Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1912 - Evil Dragon Appears

Chapter 1912 – Evil Dragon Appears

Zero Wing City, Candlelight Trading Firm:

When the system had announced the Otherworld Gate’s activation, a large number of Star-Moon Kingdom’s independent players had flooded Zero Wing City. This also increased the number of players visiting the city’s Candlelight Trading Firm.

Meanwhile, three cloaked players enjoyed a meal and admired the populated street from the second floor of an open-air restaurant opposite of the trading firm.

If one used a high-ranking Identification Skill on these three, they would definitely be surprised. None of these players were human. Among the three, one was a beautiful female Half-elf, one was a female Catkin with cat ears and tail, and one was a male Tigerkin with a powerful, robust body.

All three were members of the Ninth Heaven Guild, with the female Half-elf being Melody, Ninth Heaven’s Guild Leader.

“Big Sis Melody, this city is so prosperous, even more so than our Forest City. I can see more than 100 Tier 2 experts from here,” the Catkin, Scarlet Heart, said, watching the sea of players downstairs with a shocked expression.

“Indeed. I never thought that a kingdom’s Guild City could develop to this extent.” Melody was similarly surprised by the number of Tier 2 experts roaming the street below.

Before coming to Star-Moon Kingdom, she had specifically asked Thoughtful Rain about Zero Wing’s current state of affairs.

However, she couldn’t believe Thoughtful Rain’s reply. Thoughtful Rain had mentioned that Zero Wing City’s player population had already reached 5,000,000, and experts were a common sight in the city. Moreover, Zero Wing City had many rare items for sale. Based on these descriptions, Zero Wing City sounded no less successful than Forest City. How could that possibly be true?

However, when she had arrived in the city, she discovered that it was far more well-off than Thoughtful Rain had described.

In Zero Wing City, expert players were as common as ordinary players, and plenty of Tier 2 experts wandered the city streets.

Tier 2 experts were very rare, even in Forest City. Even Ninth Heaven, which was almost as powerful as a first-rate Guild, had only nurtured around 30 Tier 2 experts thus far. However, the number of Tier 2 experts on the street outside of the restaurant already outnumbered Ninth Heaven’s…

If even Zero Wing City was so popular, she couldn’t imagine how strong Zero Wing had already become.

“Guild Leader, although Zero Wing is stronger than we expected, I doubt it can help our Guild. Our current opponent is the legendary Death God Workshop. The Death God Workshop has even provoked Super Guilds before, and none of them could do anything about it, closing an eye to the workshop’s transgressions,” the Tigerkin named One-arm Rashomon said worriedly. “On the other hand, the Setting Sun Guild is more reliable. Moreover, Guild Leader, your family has a close relationship with Setting Sun’s Guild Leader. Whether it is for profit or that relationship, Setting Sun will go all-out to help our Guild. In addition, the Death God Workshop would, more or less, fear of the strength of a recently-promoted super-first- rate Guild like Setting Sun and might give up on targeting us.”

“Stop. While Setting Sun might be stronger than Zero Wing, Setting Sun’s condition requires Ninth Heaven to become its subordinate. I will never agree to that, even if I have to fight the Death God Workshop to the death!” Melody’s voice was frosty.

Her Guild had gone to great lengths to complete the high-ranked quest in the Flame Demon’s Valley and acquired a precious treasure. However, an information leak had informed the Death God Workshop of their new acquisition, and the workshop had attacked Ninth Heaven to steal the treasure.

The Death God Workshop was not a Guild. It was an organized adventurer team. Not only were its movements erratic, but the adventurer team also had its fair share of experts. Moreover, as an adventurer team, the Death God Workshop did not have a permanent base of operations. But Ninth Heaven was different. The Guild had already grown considerably large and secured a permanent base of operations. One could easily imagine the outcome of a struggle between the two organizations. The Death God Workshop always had the initiative in battle.

Moreover, the Death God Workshop also had experts that could even contend with Super Guilds’ peak experts. The workshop’s members had used guerilla tactics against Ninth Heaven’s players, and the Guild had been powerless to stop them.

“Big Sis Melody, it’s almost time. Rain and Blue should have returned to Zero Wing’s Residence by now,” Scarlet Heart said as she checked the time.

“Alright, let’s go.” Taking a look herself, Melody noticed that it was nearly time to meet with Thoughtful Rain. She immediately stood to leave the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Dark Sickle stood on a street corner not far from the Candlelight Trading Firm. He quietly stalked the two Unbounded members. The two members of the adventurer team were utterly unaware of their stalker.

This should be enough people. I should be able to cause quite a commotion. Dark Sickle, who wore a Black Cloak and only had his eyes exposed, licked his lips in anticipation as he observed his surroundings.

The task Wind Hunter had given him was simple. Kill the adventurer team members who had come to join Zero Wing, and kill as many bystanders as possible. This would send a message to every player in Star-Moon Kingdom, teaching them the consequences of joining Zero Wing and proving that they weren’t safe even in a Guild City protected by NPC soldiers.

If he succeeded, not only would the various adventurer teams receive the warning, but all players would realize that Zero Wing City was dangerous, and they could lose their lives at any given moment. This would cripple Zero Wing City’s popularity.

In the past, he might have feared the NPC soldiers patrolling the city streets, but now that he could transform into an Evil Dragon, not even Level 80, Tier 3 NPCs could pose a threat, much less Level 80, Tier 2 NPC soldiers. All he needed to worry about was the kingdom’s army. After all, the NPCs in the kingdom’s army were all above Level 100. Killing him would be a piece of cake for them.

However, he had a Tier 3 Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll on him. If the kingdom’s army arrived before he escaped, he could still leave the area.

“Attack!” Wind Hunter, who watched the two Unbounded members from afar, commanded Dark Sickle through their party chat.

Hearing this, Dark Sickle removed a crimson crystal from his bag and shattered it.

As the crimson crystal shattered, energy flowed into Dark Sickle’s body. In the next moment, the magic circuits drawn on his skin disintegrated as if some seal had been removed.

Once the magic circuits had disintegrated, Dark Sickle howled as his muscles rapidly expanded, his sudden growth tearing his Black Cloak to shreds. When passersby saw Dark Sickle’s growing form, they were dumbfounded.

Before these players could react, Dark Sickle transformed into a ten-meter-tall Evil Dragon.


After completing his transformation, Dark Sickle released a deafening roar, echoing throughout the city’s central district.

“A Dragon?”

“What’s going on? Why has a Dragon suddenly appeared?”

The players on the street panicked when they saw the Evil Dragon. They could feel the threat of death emanating from the creature.

With a flap of his newly-grown wings, Dark Sickle shot into the air above the two Unbounded players.

“Unbounded adventurer team, since you dare attempt to join Zero wing, you will suffer the consequences!” Dark Sickle shouted before swiping at the Swordsman and Berserker with a claw. “Die!”

Both the scholarly Berserker and the Swordsman youth felt powerless against the massive, incoming claw. They had only caught a glimpse of the claw’s afterimage, and the power it contained was so great that space around it had become unstable.

However, just as the Dragon claw was about to strike the two players, everyone saw a blue flash before an agonized cry filled the air. The Evil Dragon flew over a dozen yards backward before crashing heavily into the ground, the impact leaving a crater under the creature. This outcome dumbfounded the surrounding players once more.