Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1931 - Savage God's Treasure

Chapter 1931 – Savage God’s Treasure

Sea of Death, on the Giant Crocodile Warship off Savage God Island:

“Vice Guild Leader, the results of our investigation are in. According to our spies, Black Flame is personally leading Zero Wing’s team this time. As for why Zero Wing is here, we still aren’t certain,” Silent March reported as she pointed toward Zero Wing’s members, who had just set foot ashore.

“Black Flame?” Thousand Miles smiled upon hearing this. “We’re quite lucky this time. Since the Guild Leader of Zero Wing has personally come to a remote place like the Sea of Death, Zero Wing must be conducting a big operation!”

Although Zero Wing had ruined his plans, it would seem that he was soon going to earn back his losses.

“I’ll have five Assassin parties secretly tail them,” Silent March said, a smile likewise appearing on her face. She then started arranging for the necessary manpower.

In God’s Domain, Guild Leaders of large Guilds generally wouldn’t lead a team of their own. However, when they did, it would definitely be an important operation. If one stalked such a team and properly took advantage of the opportunity, one could deal damage to the targeted Guild and steal said Guild’s harvest. Only, it was very difficult to track the Guild Leaders of the various large Guilds as they would generally take preventive measures to cover their traces.

“Make sure Zero Wing’s members don’t detect them, no matter what!” Thousand Miles reminded.

“Vice Guild Leader, rest assured, the parties I sent are the best. I am certain they will not be discovered.” Silent March nodded.

Meanwhile, on Savage God Island…

After Blue Phoenix informed Phoenix Rain about the battle between Aqua Rose and the Water Ghost Legion, Phoenix Rain could not help but sigh ruefully.

She had gone to great lengths to secure a clue leading to a sea-based Legacy, yet before she could get the Legacy, Miracle stole it from under her. Meanwhile, Zero Wing had somehow obtained a sea-based Peak Legacy without anyone noticing.

With this Peak Legacy, even the naval overlords would not dare to casually start a war with Zero Wing.

“Big Sis Rain, does that mean the Legacy treasure fell into Miracle’s hands?” When Blue Phoenix heard about Phoenix Rain’s battle on Savage God Island, her originally happy mood instantly vanished. “If not for Nine Dragons Emperor leaking information, you wouldn’t have met such an ambush. Big Sis Rain, why don’t we report this matter to the Great Pavilion Master? If we do so, Nine Dragons Emperor will definitely get his just deserts!”

The clue regarding the Legacy treasure was something they had discovered in the Savage Wildland. Now, however, their efforts had ended up profiting Miracle instead.

“It’s useless. We don’t have any evidence. The Great Pavilion Master won’t believe a unilateral claim. Not to mention, the competition is already at a crucial point. Nine Dragons Emperor might even be hoping I’ll complain to the Great Pavilion Master, to use it to lower my standing,” Phoenix Rain said, shaking her head. In the next moment, however, the corners of her lips curled up as she added, “However, unfortunately for Nine Dragons Emperor, while it is indeed true that Thousand Miles has stolen the Legacy treasure, our side obtained the Savage God’s treasure!”

“The Savage God’s treasure?” Shi Feng, who stood before Phoenix Rain, muttered in surprise. He had never imagined that Savage God Island would really have both the Savage God’s Legacy and treasure.

In the past, he had only heard of these two things’ existence, nothing more. When no additional information was revealed, many people took the news as fake. After all, both these two things were left behind by a God. How could there be absolutely no news about them after players acquired them?

“That’s right.” Phoenix Rain smiled. She then retrieved an ancient book from her bag and said, “This is the treasure left behind by the Savage God—a Divine Tome!”

The moment Phoenix Rain took out the Divine Tome, everyone present felt their perception vanish as the large book sucked the ambient Mana completely dry.

“Impossible! A Divine Tome?!” Shi Feng goggled at the book in Phoenix Rain’s hands reflexively, an indescribable sense of shock flooding his heart

Current players would not have any accurate knowledge regarding Divine Tomes. However, Shi Feng, who had played God’s Domain for more than a decade, knew just how valuable a Divine Tome was. It was no exaggeration to say that it was worth more than a Fragmented Legendary item. Its value to Lifestyle players could even rival a Legendary item.

“This is a treasure that allows Lifestyle players to enter the Divine Library and learn the recipes and designs left behind by Ancient Gods,” Phoenix Rain said, chuckling. “Although there are only two entry slots available, if used properly, generating a fortune is definitely possible!”

While the Legacy treasure could grant players frightening combat power, the Savage God’s treasure allowed players to gain frightening wealth. After all, those recipes and designs were left behind by Ancient Gods. The items that could be created using those recipes and designs were undoubtedly amazing. Earning a fortune with those items would be very easy.

Meanwhile, money just so happened to be the thing she lacked the most right now.

She had invested practically every Coin she earned into developing her naval forces. However, despite doing so, her naval forces were still significantly weaker than Miracle’s. If she wished to surpass Miracle, then she required more funds.

Moreover, while Miracle had indeed stolen the Legacy treasure from her, obtaining the Legacy itself was impossible in the shortterm. The player Miracle selected for the Legacy would need sufficient strength. Meanwhile, in order to guarantee success, Miracle would definitely have to make a lot of preparations.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, it is all thanks to you that Blue and her forces were able to escape tragedy this time. At the same time, you also saved my life. I hope that you can accept one of these two slots,” Phoenix Rain said sincerely as she looked at Shi Feng.

While having allies was a good thing, not all allies would be willing to lend a helping hand during critical moments. Most of them would take action only after weighing their potential gains and losses. The fact that Zero Wing stepped forward when she faced danger was invaluable.

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, you are making too much of it. I only helped out as an ally. However, I am indeed very interested in this Divine Tome entry slot. While I will be accepting your goodwill, I cannot just take it for free,” Shi Feng said. He immediately took out six Bronze Speedboats and traded them to Phoenix Rain.

Each entry slot to the Divine Library was worth roughly one Fragmented Legendary item—definitely far more than the help he provided this time. As for the Bronze Speedboats, these things currently weren’t of much use to Zero Wing, as the Guild was not particularly active in the Sea of Death right now. However, they were worth a lot to Phoenix Rain, who operated mainly in the Sea of Death.

With a look at the trade window, Phoenix Rain understood that, like herself, Shi Feng did not like owing favors. Hence, she simply nodded and accepted the six Bronze Speedboats.

Using the Divine Tome, Phoenix Rain left a mark on Shi Feng’s palm. With this, he could either use the mark himself or transfer it to someone else. However, it could be used only once.

Once the transaction was completed, Phoenix Rain decided against lingering on Savage God Island, as she still had a lot of work awaiting her. After instructing Blue Phoenix’s group to continue guiding Shi Feng to Kama Island, Phoenix Rain herself returned to Thunder Island.

Shi Feng headed deeper into the Sea of Death on the One-horned Sailboat

While resting inside a cabin in the sailboat, Shi Feng fell into deep thought as he looked at the mark on his palm. In the end, he decided to be the one to use this mark.

Although there were other Lifestyle Masters in the Candlelight Trading Firm, acquiring a recipe or design from the Divine Library required one to possess sufficient combat power as well. Otherwise, one would not gain anything. Meanwhile, if he waited until Melancholic Smile or Cream Cocoa became combat experts, it would be months or years before he could reap the benefits of the Divine Library.

Following which, Shi Feng activated the mark on his palm.

Suddenly, the Mana inside the cabin stirred. Shortly after, a spatial tear appeared behind Shi Feng and sucked him into it. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the room, leaving behind only a silver magic array on the floor where he had been standing.