Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1920 - Zero Wing VS Death God

Chapter 1920 – Zero Wing VS Death God

As Troubled Madness and the other East Crow members lost their fighting spirit, they started to pull away from the Death God Workshop’s team, trying to avoid the axe-wielding Chopped Axe in particular.

Fear overwhelmed the Guild players.

No matter how they looked at it, this one-sided battle felt like a nightmare.

They were all experts from East Crow, a first-rate Guild, but they were nothing more than powerless children before the Workshop’s players. If they retold this tale in Forest City, no one would believe them.

As neutral race players, their Tier 2 Promotion Quests were more difficult than human players’. Of course, after completing their Tier 2 promotion, their racial traits were boosted, as well. They were even stronger than ordinary Tier 2 classes.

But despite so many Tier 2 players on their team, they had no hope of resisting Chopped Axe. Moreover, the female Berserker hadn’t used a single Skill, relying on her techniques in this battle…

As East Crow’s members retreated, Death God Workshop’s members lost interest in the fight. They didn’t even bother to chase down the Guild players. Instead, they turned and walked toward the temple.

“Vice Guild Leader, what should we do?” a Tier 2 Cleric asked Troubled Madness when he realized that the Workshop’s players were ignoring their Guild.

“There’s nothing we can do. These people are monsters. Chopped Axe, in particular, has the strength of a 1,000-man legion. We have no chance against her. Most likely, only Setting Sun, which is interested in Forest City, can stop them now,” Troubled Madness said as he balled his fists, fear and frustration filling his heart.

Although he was a powerful expert, he could only take on two dozen experts at the same time. Against a 100-man expert team, even he would have to flee. In contrast, Chopped Axe had just rendered a 500 expert team powerless. With such strength, it would take 1,000 experts to defeat the woman.

In other words, Chopped Axe had the strength to single-handedly change the outcome of a battle of several thousand players. be an absolute nightmare in the fields.

Meanwhile, Melody and the other Ninth Heaven members wore grim expressions after watching the battle from their hiding spot in the forest near the temple.

“How can the Death God Workshop have such a powerful expert?” Melody watched Chopped Axe in a daze.

Although the Death God Workshop members her Guild had encountered were impressive, there hadn’t been anyone as strong as Chopped Axe among the group.

East Crow’s experts were much stronger than independent experts, and while independent players would be considered experts after reaching the early-stage of the Trial Tower’s fifth floor, East Crow’s experts had reached the fifth floor’s late- stage at the very least. And still, those experts were helpless against Chopped Axe.

Although she had brought a little over 200 Guild experts with her, these players’ overall strength couldn’t compare to Troubled Madness’s 500-man team. Moreover, Troubled Madness was just as strong as she was…

“So, they’re the Death God Workshop’s members?” Fire Dance asked Melody.

“Mhm. They are.” Melody nodded.

“It seems this trip wasn’t a complete waste of time after all,” Fire Dance said as she watched the group of players approach the mysterious temple. She then turned to her Guildmates and announced, “Alright, time to get to work!”

Saying so, Fire Dance emerged from the grove of trees and approached the players from the Death God Workshop.

“We’re getting to work?”

Cola and the other Zero Wing members grinned before following after Fire Dance.

“What are you doing?!” Melody’s anxiety peaked as she watched Fire Dance and her companions leave their hiding place. “Didn’t you just see how powerful those players are? With our current team, we won’t even serve as a warm-up. We should return and organize a stronger team.”

The Death God Workshop’s commanders were its strongest players. She had assumed that while these commanders might be strong, they shouldn’t be much stronger than the Workshop’s other players, but it seemed that she had been gravely mistaken. Moreover, this Death God Workshop team was lead by two commander-level existences.

When she considered the possibility of the scholarly man, Frost Rain, being as powerful as Chopped Axe, she shuddered. Fighting the two Death God Workshop commanders at the same time would be suicidal.

However, despite Melody’s advice, Fire Dance stepped out of the forest’s cover as if she hadn’t heard Melody at all.

“Guild Leader, what should we do?” Scarlet Heart asked nervously.

“We have no choice; we have to follow them. We are responsible for requesting Zero Wing’s help. We can’t sit here and do nothing while they fight.” Melody sighed as she and her Guild members followed Zero Wing’s team.

The temple’s entrance was an empty clearing, void of any obstructions. The moment Fire Dance and her team appeared, they attracted the attention of East Crow’s members.

“Who are they?”

“Huh? They’re human!”

“Why are humans here?”

East Crow’s members softly discussed the approaching players. Aside from merchant players, human players were rare in the Fairy Country. Naturally, spotting a group of twenty human players would be odd.

Shortly after Zero Wing’s members left the forest, Ninth Heaven’s players revealed themselves. Since Ninth Heaven was a local first-rate Guild, East Crow’s members recognized the expert players, especially Melody.

For a time, a commotion erupted among East crow’s members.

“What is Ninth Heaven’s Guild Leader doing here?”

“Did she come to take revenge for the Death God Workshop’s recent ambush?”

“That shouldn’t be the case, right? Didn’t she see the fight just now? Even with our numbers, we were no match. And she only has around 200 experts with her. With so few players, they won’t even be a warm-up for Chopped Axe.”

“They must’ve missed it. Why else would they make such a foolish move?”

East Crow’s members were shocked as they watched Ninth Heaven’s team approach the Death God Workshop members. They could not figure out what Melody was trying to do.

Troubled Madness agreed that Melody must have lost her mind. Even if she hadn’t seen the battle, she should at least notice the corpses littering the clearing.

“Oh? Aren’t you from Ninth Heaven?” Chopped Axe recognized Melody’s group immediately. Smiling, she asked, “What? You want revenge for the trash we killed just now? Feel free to try! I can use this chance to stretch before going into the temple!”

“Guild Leader Melody, don’t mind Chopped Axe. She is just joking. Don’t’ take her seriously,” Frost Rain, who stood beside Chopped Axe, said, smiling at Melody. “If Ninth Heaven is willing to hand the item over, the Death God Workshop will stop targeting your members. I hope that you have carefully considered the matter.”

“Don’t even think about it! I will never hand it over to you!” Melody growled, rage burning in her gaze.

“It seems Guild Leader Melody still doesn’t understand us. Since you’re here, then, I’ll show you the difference between us personally,” Frost Rain said. Turning to his team members, he said, “Go. Remove these players, but leave Guild Leader Melody alive!”

Hearing Frost Rain’s command, the several dozen Death God Workshop members pounced on Ninth Heaven’s members like wild beasts. They treated the 200-plus experts before them like prey awaiting slaughter.

“Everyone, prepare for battle! Do not fight alone!” Melody said, her expression grim as she glared at the 50-plus players charging towards her.

Although these Death God Workshop members were not as monstrous as Chopped Axe, they were extraordinarily powerful.

She knew from watching the previous battle that they were far stronger than ordinary experts.

Just before the Workshop’s players reached Ninth Heaven’s members, a black-clad figure appeared before one of the Level 57, Tier 2 Guardian Knights leading the charge. This figure then transformed into a shadow as it pierced through the Guardian Knight.

Without time to utter a scream, the Tier 2 Guardian Knight collapsed to the ground, his HP bar drained to nothing.

The Workshop’s players slid to a halt after seeing the shocking attack, turning towards the figure.

“Who are you?” the Death God Workshop members demanded as they watched the figure, afraid.

“I am Zero Wing’s Fire Dance!” Fire Dance introduced herself as she sheathed Thousand Transformations. Sweeping a glance over the Death God Workshop’s members, she calmly stated, “I’m here to bury you!”