Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1907 - Otherworld Gate Activated

Chapter 1907 – Otherworld Gate Activated

Crimson Emperor’s survivors were stunned as Shi Feng and his team emerged from behind the waterfall.

They had personally experienced the Void Serpent’s strength, and when they had left the cavern, the situation had seemed dismal. Countless Void Creatures had filled the cavern. Even though they had started to carve a path out of the cavern before the situation had taken a turn for the worse, they had lost quite a few people on their way out.

The Void Creatures had only given up the chase once they had left the cavern.

However, no matter how they considered the situation, Shi Feng’s group had far more people alive than when they had left. Moreover, some of Crimson Emperor’s experts were among the group…

Could they have slain the Void Serpent? An unrealistic thought suddenly popped into Illusory Words’s mind. Although she couldn’t believe that they had completed the raid, the scene before her removed any doubt There was no other explanation.

A moment later, Illusory Words began to receive messages from the Crimson Emperor members that had just left the waterfall’s pool.

Since the world behind the waterfall was isolated from the rest of God’s Domain, they hadn’t been able to send messages to their Guildmates after they had been revived. Hence, they had contacted Illusory Words the moment they had emerged, reporting the Void Serpent raid’s outcome.

Meanwhile, aside from the fact that Zero Wing had slain the Void Serpent, the reports mentioned the Void Serpent’s loot and the fact that Zero Wing had sold quite a few items to Unyielding Soul.

So, is that why Unyielding Heart was so adamant about fighting to the end? Illusory Words could not help her bitter smile as she read her subordinates’ messages.

Although she did not know which items Unyielding Soul had purchased from Zero Wing, the Void Serpent was a World Boss. How could any of the items be poor quality?

Zero Wing might not have sold the best weapons and equipment to Unyielding Soul, but even the second-rate items would be a massive harvest for the Guild. At the very least, Unyielding Soul could fortify its main force’s combat power.

“Vice Guild Leader, why don’t we try to purchase some of the Void Serpent’s loot from Zero Wing at a high price? We have, more or less, participated in the raid, and we suffered quite a few losses. Zero Wing will likely agree if we ask,” Dawnmaster suggested softly.

With how powerful the Void Serpent was, its loot would definitely be extraordinary. It might have even dropped a Level 60 top-tier weapons and equipment Any of those items would be far stronger than the weapons and equipment their Guild’s experts currently wore. If they could acquire some for their Guild’s main force, they would have a much easier time raiding the various Level 60, 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons in the future.

“Forget it. Asking will likely be useless. After all, we didn’t propose such a condition like Unyielding Heart,” Illusory Words said, shaking her head. Sighing, she gave Unyielding Heart an envious look, “Unyielding Heart made the right bet this time.’

Although she slightly regretted her earlier decision, this trip hadn’t been fruitless.

At the very least, she now knew that Zero Wing was not as simple as everyone assumed.

Following which, Illusory Words approached Shi Feng and congratulated him and Zero Wing on their success against the World Boss. After some brief pleasantries, Illusory Words shifted the conversation toward the Drunken Tiger Meat and Frozen Bone Soup.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, may I know if you still have any Drunken Tiger Meat and Frozen Bone Soup left? If you do, Crimson Emperor is willing to purchase 1,000 of each dish at 5 Gold per serving,” Illusory Words offered.

While she had given up on acquiring any of the Void Serpent’s loot, the Master Dishes Shi Feng had revealed earlier were a different story. She hadn’t seen Master Dishes like those since she had joined God’s Domain.

Although they were not as effective as Master Potions, they could stack with potions. In addition, the two Master Dishes could be used to raid World Bosses. This tremendously increased their usefulness. Moreover, they would make Dungeon raids slightly easier.

As Illusory Words finished speaking, Unyielding Heart, who still celebrated his portion of the Void Serpent’s loot, snapped out of his daze and realized that he had forgotten about the two Master Dishes.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, if you still have any of those Master Dishes remaining, Unyielding Soul will also purchase 1,000 of each dish at 5 Gold per serving!” Unyielding Heart hurriedly said.

Hearing the two Vice Guild Leaders interest in purchasing the Master Dishes, Shi Feng inwardly celebrated.

Both the Drunken Tiger Meat and the Frozen Bone Soup cost a little over 1 Gold to make. Moreover, both had a 100% production success rate. Selling the dishes to the two super-first-rate Guilds would earn plenty of profits.

“I don’t have any more of the Master Dishes on me, but if you two want them, I can get some for you. However, it’ll take some time for me to gather the requested amounts. May I know if you two are willing to wait?” Shi Feng asked.

The two dishes required a lot of time to make, and each Guild wanted 1,000 servings of both. The order would take a few days to fulfill.

“That won’t be a problem. I can wait as long as I can purchase them. Crimson Emperor will also pay a 5,000 Gold deposit,” Illusory Words said, settling the deal once she realized that it was possible.

The two Master Dishes wouldn’t become obsolete with time. They would work wonderfully at any point. She had worried that Shi Feng would reject her offer, but now that he had agreed, she decided to form a contract, binding the agreement as a precaution.

With this, she had reaped an additional benefit from her trip here.

Meanwhile, Unyielding Heart chose to do the same, binding the agreement with Shi Feng and paying a 5,000-Gold deposit

Naturally, Shi Feng was more than willing to play along with the two Vice Guild Leaders. After signing the contracts, an additional 10,000 filled Shi Feng’s pockets. With this, he had made a total of 52,000 Gold from this single Boss raid. If the various first-rate Guilds knew about this, their envy would drive them mad. After all, current first-rate Guilds were fortunate if they even had 30,000 Gold in liquid funds.

Following which, Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor’s members used Return Scrolls and returned to the Dark Night Empire. Meanwhile, Shi Feng had Zero Wing’s members return to Zero Wing City to rest. As for Shi Feng, he used the Seven Luminaries Ring to teleport to the Million Forest, which happened to be the Emerald Dryad’s territory.

The Million Forest was a dangerous location to almost all players due to the area’s large Dryad population. If a player encountered a single Dryad, it would immediately call for reinforcements, and a large number of the creatures would quickly gather. Moreover, this cycle would continue. Once a certain number of Dryads had gathered, it would attract the Emerald Dryad’s attention. Hence, very few players were willing to adventure in the Million Forest.

Shi Feng, however, had teleported directly to the heart of the Million Forest. Great Lord ranked Dryads wandered all over the area. If Shi Feng hadn’t been Level 69 and used an Isolation Scroll before he had teleported, the Level 55-plus monsters would have discovered him.

This should be the place.

It didn’t take Shi Feng long to discover a grass-covered, dilapidated magic array within the forest. The array seemed blurry, and if not for the massive stone pillars around it, he would’ve had a hard time finding the magic array.

This was the teleportation array that led to the Otherworld Gate.

To revitalize the teleportation array, one needed a full bottle of Void Blood.

Immediately, Shi Feng walked to the center of the teleportation array and retrieved a bottle of Void Blood from his bag. After removing the cap, he emptied the bottle’s contents onto the magic array’s center.

As Void Blood flowed into the magic array, it seemed to revive, rapidly gathering the ambient Mana. The magic array seemed to absorb Mana from farther away as time passed, and eventually, it drew Mana from throughout the Million Forest, making the area’s Dryads tremble with fear.

After three minutes, a towering pillar of crimson light shot forth from the center of the Million Forest, visible from the surrounding maps. The players grinding in the nearby maps couldn’t help but turn to look at the light pillar, overwhelmed by their curiosity as they started to move towards it.

Shortly after these players began to travel towards the light pillar, a series of system notifications rang in every players’ ears in Star-Moon Kingdom.