Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1906 - Fate Ring

Chapter 1906 – Fate Ring

“Guild Leader, what is that ring?” Aqua Rose, who stood nearby, asked in surprise when she saw the Fate Ring in Shi Feng’s hand. She could feel the Mana density around her increase drastically.

After Shi Feng had stored the dropped items in his bag, the surrounding Mana density had returned to normal, but the moment he had retrieved the Fate Ring, the Mana density in a 20-yard radius around Shi Feng had skyrocketed.

In God’s Domain, items that passively attracted Mana were incredibly rare. Even so, she had seen quite a few. However, this was the first time she had seen an item that could increase its ambient Mana density so intensely despite being inactive.

Looking at it now, it seemed as if the Fate Ring was the main cause for the intense Mana around the mountain of loot.

“The Fate Ring,” Shi Feng said. “It can help players develop until they reach the apex of God’s Domain.”

“Help players develop to the apex?” Aqua Rose was utterly confused.

A top-tier weapon or equipment piece could significantly increase a player’s combat power, and it would be a great help to the player’s development, but even a Fragmented Legendary item’s assistance would be limited.

Yet, Shi Feng claimed that the ring in his hand was capable of helping players reach the game’s apex. No matter how she looked at it, he had to be joking.

She had been Twilight Echo’s, a first-rate Guild, Honorary Elder. Hence, she knew exactly how difficult it was for a player to reach the virtual gaming world’s apex. It wasn’t something someone could do by relying on one or two pieces of equipment Furthermore, unlike other virtual reality games, the competition in God’s Domain was particularly intense.

However, Shi Feng simply smiled at Aqua Rose’s confusion. He did not bother to explain further.

On its own, the Fate Ring didn’t have any particular powerful effects. In fact, one might even consider it a weak item. Aside from providing some Basic Attributes, the ring only had one Skill. Moreover, the ring’s Basic Attribute bonuses were standard for an ordinary Epic item.

Even if players acquired the Fate Ring, they might be embarrassed to call it a Fragmented Legendary item.

However, when a first-rate Guild had purchased the Fate Ring at an auction during Shi Feng’s previous life, its Guild Leader had changed his fate after equipping the ring, eventually becoming one of God’s Domain’s top powerhouses. Even after ten years, that Guild leader had still been a godly existence.

The achievement had invoked the other large Guilds’jealousy, and the superpower that had sold the ring had been wracked with regret.

This Skill was incomparably powerful. When activated, it granted players an opportunity. However, the impact of the opportunity varied. A small opportunity would most likely lead players to a piece of Mysterious-Iron Equipment that was suited to them, while a larger opportunity could lead players to a Fragmented Legendary item. The Skill had one downside, though; using Fate Guidance had a massive cost.

Each time a player wanted to use Fate Guidance, they had to expend one unit of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Only after paying this price would the Skill guide players to their opportunity.

Seven Luminaries Crystals were an important resource, necessary to construct one’s Mind Space. The various large Guilds treated them as peerless treasures. Nobody would sell a unit of Seven Luminaries Crystal unless they had no other choice.

Although the superpower that had acquired the Fate Ring had tested the ring’s ability out of curiosity, it had quickly discovered that Fate Guidance was a fraudulent scam!

Moreover, the scam knew no bounds…

Of the 100 attempts the superpower had made, more than 90 had yielded Mysterious-Iron Weapons, Equipment, and tools. The remaining attempts had led the superpower to Secret-Silver items, and only one had led to a Fine-Gold item…

To the various large Guilds, one unit of Seven Luminaries Crystal was worth more than the latest top-tier Dark-Gold Weapon or Equipment piece. Gathering Dark-Gold items was, after all, several times easier than collecting Seven Luminaries Crystals.

No one would trade 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals for a pile of junk, so the Fate Ring had switched owners multiple times until it had been claimed by the lucky first-rate Guild.

That lucky Guild hadn’t invested a lot of Seven Luminaries Crystals before it had struck gold. Overall, the Guild had only spent several dozen units before securing a large opportunity, which had yielded a Fragmented Legendary item.

If given the opportunity, any power would be more than willing to trade several dozen units of Seven Luminaries Crystals for a Fragmented Legendary item. As a result, the lucky first-rate Guild had proceeded to invest a lot of Seven Luminaries Crystals, but the Guild had quickly discovered that the Fate Ring wasn’t as kind as they had assumed.

After investing several hundred units of Seven Luminaries Crystals and getting nothing good in return, the Guild had slowed its investment. Even so, the Guild had occasionally tried its luck. It had only discovered the Fate Ring’s secret after hitting a second jackpot and acquiring a Master Magic Array Design; the Fate Ring only guaranteed one major opportunity once every 1,000 uses. However, spending 1,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals in exchange for one major opportunity was simply too costly.

Meanwhile, God’s Domain had more than one Fate Ring. When this lucky first-rate Guild had acquired its second Fate Ring, the ring’s value had truly shined. After merging two Fate Rings, Fate Guidance granted a major opportunity once every 500 uses. Unfortunately, claiming the opportunities would become far more difficult, but it was still possible for ordinary expert players. Furthermore, players could acquire a top-tier item by simply spending 500 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals, which was certainly a worthwhile price.

Due to this change, the lucky first-rate Guild’s Guild Leader had gradually collected top-tier weapons, equipment, and tools for himself, increasing his strength and eventually becoming one of God’s Domain’s apex players.

Of course, the heaven-defying items acquired via Fate Guidance were only suitable to help one player reach the apex since each opportunity only yielded items suitable for the player that activated the Skill. If other players used the items, their performance would suffer. Other players couldn’t even use certain items, such as those that granted Skills and combat techniques.

In other words, the lucky first-rate Guild had spent a frightening amount of Seven Luminaries Crystals to nurture a single apex powerhouse.

However, Shi Feng had no intentions of replicating that Guild’s actions. While nurturing a single apex expert might be worthwhile to Guilds that didn’t have any, the same couldn’t be said for Zero Wing. In fact, doing so would be a waste of time and resources.

Zero Wing had far more experts than any first-rate Guild, and those experts’ potential was far superior to those in first-rate Guilds. It was only a matter of time before the Guild had multiple apex powerhouses. Hence, instead of wasting tons of Seven Luminaries Crystals on nurturing an ordinary expert, it would be much wiser and more efficient to use the Fate Ring to help an expert, who was only a step away from the apex, cross the final hurdle.

It seems I’ll have to find an opportunity to secure some Seven Luminaries Crystals, Shi Feng inwardly decided.

Zero Wing already had a lot of Guild members capable of contending with peak experts, but it had very few members that could rival apex experts. Although Shadow Sword, Turtledove, Flying Shadow, and a handful of other members of Zero Wing’s main force were capable of contending with superpowers’ peak experts by relying on their equipment advantage, as players progressed, this advantage would shrink. If Shadow Sword and the others didn’t improve their combat standards, it would only be a matter of time before others surpassed them.

However, if they used Fate Guidance, they could quickly gain the combat power they needed to rival apex experts.

As Shi Feng finished examining the loot, he sold 16 pieces of equipment for MTs and DPS classes, including the Level 60 Dark-Gold Shield, Magic Serpent Buckler. He did not, however, decide to sell the Earthen Protector Set The situation surprised Unyielding Heart.

He had expected Shi Feng to refuse to sell both the Magic Serpent Buckler and the Earthen Protector Set. The fact that Shi Feng had allowed him to purchase the buckler, which was even more valuable than the set equipment, was shocking.

However, what Unyielding Heart did not know was that Zero Wing did not need powerful shields. Even the weakest shield

Zero Wing’s three core MTs used was an Epic Shield. A Level 60 Dark-Gold Shield was nothing in comparison. The Earthen Protector Set, though, was different Ye Wumian still wore the Level 50 Magic Light Set, which was weaker than the Earthen Protector Set Hence, this was a perfect opportunity for Ye Wumian to upgrade his equipment.

Aside from weapons and equipment, Shi Feng had decided to sell a few Void Scales to Unyielding Heart.

Upon seeing the Void Scale’s Attributes, Long Soul’s eyes went bloodshot. If given to an MT, the Void Scale would elevate the player’s standards to a whole new level.

In the past, Void Scales had sold for around 5,000 to 7,000 Gold on the market, so Shi Feng sold them to Unyielding Heart for 10,000 Gold each. With so much money, one could afford a low-quality piece of Epic Equipment Although Unyielding Heart could not help but wince at the price, he still agreed to buy three Void Scales.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s transaction with Unyielding Heart had instantly earned him 42,000 Gold. With this much money, he could rent a few more hotels and restaurants in the Sea of Trees.

After Shi Feng had finished his business with the Vice Guild Leader, he led the team out of the cavern. Since the cavern was isolated from the outside world, players couldn’t use Return Scrolls while inside. Even an Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll would only teleport players to the edge of the cavern. It would not teleport them out of it.

When Illusory Words and her Guild members, who had waited in the first cavern, saw Shi Feng and the others emerge, they were astonished.

“How did so many people get out of there?”