Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1915 - Might of the Four Towers of Elements "He sent the Dragon flying?"

Chapter 1915 – Might of the Four Towers of Elements “He sent the Dragon flying?”

The crowd stared in shock as Shi Feng threw the Evil Dragon backward by over a dozen yards.

A moment ago, Shi Feng had clearly been at a disadvantage, yet he had just sent this intruder flying. Moreover, he had done so with a normal attack…

Damn it! Why does this city have such a powerful domain magic array?! Dark Sickle glared at the magic barrier above the city with a grim expression.

Due to this magic array, his mobility had been reduced by at least half. Moreover, his Basic Attributes had decreased by as much as 40%. This drop in his performance was the reason that Shi Feng had succeeded in throwing him so far with a simple, normal attack.

“A domain magic array! So, this is Zero Wing City’s trump card?”

Although the magic array’s powerful suppression only targeted Dark Sickle, the various Guild upper echelons realized what had happened. The previous exchange’s unexpected outcome hadn’t been a result of Shi Feng’s strength. Rather, it had been because the magic array, which had abruptly appeared above the city, had drastically weakened Dark Sickle. The magic array must be particularly powerful since an ordinary array wouldn’t be enough to suppress a Tier 3 Archaic Species to this extent.

After Shi Feng repulsed Dark Sickle, the 20 NPC soldiers moved to surround him. They had no problems suppressing Dark Sickle now, dealing over -100,000 damage with each attack.

No matter how much Dark Sickle struggled, he couldn’t break free from the NPCs’ encirclement. He couldn’t even get close to any of the surrounding players, much less kill them.

“How is this possible?” Wind Hunter, who watched from a safe distance, frowned.

He hadn’t expected Zero Wing City to possess such powerful defenses. Not only did the city possess a defensive magic array, but it was also a domain magic array.

He had used a precious disguise tool to sneak Dark Sickle into the city, yet his efforts had gone to waste. Now, Dark Sickle couldn’t even manage to kill a single ordinary player, much less the two Unbounded members. If this battle continued, Dark Sickle would be the only player to die.

“Boss Wind, more NPCs are gathering to my location. I can’t hold on at this rate. If I’m going to cause any damage to Zero Wing City, I’m afraid that I’ll have to use that move,” Dark Sickle contacted Wind Hunter while defending himself against the NPC soldiers.

His Evil Dragonification was far different from the first attempts. Not only did had it granted him a level boost, but he could also use an Overtier Spell while in his Evil Dragon form.

However, this Overtier Spell was still one of the Evil God’s Temple’s secrets. He couldn’t reveal it to the public unless absolutely necessary.

Yet, he could only deal a significant blow to Zero Wing City if he used this Overtier Spell now. The Tier 3 Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll he had prepared was his only other option of escape.

After giving the matter some thought, Wind Hunter gnashed his teeth and reluctantly agreed, “Use it! Although this will expose the Evil Dragon’s true strength earlier than planned, it is better than leaving the city without accomplishing anything!”

Dust Edge had warned him that the Evil Dragonification process was still incomplete, and as a result, casting its Overtier Spell would require a heavy price. If Dark Sickle used the Overtier Spell now, it might even cancel his Evil Dragonification.

But he couldn’t care less right now. If they escaped without accomplishing anything in Zero Wing City, the Evil God’s Temple would be a laughingstock, and Zero Wing would become even more famous.

Once he had permission to use the Overtier Spell, Dark Sickle’s worries vanished. Now, he was overcome with mad excitement.

“Black Flame, I’ll show you the true price of defying me!” Dark Sickle snarled as he glared at Shi Feng, ignoring the surrounding NPCs’ attacks. Suddenly, the Evil Energy around his body skyrocketed, and his aura intensified.

Twelve pitch-black magic arrays manifested around Dark Sickle, each opening a hole in space as a flood of Evil Energy poured out and into Dark Sickle’s draconic form. A ball of black light them formed before the Evil Dragon, gradually expanding.

Tier 4 Overtier Spell, Evil Energy Burst!

When cast, this Spell would absorb Evil Energy from other planes and deal devastating damage to a 300-yard radius.

With how crowded Zero Wing City’s central district currently was, such an AOE would devour several thousand players.

“Crap! That Evil Dragon is trying to use a large-scale destruction Spell! We need to get out of here!” Melody’s expression darkened as destructive energy filled Dark Sickle’s surroundings.

All of the spectating magical class players could feel the large-scale destruction Spell Dark Sickle was preparing to cast. They immediately turned and tried to flee.

“Running?” Dark Sickle sneered at the fleeing players. “I can collect all the energy I need in two more seconds. Do you think you can run 300 yards that quickly?”

Hearing Dark Sickle’s taunt, the fleeing players despaired.

“Damned lunatic!”

“We’re only visiting Zero Wing City, yet you’re attacking us, too?!”

“Evil God’s Temple, just you wait! I won’t let you get away with this!”

The spectating players realized that escape was impossible. Aside from the NPCs and players with Invulnerability Skills, all of these players would likely die…

“Hahaha! Excellent! The Evil God’s Temple has done a good job this time! I can’t wait to see who would dare develop in Zero Wing City after today!”

“The Evil God’s Temple is ruthless, attacking Zero Wing City so soon after Zero Wing attacked Ancient Rock City. It seems Zero Wing will have a hard time developing further.”

The various Guild upper echelons watching from a distance laughed as Dark Sickle prepared his large-scale destruction Spell.

Not only had the Evil God’s Temple managed to sneak an Evil Dragon into Zero Wing City, but the Evil Dragon in question could also cast a large-scale destruction Spell. After this, no player would feel safe visiting Zero Wing City in the future. Meanwhile, this situation would grant their Guilds an opportunity to develop in the Witch’s Hill.

“Die!” Dark Sickle bellowed, madness filling his eyes as he glared at Shi Feng, who stood unmoving before the two Unbounded members.

Suddenly, the pitch-black light ball before the Evil Dragon rapidly expanded. Like a black hole that devoured everything, the light ball all in its path with Evil Energy.

“Even Elemental Suppression is useless?” A cold glint flashed in Shi Feng’s eyes as he stared at the expanding ball of light. “What about this, then?”

Saying so, Shi Feng activated the Four Towers of Elements’ second killing move.

Tier 4 Curse, Elemental Burst!

The Four Towers of Elements were one of God’s Domain’s peak defensive structures. Even after ten years in the game, the various Super Guilds had continued to protect their cities with the Four Towers of Elements due to their three killing moves.

Elemental Suppression, a domain magic array that drastically weakened enemies’ combat powers, both in and outside of the city, was the towers’ first move.

The second move was Elemental Burst, a Tier 4 Curse that rivaled a Tier 5 Spell. Even Tier 5 existences would not dare to take this move head-on.

The third move was Elemental Seal, a Spell that even Tier 5 beings were afraid of. Of course, unlike the first two moves, which only required a small number of Magic Crystals, activating Elemental Seal required Mana Stones.

As Shi Feng activated Elemental Burst, a four-colored beam descended from the magic array above Zero Wing City, slamming into Dark Sickle and the black light ball before him. By the time the light faded, only an empty crater, over ten meters deep, remained…