library, you must not be greedy! Tread within the limit of your abilities!”

After saying so, Bernard vanished.

“Sure enough, this place is the same as the rumors made it out to be.” Shi Feng possessed a certain degree of understanding of the Divine Library due to its great fame in God’s Domain. Countless superpowers had fought desperately to acquire a Divine Tome in the past.

Stored inside the Divine Library were various recipes and designs for Lifestyle classes. There were even designs for powerful war weapons, defensive constructions, and magic arrays.

Just like Bernard had said, even after reaching Tier 6, players would still lust for the Divine Library’s contents.

In the past, the most famous story involving the Divine Library had a Tier 6 God-ranked player obtaining a design for a war fortress from the Divine Library’s fourth floor. The war fortress built using this design could resist even Tier 6 Gods. Its deterrent force easily surpassed that of a Tier 6 player.

The Guild that acquired this war fortress also gained great assistance from it. God’s Domain had many forbidden lands that were so inhospitable that Guild Towns couldn’t be set up within them no matter what; however, the war fortress could.

Due to this reason, countless superpowers had tried desperately to obtain a Divine Tome so that they could acquire an amazing war fortress design themselves. With such a war fortress, they, too, could develop in the various forbidden regions and reap the bountiful resources and treasures there.

Of course, while Shi Feng also wished to obtain a war fortress design right now, with his current strength, reaching the fourth floor was utterly impossible.

The difficulty of each floor in the Divine Library increased exponentially. A Tier 2 player would be fortunate to obtain a book from the first floor. Even the best among Tier 2 players would get only as far as the second floor.

However, although the books on the first and second floor were not as valuable as a war fortress design, they were already precious.

Let’s try out these guards, Shi Feng thought as he looked at the patrolling guards. He then used Phantom Kill and had his doppelganger test the waters.

He had not been given a time limit for picking a book. Although his doppelganger was not as strong as his main body, even if it died, he wouldn’t lose anything. At most, he would just have to wait a few minutes for the Skill’s Cooldown to end.

As Shi Feng controlled his doppelganger to approach one of the patrol squads, the guards in the entire hall went into a frenzy, all of them surging toward his doppelganger. Although this situation surprised Shi Feng a little, he still managed to have his doppelganger charge forward and cut at one of the squad captains.


Before the doppelganger could even land a hit, however, Shi Feng suddenly saw a flash stabbing at his doppelganger’s body. The doppelganger went flying, its HP decreasing by one-ninth.

So strong! Shi Feng could not help his surprise as he looked at the squad captain.

Not only did the squad captain’s attack contain great Strength, but the way it moved its spear was absolutely flawless, without any excess action whatsoever. The squad captain’s combat standard was already very close to rivaling Refinement Realm experts. All the captain lacked was a little bit of intellect.

Before Shi Feng’s doppelganger could stand up, several squad captains nearby had already arrived before it, their spears stabbing the doppelganger one time after another.

Whether it was in terms of speed or Strength, the squad captains had the upper hand. Despite activating its Lifesaving Skills, Shi Feng’s doppelganger still did not last more than ten seconds before getting killed. It did not even get to touch the first row of bookshelves.