Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1905 - World-class Loot

Chapter 1905 – World-class Loot

Watching the Void Serpent collapse to the ground, the players in the cavern breathed a deep sigh of relief. They had finally defeated the World Boss.

“We did it!”

“I nearly thought we were goners!”

Although all of these players were Tier 2 experts, some slid to the ground, powerless, after the battle had ended.

The team had less than 300 survivors, and everyone was exhausted beyond belief. Their weapons and equipment’s durability had been severely depleted, and had the battle gone on for any longer, they would’ve been at risk of losing the items during the fight. Moreover, the healers were nearly out of Mana. They wouldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes.

Many players instantly rose from Level 57 to 58 as the World Boss had died thanks to the abundant EXP the Void Serpent had awarded. The Boss’s death had granted so much EXP that even a Level 69 player like Shi Feng watched his experience bar gain a sizable chunk.

However, the survivors’ attention was locked on the Void Serpent’s loot, rather than the awarded EXP.

After the Void Serpent had died, it had dropped a small mountain of items, including items, materials, and four dazzling treasure chests.

The cavern’s Mana passively gathered around the small mountain of items, making it obvious that the loot was quite extraordinary.

Seeing this scene, the staring players couldn’t help but gulp.

So, this is a World Boss’s loot? Long Soul, who had managed to survive raid, was dumbfounded when he saw the large mound of items.

There were easily over 100 items, maybe even more than 300.

Based on what he could see, more than ten items radiated the signature glow effect of Dark-Gold Equipment. Even more items gave off the light of Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment.

The Void Serpent was a Level 60 World Boss, so the weapons and equipment it dropped were likely all Level 60 items. In the worst-case scenario, some items might be Level 55. These were the best weapons and equipment available in the game right now.

Furthermore, the pile contained several gold, glowing treasure chests. Just looking at all them caused Long Soul’s heartbeat to accelerate.

Naturally, Unyielding Heart was similarly excited and envious upon seeing the small mountain. He hadn’t expected the Void Serpent to drop so many items. Its loot could likely boost a 100-man team’s combat power by a significant margin.

Of course, the Zero Wing members present stared at the loot with brightly glowing eyes. Since they had participated in the raid, they’d have priority when purchasing the items. If they purchased the items now, they wouldn’t have to spend as many GCPs than if they waited until the items showed up in the Guild Warehouse.

This loot really is frightening. Even Shi Feng was a little surprised to see so many items. Normally, a World Boss only dropped a little more than 100 items, but it was obvious that the mound contained far more than that. Moreover, the Void Serpent had dropped extremely rare treasure chests.

Following which, Shi Feng began to organize the Boss’s loot, and the surviving healers turned to resurrect the dead, reducing the slain players’ death penalties.

Shi Feng had only finished with the loot after the healers had returned all of the players to life.

The Void Serpent had dropped a total of 413 items. Among them, 267 were rare and precious materials. None of the rare materials were available on the market, and 17 were even Inferior Legendary rank.

Take the Void Serpent’s scales, for example. Void Scales were natural armor kits and far more powerful than Advanced Mana Armor Kits. When equipped, not only would one of these scales reduce incoming damage by 10%, but it would also improve physique by 5% and Basic Attributes by 8%. Unfortunately, players were only able to equip one Void Scale. Even so, just one offered a massive boost. The Void Scales were especially potent on an MT’s equipment.

A total of 11 Void Scales had dropped. There were also four Void Fangs among the Inferior Legendary materials. The Void Fang could be used to strengthen weapons. When used, they would grant the weapon the Void Rend effect, increasing damage by 10% and ignoring one tier of Defense.

The last two Inferior Legendary materials were bottles of Void Blood, each containing 100 drops. Not only was Void Blood a key component in activating the Otherworld Gate, but it was also the main material to brew Void Wine. When consumed, Void Wine would permanently increase all Attributes by 20 points and physique by 5%.

Each bottle of Void Wine had sold for at least 600 Gold during Shi Feng’s previous life, but even at that price, the various large Guilds had fought to claim them.

The Void Wine Recipe was also among the 146 items the Void Serpent had dropped, although only Master Chefs could brew it.

Of the 146 items, 35 were Level 55 to 60 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment, including the Mana Heart Set, a Level 60 Fine-Gold Set Equipment for Elementalists and the Earthen Protector Set, a Level 60 Fine-Gold Set Equipment for Shield Warriors. Unfortunately, both sets were incomplete; only four set pieces of each had dropped. The rest of the Fine-Gold items were individual pieces.

As for Dark-Gold rank, 16 Level 55 to 60 Weapons and Equipment had dropped, including the Magic Storm Set, a Level 60 Dark-Gold Set Equipment for magical classes. However, only five pieces had dropped. To complete the set, Shi Feng would need to acquire three more pieces. The rest of the Dark-Gold items were all individual pieces, the most valuable of which was the Magic Serpent Buckler.

Although these Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment were considered top-tier at this stage of the game, they were subpar at best compared to the remaining weapons and equipment the Void Serpent had dropped.

Of the remaining weapons and equipment, three pieces were Epic rank, and one was Fragmented Legendary rank. All of the Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold items combined weren’t worth the total value of these four.

The three Epic items that had dropped were the Void Robe, Void Gloves, and Sacred Word Staff. The Void Robe and Void Gloves were part of the Void Magic Set, a bona fide Epic Set Equipment. The two-piece set effect alone increased the wearer’s maximum Mana and physique by 20%. The Void Magic Set was definitely the best set equipment for magical classes at this stage of the game. After all, a magical class player’s Mana was the equivalent of a second life.

As for the Sacred Word Staff, it was a top-tier staff that allowed players to cast their one-second Spells instantly. It also increased Spell Completion Rate by 4%.

However, these three Epic items were nothing compared to the Fragmented Legendary item.

Even this dropped? Shi Feng was ecstatic when he saw the ring of two carved snakes, one black and one white.

Almost everyone in God’s Domain had heard of this ring in the past.

The Fate Ring!