Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1916 - Fame Spreads “The Evil Dragon is dead…”

Chapter 1916 – Fame Spreads “The Evil Dragon is dead…”

“Impossible! That’s a Tier 3 Archaic Species we’re talking about!”

The spectating players gaped at the deep crater in the middle of the street, utterly frozen in shock.

They had thought that their deaths were certain a moment ago, but in the next second, the Evil Dragon, which had been about to release a large-scale destruction Spell, had died. It had been so thoroughly destroyed that not even ashes remained.

“So strong! That attack instantly killed the half-HP Dragon! Big Sis Melody, do you think that Zero Wing launched that attack just now?” Scarlet Heart asked, overcome with shock.

Although the Evil Dragon had lost a lot of HP during its fight against the NPC soldiers, it had over 15,000,000 HP just a second ago. However, when the four-colored light pillar had descended, the Evil Dragon hadn’t even had time to scream before it had been destroyed.

This was the first time she had witnessed such a devastating attack since joining God’s Domain. Not even a Tier 4 large- scale destruction Spell could compare. Such a powerful attack would likely even injure Mythic monsters.

“That’s likely. But Zero Wing City’s defenses truly are terrifying to annihilate a Tier 3 Archaic Species in one hit. I doubt other Guilds have a chance of competing with Zero Wing in the Witch’s Hill now,” Melody said as she marveled at the magic barrier enveloping Zero Wing City.

If Ninth Heaven’s Guild Town were as powerful as Zero Wing City, it wouldn’t have any problems dealing with the Death God Workshop.

When players chose a Guild Town to visit, the most important aspect they took into account was the town’s security. Whether it was independent players or merchant players, nobody wanted to die for no reason, wasting all of the effort they spent on leveling.

Not only did Zero Wing City provide such a comfortable living environment, but its defenses were also immensely powerful. If they had the option, players would definitely choose to operate out of this city.

What was that Spell?! Dark Sickle’s Magic Resistance should’ve been boosted after transforming into an Evil Dragon! How could he have died despite still having over half of his HP?! Wind Hunter’s expression twisted when he saw the crater, void of the Evil Dragon.

Although Dark Sickle was only a member of the second batch of experiments, the Evil God’s Temple had spent a lot of resources on Dark Sickle’s Evil Dragonification.

Now that Dark Sickle was dead, those resources were gone.

This outcome wouldn’t have been so terrible if Dark Sickle had damaged Zero Wing City, but he hadn’t even killed a single player. All Dark Sickle had accomplished was further solidifying the public’s confidence in this city, which was the exact opposite of the Evil God’s Temple’s goal…

The various Guild upper echelons watching from a distance were in a similarly gloomy mood.

Not only had Zero Wing City revealed its powerful domain magic array, but it also had command of such a powerful offensive Spell. If any power had still harbored ideas of causing trouble in this city, they’d likely abandon the idea after today’s display.

“I have to report this to the Guild Leader right away.”

“Zero Wing City actually has such frightening defensive measures. It seems that we’ll need to alter our plans and give up on the idea of harassing the city. We’ll have to build a Guild Town in the Witch’s Hill as soon as possible if we hope to compete with Zero Wing City.”

After this battle, the various Guild upper echelons promptly reported to their respective superiors. They suggested that their Guilds shift their focus to constructing a town in the map as soon as they could and avoid interfering with Zero Wing City’s operations.

If even a Tier 3 Archaic Species failed to cause trouble in the city, their Guilds’ attempts would be an utter joke.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng, standing some distance away from the new crater, wasn’t surprised in the least that Dark Sickle had died so quickly. Immediately, he instructed some of his NPCs to repair the damaged street and disperse the crowd, quickly ending this farce.

The Four Towers of Elements could even threaten a Tier 5 being, much less a Tier 3 Evil Dragon. This was also why he had stationed the Magic King in Silverwing Town instead of Zero Wing City.

Once the lively central district had returned to its former state, Shi Feng called up Zero Wing City’s system interface and selected ten Tier 2 NPC soldiers with the most potential. He then armed them with the Bronze War God Emblems.

Although the Bronze War God Emblem’s effects would not help these Tier 2 NPC soldiers reach the Tier 3 standard, it pushed them quite close to it. Even if a Level 80 Grand Lord came to cause trouble, a patrol squad with one of these pseudo- Tier 3 NPCs could keep the creature busy until other squads arrived with the Four Towers of Elements’ Elemental Suppression.

If possible, Shi Feng preferred to avoid using Elemental Bust. After all, the Tier 4 Curse cost 2,000 Magic Crystals each time it activated. It was a considerable expenditure to Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, news of the commotion in Zero Wing City quickly spread throughout Star-Moon Kingdom. Players bombarded the kingdom’s forums with discussions about the event.

Tier 3 Evil Dragon appears in Zero Wing City!

Tier 3 Archaic Species gets instant-killed!

The various discussions on the forums brought Zero Wing City into a new light for the kingdom’s players. Some independent players and adventurer teams, who hadn’t been particularly interested in the city, decided to shift their base of operations to Zero Wing City.

In God’s Domain, NPC cities were the safest locations for player residences. Hence, many players preferred to develop in NPC cities that lacked resources rather than in cities with abundant resources and lacking security. After all, the cost of death was simply too high. They would rather level up at a slower pace than take such a risk.

However, the situation had changed.

Since Zero Wing City could even instant-kill a Tier 3 Archaic Species, it was more than capable of doing the same for current players. If any player dared to cause trouble in the city, they’d suffer a similar fate as the Evil Dragon.

One could say that Zero Wing City was now even safer than an ordinary NPC city. It also provided many benefits and occupied a resource-rich area.

For a time, a large number of players in Star-Moon Kingdom started to migrate to Zero Wing City, awaiting the Otherworld Gate’s activation. In less than half an hour, Zero Wing City’s player population had reached 10,000,000. Although many more players tried to enter the city, it had reached its maximum capacity. If players wished to enter the city, they would have to wait for others to leave it.

Due to this, more than 100 adventurer teams now petitioned to join Zero Wing. Every one of these adventurer teams contacted Aqua Rose in the hopes that she could facilitate their merger, offering resources and Lands that tempted the Zero Wing Vice Guild Leader.

One adventurer team’s resources might not be a match for a large Guild’s, but over a hundred teams combined would have a frightening amount Furthermore, many of the teams applying to join Zero Wing were well-known adventurer teams from Star-Moon Kingdom and other countries. Their resources and Lands were things that Zero Wing severely lacked.

Because of this, Aqua Rose was at a loss, unsure of which adventurer teams to accept into the Guild.

Meanwhile, Melody, Scarlet Heart, and One-arm Rashomon waited at the entrance to Zero Wing’s Guild Residence. As they gazed at the many adventurer teams lined up to join the Guild, they couldn’t help their growing nerves.

“Big Sis Melody, with how powerful Zero Wing is right now, do you think Guild Leader Black Flame will accept our request

with the remuneration we plan to offer?” Scarlet Heart asked nervously as she looked at the Tier 2 experts of the various adventurer teams entering Zero Wing’s Residence.

These well-known adventurer teams all had a lot of resources and Land saved up. Even so, they were still willing to hand everything over to Zero Wing in the hopes of merging their entire adventurer team with the Guild. Compared to what these adventurer teams were offering, the remuneration they had prepared in exchange for Zero Wing’s help with the Death God Workshop was simply…

“I don’t know. We’ll only find out once we’ve started the negotiations,” Melody said, shaking her head. She wasn’t particularly confident about their chances, either. The only thing they could do was rely on their relationship with Thoughtful Rain.