Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1930 - Legacy Treasure

Chapter 1930 – Legacy Treasure

Thousand Miles’s expression sank even further after watching the battle video the Water Ghost Legion member sent him. “How is she so powerful?”

The battle video showed Aqua Rose blocking the Giant Crocodile Warship’s main cannon all by herself. Moreover, she had even managed to damage the Giant Crocodile Warship severely, as well as destroy several dozen speedboats. To make matters worse, she had done all these things with only one Spell. Even large-scale destruction Spells weren’t capable of such a feat. After all, every speedboat had a certain amount of Magic Resistance. They were also made of very tough materials to be able to fight sea monsters.

Nevertheless, Aqua Rose still managed to destroy the speedboats in one hit. This proved that her attack dealt additional damage to ships.

“Vice Guild Leader, did something happen?” Silent March, who was currently dressed in a set of gray robes and had an aura of death surrounding her body, asked curiously when she noticed the grim expression on Thousand Miles’s face.

“Wild’s ambush failed,” Thousand Miles replied as he forwarded the message he received to her. “Moreover, it was a rout This time, over 70% of the Water Ghost Legion’s members died in battle. Several dozen ordinary and advanced speedboats also got destroyed, and six Bronze Speedboats and one Mysterious-Iron Speedboat got captured by the enemy.”

“How is that possible?!” Silent March found Thousand Miles’s words incredible. “Could the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion have come prepared this time and mobilized every one of its fleets for this battle?”

The five fleets Wild Aggression led were all expert fleets of Miracle. There was also the Water Ghost Legion. Unless the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion mobilized every one of its fleets, she couldn’t imagine how Wild Aggression could suffer such a heavy blow.

“No. All of this is due to just one person,” Thousand Miles said, shaking his head.

“One person?” Silent March could not help but be stunned.

“Mhm.” Enviously, Thousand Miles said, “Even Wild Aggression with his Advanced Legacy was no match for her. I suspect that she must’ve obtained a sea-based Peak Legacy, as well as weapons and equipment unique to her class. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so powerful.”

Sea-based Legacies were things that the various superpowers were currently scrambling to acquire.

When the various superpowers clashed with each other out at sea, the battle would normally be between players only. Ships were mainly used to deal with sea monsters, as they were not as effective against players.

Meanwhile, just obtaining a sea-based Basic Legacy could increase a player’s combat power out at sea by at least 50%. As for Advanced Legacies, the improvements provided were even more exaggerated.

Miracle had exhausted a lot of manpower and resources just to obtain one sea-based Advanced Legacy. However, Thousand Miles had to admit that the return was worth the losses incurred. After gaining the Advanced Legacy, Wild Aggression’s combat power out at sea was simply frightening. Whether the Ranger was going up against sea monsters or players, his Advanced Legacy provided significant help.

Now that it seemed that Aqua Rose had acquired a sea-based Peak Legacy, how could Thousand Miles not feel envious of it? Moreover, watching this battle had also reaffirmed for him the importance of sea-based Legacies.

“Then, what should we do now? I’m afraid it won’t be long before the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s reinforcements arrive. Once that happens, we’ll have a harder time killing Phoenix Rain,” Silent March said worriedly.

“Since reinforcements have already arrived, there’s no need for us to waste time here any longer. In any case, we have already obtained the Legacy treasure and achieved our initial goal. Have everyone retreat!” Thousand Miles replied, smiling. “We’ll let Phoenix Rain and Zero Wing have their fun for now. Once we obtain this Legacy, the entire Sea of Death will be Miracle’s territory!”

When Blue Phoenix received news about Miracle’s ambush on Phoenix Rain, they had already fought a battle with Phoenix Rain’s team on Savage God Island. Meanwhile, by the time Blue Phoenix’s fleet arrived, the battle had long since ended. Although they did not manage to steal everything from Phoenix Rain’s group, they had still obtained the most important Legacy treasure. If they had not wanted to obtain the remaining treasures, they wouldn’t have bothered wasting time playing cat and mouse on the island with Phoenix Rain.

Although the losses they suffered to Zero Wing were indeed unexpected, compared to the Legacy treasure, these losses were negligible.

“Understood! I’ll have everyone retreat from the island right away.” Silent March started contacting the members scattered across Savage God Island and had everyone swiftly withdraw from the island.

“Pavilion Master, something strange is going on with Miracle’s members. They’re actually leaving the canyon,” a Level 57, Tier 2 Ranger using Eagle Eyes reported when she noticed that the Miracle members searching for them had started pulling out of Savage God Island.

“They’ve stopped chasing us?” Phoenix Rain, who was currently recovering her Stamina beneath a tree, asked curiously. “Has Blue arrived? That’s not right. With Thousand Miles’s personality, he wouldn’t give up so easily. Did something unexpected happen to Miracle’s forces?”

She knew very clearly what kind of strength Blue Phoenix’s impromptu fleet possessed.

It would be fortunate if Blue Phoenix’s fleet could breakthrough Miracle’s blockade of Savage God Island. Even after Blue Phoenix’s forces grouped up with her team, all they would be able to do was buy time for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s other fleets to arrive. Thousand Miles should know this as well, so how could he possibly give up on this excellent opportunity to deal her a blow?

“Pavilion Master, something changed!” an Assassin hiding at the shore of Savage God Island reported suddenly. “Miracle’s ships stationed around the island are withdrawing!”

“Miracle even removed the lockdown on the island?” Phoenix Rain grew even more curious after hearing this report. “Just what is Thousand Miles planning?”

It was precisely Miracle’s blockade that prevented her team from escaping. Meanwhile, now that it was gone, they could leave at anytime. However, Phoenix Rain could not understand why Thousand Miles would give up on such a good opportunity.

“Pavilion Master, another update. Miracle’s Giant Crocodile Warship is approaching the island. However, by the looks of it, the warship seems to have sustained heavy damage. Two of its mainsails are in tatters. Moreover, the fleets following behind the warship seem to have lost a lot of ships. They must’ve just experienced a great battle. The Miracle members on the island seem to be preparing to board the warship and leave the island,” the Assassin said, shocked as he eyed the gigantic warship that had anchored close to the beach and the Miracle members approaching the warship.

After hearing this Assassin’s report, Phoenix Rain grew even more confused. She could not make heads or tails of the situation at all.

Miracle’s Giant Crocodile Warship was no laughing matter. It was much more powerful than even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s warship, akin to a mobile seaborne fortress. Hence, she found it truly hard to imagine that Miracle’s prided warship would suffer heavy damage. Moreover, Miracle had even decided to abandon Savage God Island and retreat right after suffering such a humiliation.

“Everyone, get yourselves ready! We’re going to leave the island now!” Phoenix Rain decided after giving the matter some more thought.

“Pavilion Master, could this be Miracle’s trap? Maybe they’re pretending to retreat to get us to lower our guard,” a female Cleric said.

With how strange this situation was, they had to be especially careful in their decisions.

“That shouldn’t be the case. That’s the Giant Crocodile Warship we’re talking about. Miracle doesn’t need to damage its prized warship to such an extent just to deal with us. Miracle must’ve fought some other superpower and ended up eating a loss,” Phoenix Rain said, shaking her head. While she had indeed considered the possibility of this being a ploy by Miracle, the likelihood was very low. Warships could not be repaired in ordinary Repair Yards. It would be utterly foolish for Miracle to damage its core combat power just to deal with her team.

A short moment later, Phoenix Rain led the survivors of her team out of the canyon they were hiding in and carefully approached the shore of Savage God Island. Their journey there was incomparably peaceful; they did not encounter a single member of Miracle.

Just which superpower started a fight with Miracle? Phoenix Rain could not help but wonder as she thought back to the uneventful journey her team just made. As far as she knew, there were no naval superpowers capable of forcing Miracle to make such a decisive retreat.

“Pavilion Master, look! It’s Blue Phoenix’s fleet!” a Tier 2 Ranger said as she waved excitedly at the ships approaching the shore they stood on.

When Phoenix Rain turned to the direction the female Ranger indicated, confusion covered Phoenix Rain’s face.

It was indeed Blue Phoenix’s fleet that arriving. However, Miracle’s ships currently surrounded Blue Phoenix’s fleet, yet for some reason, none of Miracle’s ships dared approach Blue Phoenix’s fleet. They only watched the fleet edge up to the shore from afar as if they were afraid of something.

When Blue Phoenix’s fleet got closer, Phoenix Rain suddenly noticed the presence of sailboats and speedboats that were both unfamiliar yet familiar to her. This was especially true for the sailboat at the lead.

“Zero Wing?” Phoenix Rain was filled with an indescribable sense of shock when she saw Shi Feng and his Guild members standing at the bow of the One-horned Sailboat. “Could it be their doing?”