Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1913 - Commotion at Zero Wing On the crowded street...

Chapter 1913 – Commotion at Zero Wing On the crowded street…

When the two Unbounded members saw the Evil Dragon crash into the ground some distance away, they were dazed for a short moment, failing to process what had just happened.

“What’s going on?”

“We didn’t die?”

Stubborn Bone, Unbounded’s commander, stared at the small crater a little over a dozen yards away from him and the Evil Dragon lying in it with a befuddled expression. A second ago, he had heard the Evil Dragon state its intent to kill him and his companion. When the creature’s claw attack had descended on them, he had known their deaths were sealed. The attack had been to fast for either of them to keep up with, much less block or dodge.

Yet, after a bright, blue flash, the mighty Evil Dragon had vanished, crashing into the ground some distance away…

Once his mind began to work again, Stubborn Bone spun towards the origin of the blue flash, discovering a cloaked player wielding a blue longsword who was slowly walking towards the Evil Dragon.

Was it him? Stubborn Bone stared at the cloaked player in disbelief. He found it truly hard to believe that an attack from a one-handed sword could send such a powerful and fast Evil Dragon flying.

“Crap! What’s going on? Why is a Dragon in the city?”

“That’s not right, look at the marker above the Dragon’s head! That’s a player’s marker! That Dragon is a player!”

“I think I heard the Dragon say that it was going to kill the adventurer teams that try to join Zero Wing. By the looks of it, the Dragon seems to have some kind of grudge with Zero Wing.”

“But what happened just now? I only saw the Dragon begin its rampage, and before I realized it, the creature had been thrown.”

The players on the street couldn’t help but discuss Dark Sickle’s sudden attack. The situation confused them. When the various major powers’ upper echelons on the street saw the gigantic Evil Dragon, realization dawned on them.

“Isn’t that the Evil God’s Temple’s Evil Dragon?”

“Hahaha! This is interesting! It seems the Evil God’s Temple can no longer sit still after watching Zero Wing City’s rapid development! I wonder how Zero Wing will deal with this problem? This Evil Dragon is clearly much stronger than the ones over at the Dark Witch’s Tower. Even the NPC soldiers should be powerless against it.”

“Good! Keep making trouble! Once Zero Wing City’s fame is ruined, our Guilds will have a better chance of luring the Witch’s Hill’s players later!”

The various Guild upper echelons watched Dark Sickle, who stood back up and seemed mostly unharmed, with anticipation. They hoped that Dark Sickle would cause a large enough commotion in the city that they could take advantage of, attracting more players to the Guild Towns they would build in the near future.

“Who are you? You dare to make an enemy of the Evil God’s Temple?” As Dark Sickle regained his footing, he glared at the cloaked man wielding the blue longsword, his voice echoing throughout the central district as he spoke.

“Zero Wing’s Black Flame!” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he took off his Black Cloak. “Satisfied?”

“You… How?” Dark Sickle’s anger vanished when he saw Shi Feng, and he was abruptly alert.

When the spectators saw Shi Feng’s appearance, they could not help but gape.

“What?! It’s the Sword King?!”

“Lucky! I never thought I would get to meet the legendary Black Flame on my first visit to Zero Wing City!”

“Amazing! I can boast about this when I meet up with my friends later!”

After a moment of silence, the crowd erupted into a round of cheers. Not only was Black Flame’s name known by all in Star- Moon Kingdom, but many players also revered him to a fanatical degree. This Swordsman had been responsible for many miracles in the kingdom, and a large portion of players trying to join Zero Wing did so because of his presence in the Guild.

Why wouldn’t they be excited now that he had shown up in Zero Wing City?

“Damn it, why is Black Flame here?” When the various Guild upper echelons saw Shi Feng, their expressions darkened.

They knew what kind of strength Black Flame possessed. When the man went all-out, he could even stand toe-to-toe with a Mythic monster for a short time. With Black Flame here, the Evil Dragon would likely fail to cause any trouble in Zero Wing City.

“Black Flame?” Stubborn Bone was dazed once more as Shi Feng walked past him.

“Amazing! As expected of the Sword King! Just the mention of his name is enough to make that Dragon panic!” The Swordsman youth beside Stubborn Bone was ecstatic to see Shi Feng, his eyes practically sparkling. After this turn of events, he was even more resolved to join Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, when Melody’s group of three, who had just stepped out of the open-air restaurant opposite of the Candlelight Trading Firm, saw this scene, they could not help but reveal astonished expressions.

“What’s going on? Why are these people so excited?” Scarlet Heart muttered strangely.

Although Shi Feng’s attack had been stunning, it hadn’t been impressive enough to warrant such a crazed reaction from the crowd. After all, the Evil Dragon wasn’t even injured. It had merely lost a few tens of thousands of HP. To the Evil Dragon, who had over 30,000,000 HP, the damage was nothing.

“It’s probably because of Black Flame’s fame in Star-Moon Kingdom,” Melody deduced. She, too, was confused by the spectators’ reactions.

Although some players were very famous, this was the first time she had seen such an exaggerated reaction over an expert player. In fact, when Shi Feng revealed himself, the Evil Dragon, which had bubbled with rage a moment ago, trembled in fear.

“Are you guys not from Star-Moon Kingdom or the neighboring kingdoms?” a Level 56, Tier 1 Assassin, who had overheard Melody and Scarlet Heart’s conversation, asked.

“Mhm. We came from somewhere far away.” Melody nodded, confirming the Assassin’s assumption.

“So, that’s the case. I guess it’s normal that you don’t understand the situation. Black Flame is our kingdom’s publicly acknowledged number one expert. With his strength alone, he caused an army of 10,000 to freeze in fear. There are rumors that he’s actually a humanoid monster or NPC. He even soloed and overpowered a Mythic monster in the Ore Empire. Dealing with Great Lord ranked monsters is a piece of cake for him,” the Assassin explained with a reverential look.

“Soloing a Mythic monster? And he overpowered it? How?” One-arm Rashomon stated in amazement.

Mythic monsters were still invincible to players at this stage of the game. Even peak Tier 2 MTs had an extremely difficult time surviving against Mythic monsters, not to mention overpowering one.

“So, it’s Guild Leader Black Flame! The Evil God’s Temple has a grudge against these two. I am simply here to teach them a lesson. This matter does not concern Zero Wing. Once I finish these two off, I’ll leave the city. However, if you try to stop me, don’t blame me for causing a scene!” Dark Sickle said, grinning once he had calmed down.

His previous fear had simply been due to Black Flame’s name. After all, the man was a living legend. He had even slain two Evil Dragon experts at the Dark Witch’s Tower. It was only natural for him to be afraid.

However, when he gave the matter a little more thought, he remembered that he was much stronger than the two Evil Dragons Shi Feng had faced. Although he was only at the Tier 3 Archaic Species standard, he had gained a five-level boost after transforming. Hence, he was now a Level 62, Tier 3 Archaic Species. To monsters, an additional five levels was a massive Attribute boost. With such an advantage, he had no reason to fear Black Flamel.

Moreover, with his combat standard, not even a Tier 4 NPC could stop him quickly if he wanted to cause a ruckus in Zero Wing City, much less a Tier 2 player.

“Sure! Give it a try, if you dare!” Shi Feng growled softly.