Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1926 - Hell Has No Doors

Chapter 1926 – Hell Has No Doors

“Guild Leader Black Flame is willing to help us? Wonderful!” Blue Phoenix rejoiced when she heard Shi Feng’s offer.

Although Zero Wing had not focused on its development on Thunder Island and had only conducted some business there, the naval forces the Guild possessed still should not be underestimated.

The One-horned Sailboat, in particular, a Bronze Small Sailboat that Zero Wing revealed during the struggle for Thunder Island, was something that the various superpowers still sought to obtain even now. After all, although the superpowers’ naval forces had improved a lot since the struggle of Thunder Island, the One-horned Sailboat remained a force to be reckoned with.

Following which, while organizing a fleet to head toward Savage God Island, Blue Phoenix filled Shi Feng in on their rescue operation this time.

In order to monopolize the legacy ruin on Savage God Island, Miracle had dispatched three of its fleets, each of which had over 100 ships. With the three fleets, Miracle was able to surround Savage God Island and seal off all possible exit points.

Originally, with the naval forces the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had developed during this period, it would’ve been very easy to breakthrough a blockade like this. However, due to Nine Dragons Emperor’s interference, Phoenix Rain couldn’t mobilize the Common Warship the Pavilion had recently acquired after much difficulty.

Although warships were no match for speedboats and sailboats in terms of speed, they were specialized for combat, their combat power far superior to even that of sailboats out at sea. This warship was the reason why the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion succeeded in stabilizing its position on Thunder Island.

With the current predicament happening so suddenly, most of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s fleets were out of position, off doing their own quests very far away from Savage God Island. Even if these fleets were to head over to Savage God Island now, by the time they arrived, Phoenix Rain’s group would’ve long since been killed by Miracle. The only fleet they could mobilize was the one the Pavilion had stationed to garrison Thunder Island.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I hope that you can help us distract a part of Miracle’s forces. You don’t have to fight them head- on. It is fine so long as you can distract one fleet’s worth of ships. With that, my side will be able to break through the encirclement and rescue the Pavilion Master’s group.” Blue Phoenix briefed Shi Feng on the plan as she took out a sea map.

As long as they could group up with Phoenix Rain’s forces, Miracle would have a hard time doing anything against them. Then, all they would have to do was buy time until the Pavilion’s other fleets arrived. At which point, Miracle would naturally give up on targeting Phoenix Rain. After all, if the fleets of their two superpowers truly started a fight with each other, all they would achieve was harm to themselves, benefiting the other superpowers occupying Thunder Island.

“My side only needs to split one of their fleets away?” After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng nodded and said, “That won’t be a problem. We’ll do our best to keep them busy for as long as possible.”

The appearance of Savage God Island was a huge event. He naturally had to go and take a look.

During his previous life, he had only heard about Savage God Island.

Savage God Island was both a secret land and a drifting island. Rumor had it that there were Legacies and treasures left behind on the island. Reality had indeed proven these claims true. Regardless if it were Legacies or treasures, both could allow a Guild’s strength to skyrocket

However, Savage God Island had only appeared for a short period in the past. By the time the various large Guilds had shifted their focus to the sea, Savage God Island had long since become a legend. In the end, only the superpowers back then had managed to gain some harvest from it.

“I’ll have to trouble Guild Leader Black Flame, then,” Blue Phoenix said sincerely.

By the time Blue Phoenix was done hashing out a rescue plan, her fleet was also ready to set off. She immediately commanded her fleet to depart for Savage God Island.

The appearance of Blue Phoenix’s fleet stunned many of the adventurer teams that had recently arrived on Thunder Island.

Her fleet had 100 ships in total. Among them, more than 50 were advanced speedboats, eight were Bronze Speedboats, two were Mysterious-Iron Speedboats, and two were Common Small Sailboats—a very powerful fleet even in the Sea of Death. Compared to the fleets the adventurer teams normally came across, the difference was like heaven and earth; the usual fleets only had five or six Bronze Speedboats and 30 or so advanced speedboats, with the rest being ordinary speedboats.

In reality, the adventurer teams that had recently arrived on Thunder Island weren’t the only ones surprised by the fleet Blue Phoenix prepared. Even Shi Feng was surprised at this sight He had never thought that Phoenix Rain had already expanded her naval forces to such a level. Moreover, this was only one of several fleets under Phoenix Rain’s command.

Of course, a fleet used to garrison Thunder Island naturally needed to be excellent, as this was a show of the Guild’s strength. At the same time, this garrisoned fleet could be used during emergencies. Even so, from looking at Blue Phoenix’s fleet, Shi Feng could already tell just how frightening the naval forces Phoenix Rain currently possessed.

Upon seeing Blue Phoenix’s fleet leave the harbor, Shi Feng took out the Swift Dragon speedboat, two Bronze Speedboats, over a dozen advanced speedboats, one Common Sailboat, and the One-horned Sailboat to ferry the 500 Zero Wing members he brought with him.

Although the number of ships in his fleet was far from a match for Blue Phoenix’s fleet, his fleet’s overall combat power was still enough to make the various adventurer teams wandering around the harbor gawk at his fleet enviously.

“Zero Wing’s fleet is amazing! Big Sis Blue, this is wonderful! With our strength and Zero Wing’s, we’ll have no problem breaking through Miracle’s encirclement!” a Level 57, Tier 2 female Cleric on one of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Common Sailboats exclaimed in surprise and joy when she saw Zero Wing’s fleet.

“This is only natural. Back during the struggle for Thunder Island, Zero Wing’s fleet was already something that the various superpowers envied. Although Zero Wing is currently unable to focus on its naval development due to a bunch of matters, its naval strength is still not to be underestimated.” Blue Phoenix nodded. This was also the reason why she was so happy that Shi Feng was willing to help them out.

After traveling for a little over three hours, Blue Phoenix and Shi Feng’s group finally saw an island enveloped by dark fog on the horizon. This island was none other than Savage God Island.

Currently, the entirety of Savage God Island was surrounded by a large number of ships. However, after Blue Phoenix took a rough glance at these ships, her complexion darkened immediately.

“How is this possible?!” Her expression turned incomparably gloomy when she saw the ships anchored at Savage God Island.

Miracle only dispatched three fleets? That was an outright lie!

At this moment, there were more than 500 ships around Savage God Island. In other words, a total of five fleets were present. Moreover, just the Small Sailboats she could see from this distance numbered as many as seven, with Mysterious- Iron Speedboats numbering more than ten. Even Miracle’s pride, the Giant Crocodile Warship, was here.

Meanwhile, after noticing the appearance of Blue Phoenix’s and Shi Feng’s fleets, these ships quickly went into action and started forming an encirclement around the two fleets.

“Vice Guild Leader Miles, just like you guessed, the fleet the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion used to garrison Thunder Island has arrived. However, according to the report we received, it would seem that Zero Wing’s fleet is also participating in the rescue operation this time. Zero Wing’s fleet has two sailboats and several excellent speedboats,” a Tier 2 Ranger, the captain of one of Miracle’s Small Sailboats, reported as he looked at Shi Feng’s fleet. “Should we alter our original plans?”

“Zero Wing?” Thousand Miles smiled when he heard this. “This is interesting. Originally, I only planned on damaging and plundering Phoenix Rain’s First Fleet, but since Zero Wing has also joined the fray, we’ll take Zero Wing’s ships too! Notify the Water Ghost Legion to start the assault!”

He was very familiar with Zero Wing’s One-horned Sailboat However, after the Thunder Island event, Zero Wing no longer operated in the Sea of Death. As a result, the One-horned Sailboat also disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

Now that the One-horned Sailboat reappeared, he could use this opportunity to take it for himself.

Zero Wing’s naval strength might have been frightening during the struggle on Thunder Island, but times had changed. The One-horned Sailboat’s combat power was no longer a threat to Miracle.

“Understood!” the Ranger captain said excitedly, his eyes shining with greed as he looked at Blue Phoenix’s and Shi Feng’s fleets.

The operation this time was a huge jackpot

In anticipation of this moment, the Water Ghost Legion he led had been constantly honing itself in secret

Unlike legions that operated on land, the Water Ghost Legion specialized in naval combat. Every member of the legion had acquired a sea-based Legacy. Their combat power far surpassed normal players’ when at sea. Before them, a ship was no different from a stationary target Including the firepower of five fleets’ worth of ships, annihilating an expert fleet was a piece of cake.

“Retreat! Everyone, leave this sea zone as quickly as possible!” Blue Phoenix commanded hurriedly upon seeing Miracle’s fleet mobilizing. The difference in strength between the two sides was clear for all to see. Fighting against a fleet of such a size and caliber was simply suicidal. The only thing they could do now was retreat

However, in terms of speed, Miracle’s ships obviously had the upper hand. Very quickly, Miracle’s ships completed their encirclement of Blue Phoenix’s and Shi Feng’s fleets.

Shortly after, a gigantic, dark-gray warship stopped a short distance from the sailboat Blue Phoenix rode. The Level 58, Tier 2 Ranger standing on this warship’s deck smiled as he looked at Blue Phoenix and said, “Blue Phoenix, long time no see! Although I lost to you in our previous battle, this time, I’ll have you hand over all your ships to me! Or do you want me to slaughter every one of your men before taking your ships? I’m fine either way!”

Blue Phoenix’s expression turned even uglier when she saw this Level 58, Tier 2 Ranger.

The man’s name was Wild Aggression, and he was the commander of one of Miracle’s trump card legions. Recently, Wild Aggression had obtained a sea-based Advanced Legacy. Now, his strength out at sea was far stronger than his strength on land.

His appearance here also meant that their chances of defeating Miracle’s forces this time had become even smaller.

“Since you’re not willing to make a decision, I’ll choose for you.” Sending a glance at the Water Ghost Legion members behind him, Wild Aggression pointed forward and said, “Go! Kill them all! But make sure not to damage my new ships! As for the items they drop, finders keepers!”