Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1918 - Fairy Country

Chapter 1918 – Fairy Country

Once Shi Feng and Melody had signed their contract, Cola and Fire Dance, whom Shi Feng had tasked with leading a 20- man team, followed Melody’s group to Forest City.

When Shi Feng had finished with the situation regarding Ninth Heaven, he selected a few adventurer teams to annex into Zero Wing. These adventurer teams had been relatively powerful during his previous life, although they had yet to reach their full potential. Fortunately, their experts were no weaker than those in large Guilds. They only lacked resources and combat experience.

Among the adventurer teams that had applied, the Purple Thorns Kingdom’s Unbounded had truly surprised Shi Feng. Even now, Unbounded ranked among the top 100 adventurer teams in its kingdom. Stubborn Bone, Unbounded’s commander, had also been quite famous in the past Not only had he developed Unbounded into a top adventurer team, but he had also become a Tier 4 Berserker himself. Unfortunately, due to a lack of equipment, he had never reached Tier 5.

There was also another Unbounded member who had reached Tier 4-the Archlight Sword Emperor, Seven Light!

Although Seven Light had been slightly weaker than Stubborn Bone, the difference hadn’t been related to their technique standards, but due to a lack of proper equipment and weapons.

Meanwhile, due to the fact that Unbounded had two Tier 4 expert members, it had barely qualified as a top adventurer team in the Secret Pavilion’s eyes. Even so, the feat was impressive. After all, top adventurer teams that earned the Secret Pavilion’s recognition could even rival the best second-rate Guilds, with some of the more powerful teams rivaling first-rate Guilds.

Now that Zero Wing had annexed Unbounded, this had guaranteed that Zero Wing would have two more peak experts in the future.

Moreover, since Unbounded had focused its development in the Purple Thorns Kingdom, the adventurer team had established a foundation in the kingdom. After annexing Unbounded, Zero Wing would have more influence in the kingdom, which would, in turn, make it easier to obtain resources unique to the kingdom.

After Shi Feng finished selecting adventurer teams, he made his way to the Candlelight Trading Firm and started to mass- produce All-rounded Devices. He also instructed Melancholic Smile to arrange the production of Advanced Darkness Resistance Potions in preparation for his expedition to Kama Island.

Meanwhile, in the second-floor hall of Zero Wing’s Guild Hall…

When the various adventurer team representatives waiting in the hall saw Aqua Rose, they all could not help but grow nervous.

“After researching your adventurer teams, we have decided that we will only fully welcome the teams on this list For those not listed, Zero Wing will accept a portion of your members,” Aqua Rose said as she passed a list to the various adventurer teams present. “Also, every adventurer team that agrees to join will receive 20 internal member slots in Zero Wing. If you agree to these conditions, you may see me to sign a contract, becoming one of our Guild members.”

Currently, more than 60 adventurer teams were interested in joining Zero Wing, but the Guild could only afford to recruit a limited number of players. If Zero Wing recruited too many, it would only hinder the Guild’s development. Hence, including the adventurer teams Shi Feng had handpicked, Aqua Rose had only decided to allow eleven adventurer teams to join Zero Wing, all of which had relatively strong Tier 2 experts and resources that would be crucial to Zero Wing’s development.

After checking the list, some of the adventurer teams celebrated, while others were frustrated.

“Commander, this is great! Our adventurer team can join Zero Wing as a whole!” Seven Light exclaimed after reading the list. After witnessing Shi Feng’s fight with the Evil Dragon, his desire to join the Guild had grown.

Despite being at a disadvantage in terms of Strength and speed, Shi Feng had relied on his extraordinary techniques to render the Evil Dragon powerless. He had been utterly mesmerized.

When he thought about how he might be able to seek guidance from Shi Feng after joining the Guild, he couldn’t help his excitement.

“Good! For now, I’ll go and apply to form a 1,000-man legion with Zero Wing while you head back and prepare our players to migrate to Zero Wing City. From now on, we’ll operate out of this city!” Stubborn Bone was just as elated.

Even before applying to join Zero Wing, he had heard that Zero Wing offered amazing benefits to its players. When he had stepped into Zero Wing’s Residence, he had learned that the reality was even better than the rumors.

Not only did Zero Wing’s members have priority when using the Battle Arena’s combat rooms, but they could also rent advanced combat rooms in exchange for GCPs. As long as they had enough GCPs, they could even learn all kinds of combat techniques.

However, what surprised him the most was Zero Wing’s Guild Warehouse. There were even Level 55 and 60 Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment available for purchase. Of course, Guild members had to have enough GCPs and sufficient status to buy these items. Only core members were allowed access to top-tier items. Even so, elite members could purchase Level 55 and 60 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment

Moreover, Zero Wing’s members had a variety of methods to earn money. Not only were a ton of high-ranked quests available in the Guild’s various Residences, but there were also plenty of Guild Transportation Quests available in Silverwing City. These Guild Transportation Quests awarded far better remuneration than the Transportation Firm’s quests for non-Guild members.

With all of these resources, Stubborn Bone even had hope of becoming a peak expert in God’s Domain. However, he wanted to get Unbounded’s member settled in Zero Wing City first. Then, he would do everything he could to raise his position in the Guild; he could only secure more resources to grow by doing so.

All of the adventurer teams that joined Zero Wing would start as normal members, and commanders were no exception.

Meanwhile, in the Fairy Country, a neutral map far away from Star-Moon kingdom… Under Melody’s lead, Cola and the others finally arrived at the Fairy Country’s Forest City.

“This place is so prosperous! It seems like there are so many more players here than in Star-Moon City!” Shadow Sword was

a little surprised to see Half-beastmen and Half-elves filling the streets. Fire Dance and the others nodded in agreement.

In their opinion, very few players should choose to play as a neutral race, but Forest City’s streets were packed. Moreover, all of these players were very high-leveled, with most having passed Level 55. Many of them had even reached Level 57, which only expert players could do at this stage of the game. In fact, Forest City likely had more Level 57 players than Zero Wing City.

“Forest City is the Fairy Country’s capital. One-third of the country’s Half-beastmen and Half-elves are here. Although it can’t compare to an empire’s imperial capital, it’s more prosperous than an ordinary kingdom’s capital. Fairy Country is a hub for players seeking individual strength. Players come here from various kingdoms and empires. If you gather all these players in a single location, it is only natural that you’d get a frightening number. Moreover, more players continue to flood into the city. This is why so many large Guilds have set their sights on the Fairy Country. Some Guilds have even converted all of their players into neutral races,” Melody explained. “There are as many as five first-rate Guilds operating in Forest City, and everyone is competing over the position as the city’s overlord.”

“Five first-rate Guilds are competing over this city?” Fire Dance was astonished.

During the game’s early stages, the competition in Star-Moon Kingdom had been intense, but only three first-rate Guilds had participated. However, five first-rate Guilds fought over this single NPC city.

Of course, Fire Dance recognized Forest City’s value.

Not long after Melody introduced Fire Dance and her team to the mesmerizing Forest City, she received a message. As she read it, Melody’s expression darkened.

“Has something happened?” Fire Dance asked when she noticed the change.

“I’ve just received a report stating that the Death God Workshop has taken action yet again. Just some time ago, the Workshop ambushed one of our 1,000-man teams while it raided a Field Boss,” Melody said grimly.

“The Death God Workshop?” Hearing Melody’s words, a joyful smile lit up Fire Dance’s Face as she asked, “Can you take us there now?”

“Now?” Melody was stunned for a moment. “We’re pretty far from the ambush site. By the time we arrive, they will be gone. Moreover, the Death God Workshop only dispatched a 100-man team this time, and every member is an expert. With just the 20 of you, I’m afraid that…”

“It’s fine. Just lead us there to take a look,” Fire Dance gently demanded with a calm smile.