Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1929 - - Sea God's Wrath

Chapter 1929 – Sea God’s Wrath

She blocked it? Wild Aggression’s eyes twitched when he saw the sea serpents unharmed.

Before Wild Aggression could shake off his shock, Aqua Rose waved her staff once more and sent a water serpent snapping its jaws at the Ranger.

However, Wild Aggression reacted to the attack quickly. Just as the water serpent was about to bite down on him, he leaped out of harm’s way.

The water serpent’s gigantic body made its single-target attack look like an AOE Spell. When it crashed into the ocean’s surface, the impact created a whirlpool eight yards in radius and more than ten meters deep. The power of the serpent’s attack had the Miracle members present gulping involuntarily.

If they were struck by that attack, they would undoubtedly die.

Meanwhile, after Wild Aggression dodged the water serpent’s attack, he started firing arrow after arrow at Aqua Rose from midair.

“While this water serpent of yours is good in a melee fight, but it is far from enough to deal with me!”

As a veteran expert, Wild Aggression quickly understood Aqua Rose’s weaknesses after clashing with her for just a short time. While the water serpent was indeed strong, it was considerably slow. All he needed to do to win this fight was avoid the water serpent and focus on attacking Aqua Rose herself.

Like shooting stars, the arrows Wild Aggression launched moved so quickly that others could see only streaks of light.

For a time, dozens of light-blue streaks of light bombarded the water barrier protecting Aqua Rose, raising splashes of water one after another.

However, no matter how many arrows struck Aqua Rose’s barrier, they got through only the first layer at most. They weren’t able to pierce the second layer even in the slightest, much less damage Aqua Rose.

“The boss still hasn’t broken through that barrier even after attacking so many times?! She really is a monster!”

“Even if the commander can’t harm her, she can’t harm the commander, either. With the commander’s combat standard and speed, that slow water serpent won’t be able to touch even a strand of the commander’s hair.”

The players observing the battle between Wild Aggression and Aqua Rose from a distance were mesmerized. The battle between these two players did not look like a battle between players at all but more like a territorial struggle between two monsters of equal strength. No matter how many times these two monsters attacked each other, they failed to inflict any harm on one another

“One is not enough?” Raising her brow at Wild Aggression, Aqua Rose pointed her free hand at the Ranger. Immediately, the remaining eleven water serpents all joined in on the attack.

How can she control so many serpents? Wild Aggression’s expression turned serious when he saw the approaching water serpents.

Dealing with one water serpent was easy enough, as its attacks were somewhat monotonous. However, if all twelve water serpents were to attack simultaneously, the standard of the attack would undergo a qualitative transformation. Originally, Wild Aggression had thought that Aqua Rose could control only one water serpent properly. In that case, he could take advantage of the water serpent’s slow Attack Speed to counterattack her. However, with all twelve water serpents attacking him now, he could only evade. He had no opportunity to attack Aqua Rose whatsoever.

In the blink of an eye, Wild Aggression was placed in an absolute disadvantage.

However, the thing that made him truly fearful was the fact that Aqua Rose’s control over the water serpents improved as the battle went on, making it increasingly difficult for him to evade their attacks. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the serpents devoured him.

“Fire the warship’s cannons and kill her! It doesn’t matter even if you destroy the ship she is standing on!” Wild Aggression commanded, his eyes becoming bloodshot when he saw his depleting HP.

Hearing Wild Aggression’s order, the Miracle members controlling the Giant Crocodile Warship sprang into action. After they aimed the warship’s main cannon at Aqua Rose’s position, the cannon started gathering a frightening amount of Mana.

The shot from the Giant Crocodile Warship’s main cannon was the warship’s strongest attack. One hit from the main cannon could heavily injure even a Grand Lord ranked sea monster or instantly obliterate an advanced speedboat.

Sensing the dense Mana converging on the Giant Crocodile Warship, Aqua Rose immediately grew serious, activating her Legacy Berserk Skill before chanting an incantation.

Suddenly, everyone on the battlefield felt strong winds blowing at them. At the same time, gigantic whirlpools formed on the ocean’s surface one after another. Over a hundred whirlpools appeared in the blink of an eye, swaying every one of Miracle’s ships violently.

“Attack!” Wild Aggression shouted hurriedly when he sensed that the situation was amiss.

Following the Ranger’s command, a black-white beam of light shot out from the Giant Crocodile Warship, tearing apart the space around it as it sped to devour Aqua Rose.


At the same time as the light beam appeared, Aqua Rose raised her staff into the air. Immediately, the whirlpools erupted and transformed into gigantic waterspouts that moved to intercept the Magic Beam.

Sea God’s Wrath!

This move was the strongest Spell Aqua Rose currently possessed and was a Curse that could be used only when she had her Legacy Berserk Skill activated.

Suddenly, over a hundred waterspouts clashed with the Magic Beam, the intense shockwave resulting from the clash causing the ocean’s surface to sink. The clash between the Magic Beam and the waterspouts continued for several seconds; then, the energy reserves for the attack finally ran out. In the next moment, the light beam dissipated into nothingness, leaving behind a bunch of intact waterspouts.

“How is this possible?” Wild Aggression’s mind blanked out when he saw the Giant Crocodile Warship’s Magic Beam disappear without achieving anything.

However, before the Ranger could snap out of his daze, one of the waterspouts had already devoured him entirely. The waterspouts then extended their reach toward the distant Giant Crocodile Warship.

When the duration of Sea God’s Wrath ended, aside from the Giant Crocodile Warship, every one of Miracle’s advanced and ordinary speedboats caught within range of the Spell was destroyed.

This outcome had the Water Ghost Legion members, who were fighting against Blue Phoenix’s forces, gaping in shock.

One attack had destroyed several dozen speedboats. This attack was even more frightening than any large-scale destruction Spell they had seen before.

“I’m not fighting anymore! That woman’s practically a King-class Sea Monster!”

“I’m not going to die a pointless death here! Let’s escape together!”

“Right! Let’s escape together! That way, the higher-ups won’t be able to pin the blame on us!”

After a moment of silence, Miracle’s members could no longer withstand the pressure they felt from Aqua Rose.

Immediately, every one of Miracle’s ships turned around and fled the battlefield, further stupefying the Water Ghost Legion members.

How were they supposed to leave the battlefield without any ships?

They would simply be live targets if they jumped into the ocean. Moreover, swimming in the ocean consumed a lot of Stamina.

“We don’t have any other choice but to try it!”

Realizing their current predicament, some the Water Ghost Legion members chose to dive into the sea. Although the sea monsters were extremely dangerous, their chances of survival with the sea monsters were much better than if they stayed to fight against the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members, where death would be certain.

As for the rest of the Water Ghost Legion members, they desperately tried using Instantaneous Movement Scrolls to teleport onto the fleeing ships.

However, Aqua Rose did not give these players any opportunity to escape whatsoever.

Her combat power was originally already at the peak of Tier 3. After activating her Berserk Skill, she could easily slaughter the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Water Ghost Legion members, needing only one hit per person.

After just a short moment, the corpses of nearly 300 Water Ghost Legion members could be seen floating on the ocean.

Meanwhile, as Aqua Rose was conducting her massacre, the distant Miracle members vanished without a trace. Even the Glacier Seal placed on the battlefield had disappeared.

The sudden reversal of the battle thoroughly dumbfounded Blue Phoenix’s forces.

This situation overturned the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members’ understanding of naval combat They had never thought that one person’s strength would be enough to change the outcome of a near-hopeless battle. Moreover, Aqua Rose had even defeated the Water Ghost Legion with relative ease.

Only Shi Feng found this situation normal. The first reason for this shocking outcome was the extreme weakness of the ships that players currently possessed. While these ships might be useful against low-tiered players, against players at Tier 3 and above, their effects would be negligible. The second reason was Aqua Rose having the Sea God’s Legacy, one of the strongest sea-based Legacies in the game. In the past, it was precisely because of this Legacy that the Freedom Alliance had managed to become an overlord of the seas. Otherwise, with the Freedom Alliance’s strength, it would have long since been devoured by the various superpowers.

Following which, Shi Feng started going through the spoils of war. In the meantime, everyone else rested and prepared to enter Savage God Island.

Meanwhile, inside one of the dark canyons on Savage God Island, a 1,000-man legion from Miracle was currently searching for Phoenix Rain’s group with everything they had. At this time, Thousand Miles, the leader of the legion, suddenly received a message from one of the Water Ghost Legion members that had successfully fled the battlefield.

“We lost?” Thousand Miles’s complexion darkened when he read the message. He simply could not believe it.