Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1922 - - Painful Lesson

Chapter 1922 – Painful Lesson

When the two powerful Skills clashed, an intense shockwave shook the ground and the surrounding players.

At the same time, the ground at the epicenter of the collision shattered and crumbled, a huge crater forming around the two women. Shockingly huge cracks spread out from the crater. There simply was no comparison between this clash and the numerous exchanges the two had before.

As the attacks of Meteoric Annihilation and Water Binding disappeared, Fire Dance’s and Chopped Axe’s figures emerged, standing quietly inside the crater. Although both sides remained completely unscathed, the expressions both women wore were completely different, one of them incomparably excited and the other astonished.

This Assassin actually stopped my strongest Skill? At this moment, Chopped Axe’s complexion turned ashen as she looked at Fire Dance, her earlier sense of ease gone.

Meteoric Annihilation was a Tier 2 Taboo Skill. Combined with her Berserk Skill, she could send even a Grand Lord of the same level stumbling back. She was extremely confident in this move of hers and believed that no player could receive it head-on.

Yet, despite Fire Dance being only an Assassin, not only did the female Assassin manage to stop her attack without receiving any damage, but she had even done so without using Vanish, a well-known Lifesaving Skill of the Assassin class. This was definitely an outcome that Chopped Axe could neither accept nor tolerate.

However, after Chopped Axe’s Skill came to an end, Fire Dance’s Water Binding was still in effect. The Assassin immediately sent water whips at Chopped Axe, one after another, each whip containing Strength surpassing Fire Dance’s own. In the blink of an eye, six whips lashed at Chopped Axe from multiple directions, attacking so fast that the Tigerkin Berserker was forced to use her battle axe to defend herself.

For a time, Chopped Axe actually fell into a disadvantage and could only focus on defending herself.

“Amazing. She is actually suppressing Chopped Axe all by herself?” Melody was filled with an indescribable sense of surprise as she watched the battle between Fire Dance and Chopped Axe. She never thought that Fire Dance was this strong.

Meanwhile, Troubled Madness, who was spectating the battle from afar, was goggling in shock. He simply could not bring himself to believe that Chopped Axe, the person who had freely slaughtered East Crow’s members before, could only focus on defense now.

Moreover, at this moment, Chopped Axe wasn’t the only person at a disadvantage. The other Death God Workshop members were also engaged in a bitter battle with the other Zero Wing members. Despite the Death God Workshop members’ numerical advantage, they were no match for their opponents at all, dying one after another.

Shortly after Fire Dance started suppressing Chopped Axe, the Half-elf Frost Rain finally made his move. After activating his Berserk Skill, he began chanting an incantation and drawing line after line of divine runes.

A moment later, ice swords appeared in the sky one after another, easily numbering more than twenty. These ice swords then descended on Fire Dance. At the same time, a thick wall of dirt formed around the female Assassin, preventing her from escaping the ice swords’ AOE.

Due to the ice swords, Fire Dance gave up on attacking Chopped Axe. Instead, she had her water whips circulate around herself, forming a defensive barrier that kept the ice swords away from herself.

However, Chopped Axe did not idle around during this time, either, continuously swinging her two battle axes against Fire Dance’s water barrier, the might of her axes tearing a gap through it. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Frost Rain redirected some of his ice swords towards this gap.

Despite seeing the approaching attacks, Fire Dance showed no intention of dodging whatsoever. Instead, she brandished Thousand Transformations and struck down the ice swords one after another.

Due to Frost Rain’s participation in the battle, Fire Dance became busy.

“Aren’t you all going to help her?” Melody asked anxiously as she turned to look at Alluring Summer and Violet Cloud, who had not moved at all thus far.

It might have been fine for these two women not to take action before, since Zero Wing’s dozen or so players were more than enough to suppress the 40-plus members of the Death God Workshop. However, now that Chopped Axe and Frost Rain had teamed up to deal with Fire Dance, if Alluring Summer and Violet Cloud still insisted on standing aside, then Fire Dance really would be in trouble.

After all, both Chopped Axe and Frost Rain were commanders in the Death God Workshop. Frost Rain’s combat power was not the least bit inferior to Chopped Axe’s. With the two of them working together, their combat power increased exponentially. The slightest gap in Fire Dance’s defense would get her killed instantly.

However, all Melody’s question did was earn her confused looks from Alluring Summer and Violet Cloud.

“Why should we ruin such a rare opportunity for Fire? Fire is perfecting her techniques right now. Can’t you see how happy she is?”

“But those two are commanders of the Death God Workshop—the strongest experts in the Workshop. Either of them can go up against a legion of 1,000 experts on their own. Even if Fire Dance is stronger than either one, dealing with both at the same time is…”

Melody fell speechless at the serious expressions Alluring Summer and Violet Cloud had. Fire Dance was obviously at a disadvantage right now, forced into constant defense. She would be killed if she made even the smallest mistake. While the loss of EXP might not be a big problem, it would be a huge loss if Chopped Axe or Frost Rain managed to loot the weapon or equipment Fire Dance dropped. After all, the fact that Fire Dance boasted such frightening Strength and speed proved that her weapons and equipment were extraordinary.

“Two commanders from the Death God Workshop?” Violet Cloud giggled involuntarily at Melody’s words. “If four or five commanders went at Big Sis Fire together, this battle might be a little more interesting.”

“Four or five commanders?” This comment stunned Melody. She felt that Violet Cloud was a little too overconfident in Fire Dance’s abilities.

After all, the Death God Workshop was an adventurer team that even Super Guilds chose to ignore. Melody had long heard that every one of the Workshop’s commanders could rival the peak experts of Super Guilds in terms of combat power. Despite that, Violet Cloud was actually saying that Fire Dance could handle four or five of such commanders?

While Melody was conversing with Alluring Summer and Violet Cloud, Chopped Axe’s and Frost Rain’s attacks grew even fiercer.

Frost Rain ceaselessly bombarded Fire Dance with Spells, giving her no chance to catch a breath. Once he noticed a gap in the Assassin’s defense, he would immediately strike at it Meanwhile, Chopped Axe kept creating gaps in Fire Dance’s defense. Occasionally, she even moved into melee range and trade blow for blow with Fire Dance.

After the trio continued this struggle for a short while, Fire Dance’s HP finally started decreasing. Although the Assassin had the protection of her armor, just a graze from Chopped Axe’s battle axes inflicted a heavy impact. Blood was even leaking from her mouth now. Fortunately, the physical injuries she sustained thus far were still not at a point where they would affect her combat power.

Of course, Chopped Axe wasn’t having a good time, either. Trading blows with Fire Dance had opened cuts and cracks on the Berserker’s armor, the impacts so heavy that the Tigerkin would spit out mouthfuls of blood, her HP decreasing by chunks.

That weapon really is amazing. It even cuts through my Dark-Gold armor. Chopped Axe was shocked as she took in her damaged armor. She then turned to look at the distant Frost Rain and said, “We can’t continue like this! Let’s use the combination attack!”

Nodding in response, Frost Rain promptly changed his attack method and started double-speed-casting. Meanwhile, Chopped Axe stored her Epic Battle Axe and gripped the crimson battle axe with both hands. Her dark-gray irises then turned silvery-white as six small magic arrays appeared around her. She then charged straight at Fire Dance.

When Chopped Axe got within fifteen yards of Fire Dance, she suddenly disappeared. In the next moment, six doppelgangers of the female Berserker appeared around Fire Dance, all six leaping into the air and chopping down at the female Assassin. At this time, Frost Rain finished casting his Spells. Immediately, Frost Barriers appeared around Fire Dance one after another, the ground she stood on also giving off a crimson glow as if something was about to spew out from the ground.

Combination Skill, Frostfire Annihilation!

“It’s over…” When Melody saw this scene, she deeply felt death looming over her. Now, she was certain that Alluring Summer and Violet Cloud were overconfident about Fire Dance’s abilities.

“As expected of the famous Death God Workshop. This trip really isn’t a waste.” A touch of joy appeared on Fire Dance’s face when she looked at the Combination Skill her two opponents were executing. She promptly canceled Water Binding and activated the Petrified Thorn’s Petrification Domain.

“Die!” The six Chopped Axes yelled simultaneously just as they were about to hit Fire Dance.

The six doppelgangers possessed 100% of the main body’s Strength. Meanwhile, the axes of all six covered the entire area Fire Dance stood in. When all six axes landed, the power they carried was so great that even space itself showed signs of shattering.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

At the same time as the axes landed, the ground beneath Fire Dance burst apart. A towering pillar of fire emerged from the ground, enveloping Fire Dance completely.

As the fire pillar dissipated, a lava field could be seen replacing the ground Fire Dance originally stood on. Meanwhile, surrounding the lava was an ice field. Seen from afar, this scene was spectacular.

“She’s finally dead?” Chopped Axe heaved a deep sigh of relief when she saw Fire Dance’s corpse starting to disintegrate in the lava field.

The Petrification Domain Fire Dance activated had struck both Frost Rain and Chopped Axe. Although their Combination Skill had mitigated a portion of the damage, they still had very little HP remaining after receiving that attack.

Just as Chopped Axe was about to turn around and leave, a yell suddenly entered her ears.


This voice originated from the distant Frost Rain. However, before Chopped Axe could figure out what was going on, a stinging sensation came from her chest When she looked down, she noticed the tip of a short sword emerging from her chest Meanwhile, this short sword was none other than Fire Dance’s Thousand Transformations.

“How? Weren’t you…” Chopped Axe turned around, her eyes filled with confusion. After all, Fire Dance, who should have been dead, was currently standing right behind her. Moreover, the female Assassin’s HP bar was actually full.

Instead of replying immediately, Fire Dance pulled out Thousand Transformations from Chopped Axe, leaving a fountain of blood to pour out of the female Berserker’s chest As she watched Chopped Axe’s HP plummet, she said in a quiet tone, “Your combination attack really is impressive. You two actually forced me to waste one life.”

When Fire Dance was done speaking, Chopped Axe’s HP zeroed out. The Berserker’s body then collapsed to the ground, a piece of equipment appearing beside her corpse. Meanwhile, upon seeing this scene, Frost Rain hurriedly took out an ancient Magic Scroll from his bag and activated it, destroying the seal on the battlefield and disappearing before everyone’s eyes.

As for the other Death God Workshop members, they all fell into a panic at Chopped Axe and Frost Rain’s defeat. As a result, Zero Wing’s members took only a short while to finish them off.

At this moment, the Death God Workshop, which had been giving the various large Guilds of the Fairy Country a headache all this time, finally sustained a severe loss for the first time in God’s Domain!

Of the two commanders that fought against Zero Wing, one died while the other fled. As for the other 50-plus experts, they suffered annihilation!