Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1904 - Wargod of Fire

Chapter 1904 – Wargod of Fire

With a light whip of its tail, the Void Serpent shattered the ground before the temple. Everyone could feel the stone beneath their feet quake.

The Void Serpent’s peerless Strength and the turbid black gas instilled a sense of despair, and to make matters worse, the Boss still had over 167,000,000 HP.

“Unyielding Heart! Get it through your head! Our Guild cannot afford to sacrifice 200 Tier 2 players! We need to retreat immediately!” Long Soul growled as he turned on Unyielding Heart.

At this point, the raid’s outcome was clear. They had struggled against the Void Serpent when they had still had 1,000 Tier 2 players, but now, not only had the Mythic monster grown stronger, but the team also had less than 400 players remaining. With so few players, finishing this raid was impossible.

Moreover, Unyielding Soul had already lost close to 100 players, a severe blow to the Guild.

This wasn’t a Dungeon. If players died, they would lose a full level. Even if the healers resurrected them and reduced their death penalties, the loss would still be painful.

“Everyone, retreat! We cannot continue this crazy farce with Zero Wing!” Hunting Blade, who stood beside the Void Serpent, commanded through the Guild chat. Although Unyielding Heart was one of the Guild’s Vice Guild Leaders, he couldn’t let the man risk the Guild’s future.

However, as Unyielding Soul’s members prepared to follow the order, Cola charged at the Void Serpent. The Guardian Knight showed no intentions of working with his companions to stop the World Boss.

“Has he lost his mind? He’s actually charging at the Boss?” Hunting Blade could not help but watch Cola in astonishment.

While he acknowledged that Cola’s Attributes were frightening, without a Berserk Skill, the Guardian Knight had no hope of stopping the Void Serpent by himself.

When the Void Serpent noticed Cola’s approach, it squinted its amber eyes and swept its now-scaly tail at the Guardian Knight as if sweeping away the dust on the ground. From afar, players noticed that space seemed to twist as the tail passed, barely withstanding the Void Serpent’s Strength…

“Come!” Rather than shrink back in fear, Cola dashed to meet the attack.

Just before the Void Serpent’s tail struck the Guardian Knight, flames emerged from Cola’s form. In the blink of an eye, Cola had transformed into a charging bonfire with a six-meter radius, leaving his teammates confused.

But despite the strange development, the Void Serpent had no intentions of slowing its tail attack as it struck the moving bonfire.


“It stopped?!”

Since everyone had assumed that the Void Serpent’s attack would extinguish the flames, they were shocked by the true outcome of the clash.

The gigantic, scaly tail had actually stopped before the humanoid torch, unable to proceed any further. The stone beneath the raging fire cracked, only stopping over 20 yards away.

After the flames subsided, they revealed a six-meter giant. The giant wore a full set of flaming, crimson armor, the flame’s heat boiling the water in the air and turning the ground beneath it into lava. In addition, the giant wielded a flaming one- handed axe and a flaming shield. As the giant’s aura washed over the team, they felt an intense pressure bear down on them, but it wasn’t just a result of a difference in Attributes; it was a result of a difference in Life Ratings.

Before anyone could react, the flaming, armored giant sent a chop at the Void Serpent’s tail. As the axe swung through the air, a sea of fire enveloped everything in a 30-yard cone before the giant. The burning weapon left a deep, scorched wound in the Void Serpent’s tail as the Mythic monster cried out in agony. A damage exceeding -80,000 also appeared above the Void Serpent’s head, the attack’s power astonishing the surrounding players.

The injury enraged the Void Serpent Spreading its maw, the Boss shot a spear of foul, black gas, and the spear flew so fast that not even the Tier 2 experts could keep up with the attack.

Fortunately, the flaming giant reacted quickly, raising its flaming shield in time to stop the attack. The impact forced the giant to stumble four steps back, a damage of over -100,000 appearing above its head. The Void Serpent’s destructive power had clearly improved.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the giant’s HP bar had barely decreased despite so much damage. Upon closer inspection, they would’ve seen that the flaming giant had maximum HP of 12,000,000. With so much HP, over -100,000 damage was practically negligible.

So, this is the power of the Wargod of Fire? Once he had steadied, Cola couldn’t help but take a look at himself. He could feel that his physical control had reached unprecedented levels. In addition, his Basic Attributes were even higher than when he activated a Berserk Skill, especially his HP. Although he was still no match for actual monsters, he was leaps and bounds superior to other players and NPCs.

“Healers, focus on Cola! Everyone else, focus on the Boss!” Shi Feng shouted. Even he was slightly surprised to see Cola single-handedly tank the Void Serpent. He hadn’t dreamed that the Wargod of Fire transformation would be so powerful.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s command shook everyone from their daze.

“Cola? That flaming giant is Cola?” The revelation shocked Long Soul.

“So, this is the trump card Black Flame had prepared?” Unyielding Heart was similarly astounded. At the same time, he envied Zero Wing a little.

With such a powerful MT, Zero Wing would have no problems raiding Level 60, 100-man Team Dungeons in the future. The Guild would also collect Level 60 top-tier weapons and equipment far faster than the various superpowers, securing a massive advantage.

Meanwhile, Cola rendered the Void Serpent powerless thanks to his recent transformation. Although it launched a series of frenzied attacks, Cola stopped every one effortlessly. Moreover, since the Mythic Boss had entered its complete form, it had lost the effects of its Passive Skill, Void Body, and its battle recovery. From now on, all damage the Boss received would be permanent.

However, the berserk Void Serpent wasn’t an easy foe. From time to time, it launched AOE breath attacks, and players still had to cope with the Void Blades. The team steadily lost players.

Once the situation had stabilized, Shi Feng focused on his offense. After Phantom Kill’s Cooldown ended, he summoned his doppelganger and used Dragon Soul, transforming his doppelganger into a Black Dragon.

Although the doppelganger would lose its weapons and equipment after transforming, the Black Dragon’s Life Rating and Strength surpassed Cola’s by a large margin. Most importantly, the Black Dragon was a Level 69 monster. Each time the Black Dragon attacked, it devoured a large chunk of the Void Serpent’s HP.

24%… 20%… 16%…

When less than 300 players remained alive on the team, the Void Serpent’s HP had fallen below 1,000,000. Seeing this, Shi Feng activated Icarus’s Heart, which he had reclaimed from Aqua Rose earlier. Using Instant Strike to appear before the Void Serpent, he brandished the Abyssal Blade and Killing Ray.

Purgatory Pentaslash!

Shadow Blade!

One powerful Skill after another struck the Void Serpent, devouring the final strand of HP the World Boss possessed.

With a frustrated cry, the Void Serpent’s colossal body collapsed to the ground.