Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1914 - Elemental Oppression

Chapter 1914 – Elemental Oppression

When Shi Feng fell silent, the crowd couldn’t help but grow nervous.

They hadn’t expected Shi Feng to ignore Dark Sickle’s threat.

The Evil Dragon was a Level 62, Tier 3 Archaic Species. If Dark Sickle truly intended to cause trouble, they had no doubt that they’d be the first to get dragged into the mess. Even if the city’s NPC soldiers arrived to deal with this player, it wouldn’t stop Dark Sickle from slaughtering the spectators. Unlike monsters, players couldn’t be aggroed. Dark Sickle could simply ignore the NPCs and massacre players as he wished.

With how powerful the Evil Dragon’s attacks were, most players would die in one hit; only those with Invulnerability Skills might survive.

They were merely bystanders. It was unreasonable for them to get dragged into this.

When Dark Sickle heard Shi Feng’s response, he was stunned. He hadn’t expected that.

“Good! You’ve forced my hand!” Dark Sickle bellowed as he glared at Shi Feng. “Let me see whether or not you are worthy of your title as the Sword King!”

Dark Sickle flapped his wings, his massive body transforming into a gale that swept toward Shi Feng.

The wind storm was so powerful that it blew the surrounding players off their feet. Even the Tier 2 players barely kept their footing.

It took only an instant for Dark Sickle to cross the 20 yards between him and Shi Feng. As he arrived before the Swordsman, he swung his claw at the man. As Stubborn Bone, who stood behind Shi Feng, felt the attack’s intense pressure, he felt his body grow heavy.

However, despite the approaching attack, Shi Feng made no attempt to dodge. Instead, his body lit with a golden light as he countered the attack with a swing of Killing Ray.


With the sound of an explosion, the marble under Shi Feng’s feet cracked. As the powerful storm subsided, and everyone could reopen their eyes, the unbelievable scene before them left them astounded.

Shi Feng’s longsword had actually stopped the Evil Dragon’s gigantic claw…

“He blocked it?” Everyone was shocked when they saw that Shi Feng had only taken a few steps back after receiving the attack.

Everyone had a very clear understanding of the Evil Dragon’s Strength. Moreover, the creature was ridiculously fast. Current players had no hope against this Evil Dragon.

Yet, Shi Feng had stopped its attack.

“So what if you blocked a casual strike? I wonder how long you can keep it up!” Dark Sickle sneered. Although Shi Feng had blocked his attack, he knew that both his Strength and speed were superior to Shi Feng’s. Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s Berserk Skill had a limited duration, and he hadn’t even gotten serious, yet.

Dark Sickle proceeded to brandish his claws, sending countless afterimages flying at Shi Feng.

When the crowd saw the innumerable afterimages, they were momentarily stunned. If they were in Shi Feng’s position, they wouldn’t have any way to nullify the attack. They had never thought that a player-controlled monster would be so horrifically powerful.

Unlike players, monsters couldn’t fully exhibit their combat power, and they couldn’t execute rapid chain attacks, which was why players had a chance of defeating them.

But as these players watched the Evil Dragon’s attacks, they were overcome with despair, instinctively giving up on any form of resistance.

“Finally getting serious?” Shi Feng wasn’t particularly surprised to see the approaching afterimages. Immediately, he unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and brandished both swords.

Purgatory Pentaslash!

Shadow Blade!

One sword light after another flew from Shi Feng’s hands and clashed with the claw afterimages, sparks and sounds of explosions filling the air.

The exchanges between Shi Feng and Dark Sickle were so fast that not even the surrounding Tier 2 experts could discern what was happening. They could only hear the booms as a strong wind pushed against them.

“Too strong! Black Flame can actually fight that powerful Evil Dragon to a standstill? Is he really a player?”

An indescribable shock filled the spectators as they watched the showdown between a human and a Dragon.

As for Dark Sickle, the more he fought, the more frightened he became. He clearly had the advantage when it came to Strength and speed, yet Shi Feng’s swords always deflected his attacks as the Swordsman employed an impeccable defense and only lost a small amount of HP from each clash. Even after more than ten seconds, Shi Feng hadn’t even lost 10% of his HP.

“Big Sis Melody, Black Flame is ridiculously strong! He can actually face-off against a player with the strength of a Tier 3

Archaic Species. If Black Flame is willing to help us, we might be able to resolve the matter with the Death God Workshop,”

She was breathless, yet Shi Feng’s breathing remained steady despite such an intense battle.

“Black Flame is quite powerful, but at the end of the day, he’s still using a Berserk Skill. He can’t keep this up for long. Once his Skill’s duration is over, he won’t be able to stop the Evil Dragon. We should leave quickly,” One-arm Rashomon said worriedly.

“There’s no need to be afraid. We’re in a Guild City. There are plenty of NPC soldiers nearby. That Evil Dragon can’t keep fighting for long, either,” Melody said as she turned to look at Zero Wing City’s NPC soldiers, who had just arrived.

The first NPC soldiers to arrive were a 20-man patrol squad, and every soldier was a Level 80, Tier 2 NPC. Upon arriving, the NPCs attacked Dark Sickle without hesitation.

As these Tier 2 NPCs received an Attribute boost from the city’s core magic array, their Strength could rival Great Lords of the same level.

Due to the NPC soldiers’ participation, Shi Feng’s situation turned for the better. One of the Tier 2 Cleric NPCs immediately cast Recovery on Shi Feng, granting him an HoT buff. Meanwhile, several MTs carrying shields quickly formed a defensive wall before Shi Feng, severely hindering the Evil Dragon’s attacks, while several ranged NPCs bombarded Dark Sickle with attacks, depleting the Evil Dragon’s HP by tens of thousands.

Although Dark Sickle still had the upper-hand, it was only a matter of time before his HP was whittled down to nothing.

“Black Flame, I have underestimated you, but you still can’t stop me if I target other players!” When Dark Sickle saw the growing NPC crowd around him, he realized that continuing his fight with Shi Feng would be detrimental. He then shifted his gaze to Unbounded’s two members, sneering as he said, “I’ll show you the price of angering me!”

After saying so, Dark Sickle flapped his wings and dashed towards Stubborn Bone and the Swordsman youth.

Since his Strength and speed were so much greater than Shi Feng and the Tier 2 NPC soldiers’, it only took him a second to shake them off and reach the Unbounded duo.

“Elemental Oppression!” Shi Feng shouted.

Suddenly, a beam of light shot up from each of the Four Towers of Elements, located in Zero Wing City’s four corners. A colossal magic array enveloped the city from above, freezing space within the city’s walls. Every player in the city felt their bodies become indescribably heavy.

As for Dark Sickle, it felt as if his body had been submerged in a pool of water. Now, it took a lot more effort to move his claws, decreasing his Attack Speed by more than 50%.

After activating Elemental Oppression, Shi Feng used Instant Strike to appear before Dark Sickle. He then swung Killing Ray at the Evil Dragon’s descending claw.


After repelling the attack, Shi Feng thrust the Abyssal Blade towards Dark Sickle. Although the Evil Dragon saw the attack and tried to intercept it with his other claw, he was simply too slow to keep up with Shi Feng’s strike.

Suddenly, Dark Sickle felt pain in his chest before his body was thrown backward, the attack’s outcome surprising him.