Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1925 - - Frightening Numbers

Chapter 1925 – Frightening Numbers

Despite hearing Frost Rain and Chopped Axe’s question, Light Cloud remained completely silent as he stared at the rows of Tier 2 players inside Zero Wing’s Residence.

How is this possible? Is Zero Wing really just equal to a first-rate Guild? This thought echoed continuously in Light Cloud’s mind.

Five hundred Tier 2 players!

To the current first-rate Guilds, this number was beyond impossible to achieve.

Even the Death God Workshop had only a little over 60 Tier 2 players right now. If the Workshop started a fight against Zero Wing, just the numerical advantage alone would let the Guild run roughshod over the Death God Workshop.

In the Fairy Country, although the various first-rate Guilds each had more Tier 2 players than the Death God Workshop, the difference wasn’t much. Hence, the Death God Workshop was not afraid of conducting guerilla warfare against them. Including experts like the eight commanders, the Workshop held a considerable advantage when fighting out in the fields.

However, the methods the Death God Workshop employed against these first-rate Guilds would be absolutely useless against Zero Wing. After all, the disparity in the number of Tier 2 players each organization possessed was nearly tenfold. Even if Zero Wing divided its Tier 2 experts, the Guild could still form sizable groups that would pose a formidable fighting force. Not to mention, unlike the various first-rate Guilds, Zero Wing had experts that could rival the commanders of the Death God Workshop.

If the Death God Workshop really started fighting against Zero Wing in the Fairy Country, even with the home-ground advantage, the Workshop wouldn’t have it easy.

“Frost, Axe, you two stay here with me. Everyone else, return to base,” Light Cloud commanded after giving the matter some more thought.

“Only the three of us are staying behind?” Frost Rain was confused as he looked at Light Cloud. “The chief commander specifically sent these people to help us. If all of them return, what can the three of us possibly achieve here?”

Aside from scouting out Zero Wing’s strength, the chief commander had also implicitly suggested they make trouble for Zero Wing. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dispatched so many Tier 2 experts for a simple reconnaissance operation.

The other Death God Workshop members agreed with Frost Rain’s words. They all expressed their confusion over Light Cloud’s decision, unable to understand why they had to return to base shortly after arriving in Zero Wing City. With their group of Tier 2 experts, they could cause even more destruction than a large Guild’s 1,000-man expert legion.

“Do you know how many Tier 2 experts are currently in Zero Wing’s Residence?” Light Cloud asked as he shifted his gaze to Frost Rain.

“Tier 2 experts? Seeing as this is Zero Wing’s main headquarters, there should be a couple of dozen, I guess?” Frost Rain replied after giving the matter some thought. Currently, even first-rate Guilds had only a little over 100 Tier 2 experts. Meanwhile, having half of this number stationed in the Guild’s main headquarters could already be considered excessive.

“A couple of dozen?” Light Cloud stared at Frost Rain in disdain upon hearing this answer. “If there were only a couple of dozen, do you think I’d order a retreat?”

“Could there be over a hundred?” Chopped Axe asked, somewhat surprised.

“Wrong! It’s 500!” Light Cloud replied as he spread his right hand wide.

“Five hundred? How can that be possible? Isn’t Zero Wing just an equal of first-rate Guilds? Did you see wrong?” Frost Rain instinctively rejected Light Cloud’s statement.

This number was no laughing matter. If Zero Wing really had 500 Tier 2 experts, it could already rival some of the weaker superpowers.

“I wish I had seen wrong,” Light Cloud said, a bitter smile appearing on his face. “However, I have already used my Identification Skill to double-check several times. All 500 of them are indeed Tier 2.”

“Didn’t they say that Zero Wing doesn’t have any backers?” Chopped Axe said, horrified.

If Zero Wing had 500 Tier 2 experts, then taking care of their team of 50 Tier 2 players would be child’s play. Most likely, aside from the three commanders present, everyone else would die if they tried fighting against 500 Tier 2 experts.

She found it truly hard to believe that Ninth Heaven, a second-rate Guild that had no backers whatsoever, had managed to partner up with a titan like Zero Wing. With this, the Death God Workshop really had to consider carefully whether to continue targeting Ninth Heaven or not.

“We’re changing plans. From now on, the three of us will continue scouting out Zero Wing. Try to avoid butting heads with Zero Wing as much as possible,” Light Cloud said. “I’ll also personally report this matter to the chief commander, so everyone else should return to base now.”

Obedient to Light Cloud’s instructions, the other Death God Workshop members scattered and returned to the Fairy Country.

Meanwhile, inside a luxurious mansion in Forest City, Silent Autumn, the Death God Workshop’s chief commander, who was currently holding a meeting with the Workshop’s various commanders, received a report from Light Cloud.

“Five hundred Tier 2 players?” Silent Autumn, who was caressing his beard, froze when he read the contents of the report.

Although he had long since expected Zero Wing to be extraordinary since the Guild dared to intervene in the Death God Workshop’s affairs, he had never thought that the Guild would be extraordinary to such an extent “It seems we’ll have to shelve our plans for the moment”

“Chief Commander, what about our partnership with those people?” the several commanders seated before Silent Autumn asked worriedly. “Those people won’t stop their plans just because of us. If we miss out on this opportunity…”

“There is always money to be made. However, oftentimes, one wrong move could potentially end our lives!” Silent Autumn replied, waving his hand. He still decided to play the spectator in this matter for the moment. “Notify the ones below to maintain a low profile for now. We can also use this opportunity to determine whether Zero Wing has the ability to set foot into our territory. I believe it won’t be long before we find out one way or another. There’s no need for us to grow anxious.”

Meanwhile, inside Zero Wing’s Residence, Shi Feng remained ignorant of the fact that his gathering 500 Tier 2 members to raid Kama Island had prompted the Death God Workshop to abandon the thought of taking revenge on Zero Wing and even some of its development plans.

“Guild Leader, all manpower and resources are gathered. On Thunder Island’s side, the Phoenix Pavilion has already made all the necessary arrangements. We can set off at any time,” Aqua Rose reported as she approached Shi Feng.

Nodding, Shi Feng said, “Alright. Have everyone teleport to Thunder Island now.”

Traveling to Kama Island was not an easy task. The island’s location in the Sea of Death’s inner area meant players would come across many dangers on the way there. Even a small mistake could be fatal. Moreover, although Shi Feng knew that Kama Island housed a Manatite vein, he had very little understanding in regard to everything else. Hence, he needed Phoenix Rain’s forces to guide him there. After all, Phoenix Rain had been operating in the Sea of Death all this time. Her familiarity with the Sea of Death was definitely superior to his. She would help him avoid many unnecessary dangers.

Following which, Zero Wing’s members started teleporting to Thunder Island using a Guild Transfer Scroll.

Upon arriving in the city on Thunder Island, Zero Wing’s members could not help but gasp in shock.

Their reaction was because the city on Thunder Island was like heaven on earth. Not only was the scenery here mesmerizing, but there was also a frightening number of players in the streets of the city. Even imperial capitals could not compete with this city in prosperity. Level 56 players and above could be seen roaming all around. Many players here had even reached Level 58 already.

Even Shi Feng was somewhat surprised by this situation. He had never thought that Thunder Island had already developed to such an extent

Meanwhile, under Blue Phoenix’s guidance, Zero Wing’s members soon arrived at Thunder Island’s harbor. Currently, thousands of speedboats and warships could be seen docked there, the scene simply jaw-dropping.

Just as Blue Phoenix was about to bring Zero Wing’s members to the speedboats she had prepared for the trip to the Sea of Death’s inner area, a Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion member suddenly ran over.

“Big Sis Blue, bad news! The Pavilion Master found the legacy left behind on Savage God Island, but information about it got out somehow, and her team ended up surrounded by Miracle’s forces. Currently, Miracle has already blocked off the entire island. Although we immediately tried to deploy reinforcements, Nine Dragons Emperor’s people are deliberately making trouble for us, preventing us from using the Guild’s warship to save the Pavilion Master.”

“Damn it! Nine Dragons Emperor must’ve leaked the information to Miracle to spoil our plans!” Upon hearing her subordinate’s report, Blue Phoenix could not help but frown in anxiety.

The terrain on Savage God Island was slightly unusual. Players could use neither Return Scrolls nor Instantaneous Movement Scrolls on the island. Meanwhile, entry to the island was possible only by ship. If the entire island was blocked off, the only way out was by carving a path of blood. Meanwhile, the members Phoenix Rain had brought to Savage God Island this time were all experts of the Phoenix Pavilion. Their annihilation would deal a severe blow to the Phoenix Pavilion.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, due to this emergency, I’ll have to postpone our trip for now. I need to quickly organize a fleet and head over to Savage God Island. I hope that you can understand,” Blue Phoenix said anxiously as she looked at Shi Feng.

Something happened on Savage God Island? Shi Feng was startled by Blue Phoenix’s words. As far as he remembered, Savage God Island was not something that should appear at this stage of the game. He nodded and said, “Since the Phoenix Pavilion Master is in trouble, it is only natural to postpone this matter. As allies, is there anything we can do to help?”