Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1911 - War God's Temple Garrisons in Zero Wing City

Chapter 1911 – War God’s Temple Garrisons in Zero Wing City

The city’s development sure is fast. Shi Feng could not help his elation when he heard the system notification.

He had thought that Zero Wing City would need another one or two days to reach a player population of 8,000,000, even with the Otherworld Gate, but only a few afters the gate’s activation had been announced, Zero Wing City had hit the mark.

In God’s Domain, any Guild City with a player population of 8,000,000 would activate the Independent Mode.

When this so-called Independent Mode activated, the city’s NPCs would be liberated, allowing other NPC forces to intervene in the city’s affairs. The buildings these NPC forces set up in the Guild City wouldn’t be subjected to players’ management, which meant that these NPC forces took responsibility for their establishments’ security, stationing their own guards.

Although players would lose management rights over a portion of their Guild City after activating Independent Mode, it would increase the city’s security and convenience.

The War God’s Temple, for example, was one of the strongest NPC forces on the continent of God’s Domain. It had a branch in every NPC city. Once a Guild City had a player population of 8,000,000, the War God’s Temple could no longer ignore it. Thus, the War God’s Temple had decided to garrison in Zero Wing City.

Shi Feng immediately agreed to activate Independent Mode, allowing the various NPC forces to enter Zero Wing City.

After Shi Feng agreed, Zero Wing City’s layout appeared before him. The system requested that he select an area for the War God’s Temple. The selected area had to be within the city’s central district, and there was a strict size requirement. Fortunately, the War God’s Temple would foot the construction fees.

Since the War God’s Temple had decided to garrison in Zero Wing City, the Guild also acquired ten Bronze ranked War God Emblems.

Players couldn’t use the emblems as they were meant for NPC soldiers, and they increased the NPCs’ Attributes and physique by 30% when worn.

After Shi Feng dealt with the War God’s Temple, a towering building suddenly manifested in Zero Wing City’s central district, attracting the attention of nearby players.

“Isn’t that the War God’s Temple?”

“What’s going on? The War God’s Temple has garrisoned in Zero Wing City?”

“Amazing! Zero Wing has actually lured in the War God’s Temple?”

“This is wonderful! I won’t have to head to NPC cities to turn in the temple’s quests anymore!”

Everyone was greatly shocked when they saw the towering War God’s Temple. Almost every player in the game knew about the War God’s Temple. Normally, players would visit the temple when they planned to pick up a quest One reason for this was the items the War God’s Temple offered for purchase. Raising their status with the temple was another reason.

Now that the War God’s Temple occupied Zero Wing City, it would save players plenty of trouble when trying to pick up or turn in quests related to the temple.

“Commander, look! That’s the War God’s Temple! Zero Wing really is amazing! With this, Zero Wing City’s position in the Star-Moon Kingdom has become even more stable. In addition, Zero Wing City is incredibly popular in the kingdom. With such potential and power, we’ll grow a lot stronger if our Unbounded adventurer team joins Zero Wing,” a male Swordsman in silver armor exclaimed to the scholarly, middle-aged man beside him.

“Zero Wing’s development is indeed frightening. Despite starting without any support or background, it has become Star- Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild in such a short time. Now, it has even developed Zero Wing City to such a degree. It’s no wonder why the various superpowers have started to pay attention to the Guild,” the middle-aged man said, gazing at the War God’s Temple in admiration.

As these two men conversed, several experts couldn’t help but glance at them as they passed.

These two men were simply too eye-catching.

One of them was a Level 56, Tier 2 Swordsman, while the other was a Level 57, Tier 2 Berserker. They would definitely be considered peak experts in first-rate Guilds. However, to everyone’s surprise, neither player wore a Guild Emblem. This meant that there was a high chance that these two were independent players. It was extremely difficult for independent players to grow so powerful at this stage of the game, and the amount of effort they must have put in was far more than the various large Guilds’ Tier 2 experts.

“Commander, do you think Zero Wing will refuse our request this time?” the Swordsman asked worriedly.

“I’m not sure,” the scholarly middle-aged man said, shaking his head. “But Unbounded is still a well-known adventurer team in the Purple Thorns Kingdom. Not only do we have nearly a thousand members, but we also have several plots of Land in the kingdom’s important cities. I don’t think Zero Wing will refuse our request.”

Before he had arrived in Zero Wing City, he had been fully confident in his adventurer team’s chances of joining the Guild, but once he had arrived in the city, he had realized that he had severely underestimated Zero Wing. However, after arriving in Zero Wing City, he realized that he had been severely underestimating the current Zero Wing.

At this point, Zero Wing City was even more prosperous than the Purple Thorns Kingdom’s capital. Moreover, as he gazed down the crowded street, most of the players he saw were experts. Tier 2 players were also a common sight…

With how prosperous Zero Wing City was right now, the Guild would have no trouble recruiting expert players. He had also heard that, aside from Unbounded, many well-known adventurer teams had petitioned to join Zero Wing.

Based on his understanding of Zero Wing, the Guild walked the path of the elite. Hence, Zero Wing’s recruitment standards would be quite strict. Although Zero Wing was fully capable of recruiting a large number of players and strengthening the Guild to a frightening degree, Zero Wing had refused to do so. Instead, it had invested more resources in a small number of elite and expert players.

That decision had ensured that Zero Wing’s elite and expert players were far higher-quality than those in first-rate Guilds. Even some of the ordinary superpowers were no match for Zero Wing in this regard. Meanwhile, with so many weH-known adventurer teams applying to join Zero Wing, the Guild naturally wouldn’t accept every adventurer team. The Guild would only recruit the most valuable adventurer teams.

The Swordsman youth’s excitement dampened upon hearing his commander’s reply.

Even before the commander had announced that their adventurer team would attempt to join Zero Wing, he had possessed a deep understanding of the Guild due to the battle between Zero Wing and Beast Emperor’s armies near the Primordial Divine Ruin. While that battle might not have been important to Zero Wing, it had left a deep impression on him, who had only been a Tier 1 Swordsman at the time.

Back then, Black Flame, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, had repelled a Mythic monster with a single attack, shocking the spectating powers. Black Flame’s prowess had even caused thousands of Blackwater’s experts to freeze in fear.

He had never imagined that a Swordsman could be so strong.

Had he not been a member of the Unbounded adventurer team back then, he might’ve applied to join Zero Wing. Hence, when he heard that his commander wanted Unbounded to merge with the Guild, he had been overjoyed. When he heard that his commander intended to visit Zero Wing City to negotiate with the Guild’s upper echelons, he had been the first to apply to join his leader.

“Don’t be so disappointed. Although Unbounded isn’t a top adventurer team, it is one of the top 100 adventurer teams in the Purple Thorns Empire. Moreover, our adventurer team has as many as four Tier 2 players, and all four have cleared the Hard Mode Class-change quest. We have more of an advantage than the other teams that only challenged the Normal Mode Quest,” the middle-aged man said in consolation. “Alright, we should head to Zero Wing’s Residence.”

In response, the Swordsman youth nodded.

Meanwhile, two cloaked players a short distance away stared at the men from Unbounded.

“Sickle, those men are two of your targets. Remember to make as much of a commotion as possible. We need to teach Zero Wing and the other adventurer teams a lesson!” Wind Hunter said, sneering as he gestured to Unbounded’s players.

Understood!” The robust man named Dark Sickle nodded, a hint of excitement flashing in his eyes.