Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1923 - Fame Spreading across the Fairy Country

Chapter 1923 – Fame Spreading across the Fairy Country

After the Death God Workshop members’ annihilation, varying expressions appeared on the faces of Ninth Heaven’s and East Crow’s members.

“Big Sis Melody, that Fire Dance is amazing! She actually defeated two of the Death God Workshop’s commanders all by herself! If the rest of the Death God Workshop find out about this, they’ll definitely start keeping a low profile when taking action!” Scarlet Heart exclaimed excitedly as she watched Fire Dance going through the loot dropped by the Death God Workshop members.

The large Guilds operating in the Fairy Country were all powerless to do anything against the Death God Workshop, largely because the Death God Workshop had too many experts. If the Guilds dispatched too small of a team to deal with the Workshop, their teams would simply end up getting the tables turned on them. But if they sent too large of one, their movements would get noticed very easily, making a successful ambush on the Workshop impossible.

Take East Crow for example. Had East Crow dispatched an army of several thousand players instead of just a 500-man team this time, Chopped Axe and Frost Rain’s team would’ve most likely received news about the Guild’s movements and had long since fled to another map. They wouldn’t have given East Crow any opportunity to meet them at all.

At this stage of the game, only a superpower, which possessed plenty of experts and resources, would be capable of putting the Death God Workshop in its place. However, the various superpowers had plenty of territories that they needed capable people to manage. They simply couldn’t afford a protracted battle with the Death God Workshop without hampering their own development As a result, the superpowers had no choice but to ignore the antics of the Death God Workshop so long as the Workshop did not cross their bottom lines.

However, Zero Wing was different from the various superpowers. The Guild possessed experts that were capable of defeating the Death God Workshop’s commanders and also had amazing tracking abilities. Even without expending a large amount of manpower and resources, Zero Wing could deal with the Death God Workshop.

“That’s right! After this battle, the Death God Workshop will most likely keep its head down for some time.” Melody nodded in agreement. She had never imagined that Zero Wing actually had such frightening strength. The strength the Guild had displayed thus far greatly exceeded her expectations. “Quickly spread the news that Zero Wing has already agreed to help Ninth Heaven in combating the Death God Workshop!”

Originally, she had expected Zero Wing to give the Death God Workshop pause, at most, and force the Workshop into a stalemate. If that happened, Ninth Heaven would have room to develop. Everything would be fine so long as the Guild was not pushed to the brink of collapse.

However, the situation was different now. Not only did Zero Wing possess the strength to suppress the Death God Workshop, but Zero Wing also had the ability to ambush the Workshop’s teams. This outcome was far better than what she initially expected.

Once the Death God Workshop learned that Ninth Heaven had partnered with Zero Wing, the Workshop would naturally stop seeking trouble with Ninth Heaven out of fear of Zero Wing.

“I’ll spread the message right away.” Upon hearing Melody’s words, Scarlet Heart immediately understood Melody’s intentions. She also could not help but anticipate the impact the news of the Death God Workshop’s defeat would have on the Fairy Country.

The Death God Workshop was akin to a plague to the Fairy Country. Just the mention of its name would give the various major powers of the country a headache.

Following which, Scarlet Heart compiled the information of the battle and published it on the Fairy Country’s official forums. She also had some of her subordinates talk it up in the country’s various cities.

Meanwhile, Troubled Madness, who stood some distance away from Zero Wing and Ninth Heaven’s group, wore an incredulous expression on his face as he looked at Fire Dance and the others.

“Who are those people? Why haven’t I heard of a Guild named Zero Wing before?” At this moment, an indescribable sense of shock filled Troubled Madness’s heart.

Both Chopped Axe and Frost Rain were monster-like existences, yet, despite working together, they were still no match for Fire Dance. Had Troubled Madness heard about this situation from someone else, he would’ve most likely dismissed their words as a joke. However, having personally witnessed this battle, he had no choice but to believe it.

The final exchange was especially astonishing. He had clearly seen Fire Dance getting killed, yet the female Assassin had still managed to mysteriously appear behind Chopped Axe. This was definitely his first time coming across such a strange situation.

However, unlike Ninth Heaven’s and East Crow’s members, Zero Wing’s members did not feel particularly surprised by the outcome of Fire Dance’s battle with Chopped Axe and Frost Rain. Although Fire Dance did not reveal the details of Thousand Transformations to anyone else, they still knew that Fire Dance possessed the True Illusion Skill, as they had seen it at work while they were out grinding monsters and Bosses. True Illusion granted Fire Dance one additional life, though the Skill could be used only once every 48 hours. Due to this Skill, with the exception of Dungeons, Fire Dance had never truly died even once until now.

Among Zero Wing’s core members, Fire Dance held the nickname of Phoenix due to this Skill, as well as the envy of many players.

“Vice Guild Leader, we just found out some information about Zero Wing. It is an up-and-coming Guild that was established at the start of God’s Domain. Although it doesn’t have any background, its strength is not the slightest bit weaker than a first-rate Guild’s,” one of East Crow’s members reported hurriedly.

“The Guild’s strength rivals a first-rate Guild’s?” Troubled Madness rolled his eyes at his subordinate, feeling that this information was greatly mistaken.

After all, the first-rate Guilds of the Fairy Country were utterly helpless against the Death God Workshop, yet Zero Wing, a Guild capable of dealing with said Workshop, was labeled as a Guild that only rivaled first-rate Guilds?

What did that make the Fairy Country’s five first-rate Guilds, then?

Second-rate Guilds?

Of course, there was also a huge difference between first-rate Guilds. For example, with the combat power Zero Wing had displayed thus far, it should at least be able to rival the best among first-rate Guilds. It definitely wasn’t an existence that ordinary first-rate Guilds like East Crow could compare to.

“Notify your subordinates to look into the relationship between Ninth Heaven and Zero Wing immediately! Also, before we get a clear picture of their relationship, notify everyone in the Guild not to come into conflict with Ninth Heaven’s members!” Troubled Madness instructed.

Although he did not know the full extent of Zero Wing’s strength, based on the experts the Guild had revealed today, Zero Wing definitely wasn’t a Guild to be underestimated. It would not be a laughing matter if these experts of Zero Wing made trouble for East Crow out in the fields.

Meanwhile, on Fire Dance’s side, after they finished going through the loot dropped by the Death God Workshop members, they immediately returned to Forest City to rest. While waiting for the Death God Workshop to make another move, they surveyed the area around the two Shops Melody promised, as well as gained a deeper understanding of Forest City’s situation. This was also one of the tasks Shi Feng had assigned them. After all, as the capital city of a neutral country, its growth potential was limitless. There were also plenty of resources unique to the Fairy Country.

By the time Fire Dance and the others returned to Forest City, Scarlet Heart had long since spread the news of the Death God Workshop’s defeat throughout the Fairy Country.

For a time, the entire country was in an uproar.

“This is a lie, right? That’s the Death God Workshop we’re talking about! How can anyone possibly ambush the Workshop successfully?”

“It’s no lie. There is even a video recording uploaded with the forum post Although the video only shows snippets of the battle, the ones that got defeated are indeed the commanders and members of the Death God Workshop. Moreover, the Death God Workshop hasn’t issued any denials up to now, so it must be true!”

Zero Wing is amazing! It is actually able to ambush and defeat the Death God Workshop’s members!”

“I wonder what kind of Guild Zero Wing is? Why haven’t I heard about it before this incident?”

“It should be a new Guild created by some major corporation. Otherwise, how could it possibly be so strong?”

“I wonder if Zero Wing is recruiting neutral players like us?”

At this point, everyone in the Fairy Country was talking about the Death God Workshop’s defeat and growing curious about Zero Wing’s identity. After all, the Death God Workshop was one of the Fairy Country’s overlords. A Guild capable of suppressing the Workshop definitely wasn’t ordinary.

Zero Wing’s fame quickly spread throughout the Fairy Country.

Meanwhile, inside a luxurious mansion in Forest City…

When Frost Rain entered the reception room of this mansion and saw the gentle, old man sitting on one of the sofas there, his expression immediately tensed up in anxiety.

Meanwhile, standing beside this old man were six people, all of them radiating a frightening aura.

Similar to Frost Rain, these six people were commanders of the Death God Workshop. Only, their internal ranks were much higher than Frost Rain’s.

“You’ve returned?” Sending a glance at Frost Rain, the old man asked calmly, “Well? Out with it. What happened over there?”