Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1910 - Independent Mode

Chapter 1910 – Independent Mode

Before Shi Feng realized what was going on, he was back in the Million Forest. However, when he heard the system notification, the corners of his mouth twitched.

Two hundred thousand Magic Crystals!

An Inferior Legendary Quest!

Not only was the quest more difficult than he remembered, but it also required an absurd number of Magic Crystals.

Whether it was Guilds or individual players, their Magic Crystal expenditure was continuously increasing. Although there were more Magic Crystal sources as players progressed further into the game, the number they could save up decreased.

The current Zero Wing, in particular, was starving for Magic Crystals. Although Silverwing Town’s teleportation service had increased the town’s Coin income significantly, it devoured Magic Crystals with frightening speed. Right now, the income from Silverwing Town’s Battle Arena barely sustained the Teleportation Device’s consumption.

Moreover, Shi Feng had to spend 20,000 Magic Crystals every seven days to maintain the miniature world in the Ring of Gospel. Otherwise, the Ring of Gospel would crumble and disappear. In addition, Shi Feng himself would receive a backlash, and his physique would permanently weaken by 30%.

At this point, Zero Wing only had a little over 20,000 Magic Crystals to spare.

If God’s Domain’s players had already reached Level 100, even a first-rate Guild could afford a 200,000 Magic Crystal price, but at this stage of the game, not even the various superpowers could likely pay.

Seven days, is it? Shi Feng fell deep into thought. While seven days wasn’t exactly a long time, it wasn’t a very short one, either.

If he sold some Hell Tanks to Unyielding Heart, Phoenix Rain, and Illusory Words, he should be able to gather so many Magic Crystals in time.

However, doing so would rob Zero Wing of its monopoly over the Hell Tanks. Moreover, nobody could guarantee that these Hell Tanks wouldn’t fall into the hands of Zero Wing’s enemies.

Yet, if he did not sell them, he would have an extremely difficult time collecting 200,000 Magic Crystals in seven days.

It seems I’ll have to take down Kama Island right now. No matter how Shi Feng thought about it, the only reliable method he could think of was acquiring Kama Island’s Manatite vein; the other options were too risky. Some options even had the potential of disrupting Zero Wing’s future development.

Although they had accidentally discovered a Source Fire vein in the Flame Demon’s Valley, it’s environment was too harsh for players to endure long-term. Aqua Rose and Melancholic Smile hadn’t even finished the preparations to send people to the mine. Even if they could send people, they wouldn’t be able to send many. After all, Fire Resistance equipment capable of allowing ordinary players to survive in the scorching environment was simply too rare. It was impossible to equip many players adequately.

The Manatite vein on Kama Island was much safer. Players could survive there so long as they had some Darkness Resistance. The problem could easily be dealt with via a Darkness Resistance Potion. Furthermore, the area’s low Mana density wouldn’t affect the mining players’ performance.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng pulled the Abyss Pendant from his bag and used Abyss Teleport He planned to rent a few more hotels and restaurants in the Sea of Trees before setting off for Kama Island.

Meanwhile, inside the Evil God’s Branch Temple in Ancient Rock City…

Several dozen Great Lord ranked Evil Beasts had been locked in a cave filled with bloodlust. They constantly fought, tearing each other apart, and the surviving Evil Beasts would devour any of their comrades that died.

After fighting several minutes, only half of the several dozen Great Lords remained alive. One of the Evil Beasts, which had just finished cannibalizing another, began to transform, its muscles rapidly expanding. The Evil Energy it radiated grew denser, and after several seconds, the Evil Beast had become nearly 20% larger than the other monsters in the cave.

“This Bloodlust Crystal Dark Soul sent is quite impressive. It can actually increase the evolution success rate to Great Lord rank by 15%.” After glancing at the evolving Evil Beast, Beast Emperor turned his attention to the crystal, which emitted its own bloodlust, in his hand with a soft smile.

The partnership between the Evil God’s Temple and Dark Soul had been far more effective than he had expected.

He had thought that Dark Soul would be useful for acquiring materials and sacrificial players for Dust Edge at most. He hadn’t expected the alliance to acquire such a lively Bloodlust Crystal.

As of late, his Evil Beast army had recovered plenty of its lost combat power. Although Bloodlust Crystals could only help Evil Beasts evolve to the Grand Lord rank, he now had far more Grand Lords under his command, and it would reduce the difficulty of nurturing Mythic Evil Beasts.

As long as he had enough Mythic Evil Beasts, he could destroy Silverwing Town, even without Dark Soul and Blackwater’s assistance.

As Beast Emperor rejoiced over his newest Grand Lord ranked Evil Beast, a tall, robust Berserker with a giant axe across his back entered the cave. This was none other than Wind Hunter.

“Boss, we’ve just received news from Star-Moon Kingdom. For some reason, an Otherworld Gate has appeared in the Witch’s Hill. The gate allows passage to an Otherworld. Because of this development, a large number of players have swarmed to Zero Wing City. Some of the Guilds in neighboring kingdoms and empires have also started to make their move,” Wind Hunter reported with a grim expression. “Not only will this incident earn Zero Wing a small fortune, but based on our reports, over 20 well-known adventurer teams have also shown signs of merging with the Guild. Should we send Dark Soul to eliminate a few of these teams and teach the public about the consequences of relying on Zero Wing?”

“Well-known adventurer teams are joining Zero Wing?” Beast Emperor revealed a faint smile “There’s no need to involve Dark Soul. I recall that Dust Edge has conducted another Evil Dragonification experiment, correct? Take him to Zero Wing City to test out his new toy on the adventurer teams. We’ll use this opportunity to warn those teams and ensure that they understand who is strongest in this war!”

“Understood! I’ll ensure that these adventurer teams won’t dare to set foot in Zero Wing City ever again,” Wind Hunter said excitedly.

He had seen the Evil Dragons Dust Edge produced. Although the creatures were incomplete, their combat power was astonishing. He didn’t dare to imagine how powerful the complete Evil Dragons would be.

As long as Dust Edge’s experiments succeeded, the Evil God’s Temple could expand its territory. Moreover, it would be able to do so boldly and without fear.

“Good. Get it done quickly. Don’t let the kingdom’s army capture you.” Beast Emperor nodded.

“Boss, rest assured; by the time the kingdom’s army arrives, the adventurer teams will be long dead!” Wind Hunter said, licking his lips in anticipation.

After Wind Hunter left, Beast Emperor proceeded to release a new batch of Great Lord ranked Evil Beasts into the caver, starting another round of slaughter.

Meanwhile, in Star-Moon Kingdom’s Zero Wing City…

After spending 50,000 Gold to rent another fifteen hotels and restaurants in the Sea of Trees, Shi Feng used a Guild Transfer Scroll and returned to the Guild Residence in Zero Wing City.

When he arrived, Shi Feng left for the Candlelight Trading Firm to prepare for his trip to Kama Island. However, as he reached the street outside of the Residence, he was stunned by what he saw.

The previously desolate central district was now crowded with players, many of which were members of the various large Guilds. At a glance, Shi Feng could spot over a dozen Tier 2 experts wandering the street. This prosperity could even rival an empire’s imperial capital.

As Shi Feng was about to enter the Candlelight Trading Firm, he heard the sound of a system notification.

System: Congratulations! Zero Wing City’s player population has reached 8,000,000. Do you wish to activate Independent Mode and allow the War God’s Temple to garrison the city?