Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1917 - Forest City Transaction Zero Wing City, Zero Wing’s Residence

Chapter 1917 – Forest City Transaction Zero Wing City, Zero Wing’s Residence

A large number of players crowded around the Residence’s entrance, applying to join Zero Wing. Many of these players were well-equipped, high-level experts, and quite a few were Tier 2 players.

This scene surprised many passersby.

Tier 2 was currently the symbol of an expert. Even players that had only completed the Normal Mode Promotion Quest were considered experts. After all, the Tier 2 Promotion Quest was not easy to clear. It was impossible without reaching a certain standard.

However, compared to the Tier 2 players outside of the Residence, the adventurer teams in line truly dumbfounded the nearby spectators.

Every adventurer team entering Zero Wing’s Residence possessed a certain degree of fame. Moreover, all of the teams’ representatives wore excellent equipment, with a few wearing Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment. There were also plenty of Tier 2 experts among these adventurer teams, and unlike the independent Tier 2 experts in line, the weakest among these adventurer team experts had completed the Hard Mode Promotion Quest. They had far more potential than the experts that had only completed the Normal Mode Quest

“With so many adventurer teams seeking to join Zero Wing, Zero Wing’s strength will quickly and significantly increase.”

“Amazing! I’ve seen more than 20 adventurer teams entering the Residence thus far! Combined, these adventurer teams have even more overall combat power than third-rate Guilds! Hopefully, Zero Wing doesn’t accept too many. Otherwise, independent players like us will have a much slimmer chance of joining the Guild.”

The independent players in line were excited and worried as they watched the various adventurer teams following after Zero Wing’s representatives.

Now that Zero Wing City had revealed its powerful defenses, countless players wanted to develop in the city. Zero Wing’s future was clear. Even if the Guild lost its position in the Ore Empire, it’s standing in Star-Moon Kingdom would be unshakable. To the general populace, Zero Wing was even stronger than a first-rate Guild that occupied two or three kingdoms.

A first-rate Guild that occupied two or three kingdoms might have a lot of resources, but its development couldn’t be considered stable. There was still a very high chance that other Guilds would steal its resources.

However, that was not the case for Zero Wing. As long as Zero Wing City stood, the Guild’s position in the kingdom would remain stable. With how powerful Zero Wing City’s defenses were, it was very hard to imagine any power capturing or destroying the city.

Even if a power were capable of doing so, it wouldn’t likely be interested in a backwater country like Star-Moon Kingdom. They’d definitely set their sights on better territories.

While the crowd outside of the Residence discussed Zero Wing’s future, two women emerged from the Residence. The moment these two women appeared, the crowd outside went into an uproar.

This reaction wasn’t due to the women’s peerless beauty, but because of the Guild Emblems pinned to their armor. Not only did they wear Mysterious-Iron Guild Emblems, but the emblems also radiated a dark-purple glow.

In Zero Wing, normal members didn’t wear glowing Guild Emblems. Players would only get a glowing emblem once they became one of the Guild’s elites, their emblem emitting a light-blue glow. The Guild’s core members wore Guild Emblems that gave off a light purple glow. Only the players who ranked in the top ten of their class would wear a dark-purple glowing emblem.

Zero Wing’s class rankings were determined by one’s contribution to the Guild and their combat power. Hence, the rankings were an incredibly reliable method of spotting an expert.

The fact that these two women wore dark-purple glowing Guild Emblems meant that they both had extremely high positions in Zero Wing.

These two women were none other than Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo.

When Melody saw the commotion Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo caused just with their appearance alone, she could not help but marvel at the situation.

She had only become acquainted with Thoughtful Rain after helping the woman in a neutral map. She had recognized Thoughtful Rain’s strength and had thought of poaching the woman into Ninth Heaven. However, looking at it now, she found the idea laughable.

“Rain, what did your Guild Leader say?” Melody anxiously asked as the woman approached.

“Big Sis Melody, don’t worry. I’ve already talked to the Guild Leader. He says he is willing to hear you out,” Thoughtful Rain said, smiling. “The Guild Leader is waiting for you in his office right now. I’ll bring you to him.”

“Your Guild Leader is willing to talk?” Melody released a sigh of relief.

Now that she understood how powerful Zero Wing was, she knew that it would be very difficult to secure a meeting with its Guild Leader, especially since her Guild was merely an up-and-coming second-rate Guild.

Before seeking Thoughtful Rain’s help, she had sought aid from several first-rate Guilds, but when they had learned that her request was related to the Death God Workshop, they had even refused to meet with her, much less negotiate. Only the Setting Sun Guild had been willing to hear her out.

As the players in line watched, Thoughtful Rain led the Ninth Heaven trio into Zero Wing’s Guild Hall.

The Guild Hall bustled with activity. Many of the Guild’s experts had returned to the Residence in anticipation for the Otherworld Gate’s opening. Currently, over 200 Tier 2 experts loitered around the first-floor hall, stupefying Melody and her companions.

Zero Wing’s Tier 2 experts easily outnumbered Ninth Heaven’s by many times. Moreover, this was only a portion of the Guild’s Tier 2 experts. Even first-rate Guilds paled in comparison to Zero Wing.

After a short moment, the group arrived before the Guild Leader’s office on the Guild Hall’s top floor.

Currently, several dozen Tier 2 experts sat outside of the office, every one of which was Level 56 or higher. These experts were all from the various adventurer teams applying to join Zero Wing. They would all be top-ranked players in any first-rate Guild, but they sat quietly as if waiting for some kind of judgment. The hallway was deathly silent.

However, Thoughtful Rain ignored these people as she led Melody’s group into the Guild Leader’s office.

When Melody and the others entered the office, they felt an oppressive sensation overcome their bodies.

This sensation didn’t originate from Shi Feng, who sat behind an office desk, but from Cola and the others, who stood near their Guild Leader. When they saw Cola and his companions’ levels, Melody’s group was speechless.

Including Cola, four of these people had reached Level 60, while the rest were Level 59. Right now, even the highest leveled player in Forest City was only Level 58…

“You’re here. Rain has already told me about your situation. Zero Wing can help you with your problem, but in return, Zero Wing wants two Shops in Forest City’s central district What are your thoughts on this condition?” Shi Feng said when he saw Melody entering the room.

“Two central district Shops?” Melody breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this. She had been afraid that Shi Feng would try to take advantage of their predicament and rip them off, but he had simply asked for one more Shop than she had initially prepared. “That won’t be a problem. However, may I know when Guild Leader Black Flame intends to deal with the matter regarding the Death God Workshop?”

If the situation dragged on for too long, Ninth Heaven’s losses would become increasingly severe. Unfortunately, dealing with an organization like the Death God Workshop wasn’t easy. Preparations had to be made. If Shi Feng could give her a timeframe, she would have an easier time coordinating with his Guild.

“Once we sign a contract. I’ll send Cola’s group with you to Forest City to deal with the issue,” Shi Feng responded.

“Just them?” One-arm Rashomon’s eyes widened in shock when he heard Shi Feng’s plan. Turning to Cola and the others, he could not help but feel that Shi Feng was taking them too lightly. Either that, or he had no idea of the Death God Workshop’s strength.

The Death God Workshop had several hundred members, and every one of them was an expert. Moreover, the Workshop constantly employed hit-and-run tactics, making its movements unpredictable. Stopping the Death God Workshop with only the several players in Cola’s party would be impossible. If the matter had been that simple, Ninth Heaven could’ve resolved it without help.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, the Death God Workshop is quite powerful, adept at using guerilla warfare against Guilds. Even superpowers have to tolerate their antics. With so few people, I’m afraid that…” Melody tried to warn Shi Feng.

“Relax. Cola’s group will be enough. If it isn’t, I’ll find another way to deal with this problem,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “If you have no other concerns, let’s sign the contract.”

Melody could not help but sigh at Shi Feng’s response, but since he had agreed to help, demanding too much wouldn’t benefit her. She could only see how this played out If the problem persisted, Zero Wing would dispatch more experts to deal with the Death God Workshop.