Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1903 - Combat Power Unleashed

Chapter 1903 – Combat Power Unleashed

As the team watched the serpent doppelganger smash into the ground, they gaped in shock before turning to Shi Feng and the glowing, blue longsword in his hand.

Although the Void Serpent’s doppelganger was not as strong as the main Boss, it rivaled ordinary Mythic monsters, yet Shi Feng had slammed it into the ground with brute force.

The scene was on par with watching an ant topple a lion. It was hard to believe.

Moreover, Shi Feng’s attack had dealt over -60,000 damage to the Void Serpent’s doppelganger. Seeing this, the Tier 2 Berserkers broke out in a cold sweat.

Before his teammates could recover from their shock of seeing such a formidable performance, Shi Feng brandished the Abyssal Blade and Killing Ray against the doppelganger once again.

Purgatory Pentaslash!

Shadow Blade!

Sword lights glittered around Shi Feng, and the watching players were overwhelmed as they watched his rapid attacks. Damages of over -20,000 appeared above the doppelganger’s head, one after another. In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng had landed over a dozen attacks on the doppelganger. In terms of DPS, not even Fire Dance and her companions, members of the first tier, were no match for Shi Feng.

“Everyone, focus your fire on the doppelganger!” Shi Feng shouted after launching a series of attacks. “Be careful to dodge the Void Blades! All MTs except Cola, protect the healers! Don’t get greedy when attacking, and do not look into the doppelganger’s Magic Eyes! Ranged DPS, use your strongest moves on the doppelganger’s eyes on my command!”

The serpent doppelganger was a part of the Void Serpent. If they killed the doppelganger, the real Void Serpent would take a corresponding amount of damage. However, if they did not kill the doppelganger within a set time, the doppelganger would automatically disappear and heal the Void Serpent for a considerable amount of HP. They needed to kill the doppelganger immediately, or the Void Serpent would chip away at the team until they were all dead.

Meanwhile, the serpent doppelganger’s power wasn’t its Strength, but it’s Passive Skill, Void Magic Eyes. Players would be briefly paralyzed if they looked directly into the doppelganger’s eyes. In addition, the doppelganger could use the Tier 4 Spell, Void Freeze through its gaze. When cast, the Spell would prevent all players within 150 yards of the doppelganger from using any Skills and Spells for 30 seconds.

While players faced both the Void Serpent and its doppelganger, they’d team-wipe if they couldn’t use Skills or Spells for so long. Fortunately, there was a simple method of avoiding that outcome; they just had to destroy the doppelganger’s eyes.

All of these players were experts, and as Shi Feng gave the command, the team redirected their attacks to the doppelganger.

Every member of the team fully displayed the technique standards of Guild Experts. They easily avoided two or three Void Blades as they flew towards them while maintaining their attacks against the serpent doppelganger. If ordinary experts attempted to challenge this Boss, they’d be at their limit just trying to dodge the Void Blades. They would have no energy for anything else.

With Cola tanking the real Void Serpent and Shi Feng, who had activated Heavenly Dragon’s Breath, keeping the serpent doppelganger, which couldn’t be aggroed, busy, the rest of the team was free to attack without worry. Whenever the doppelganger was about to cast Void Freeze, Shi Feng instructed the team’s ranged players to bombard the monster’s eyes. Not only did the serpent doppelganger rapidly lose HP as a result, but the monster was also unable to deal any damage.

So, this is the Sword King’s strength? Illusory Words felt her admiration for Shi Feng grow as she watched the man assault the monster, dodge Void Blades, and command the battle effortlessly.

Despite such an intense fight against a Mythic Boss, Shi Feng issued accurate and efficient commands for the team, effectively preventing one crisis after another. This ability was far more impressive than individual strength.

When challenging a Boss, there was a limit to how much an individual could achieve with their own strength. Only a cohesive team could effectively defeat Boss monsters. Hence, leadership in a team was very important. With good leadership, a team could avoid unnecessary losses.

This was also why the various large Guilds and adventurer teams valued players with leadership skills. While an adventurer team’s commander didn’t need to be the strongest player on the team, they had to be able to command it

Not only was Shi Feng ridiculously powerful as an individual, but he was also capable of commanding a 1,000-man team so precisely…

After about two minutes, the serpent doppelganger, which had 40,000,000 HP, fell, transforming into a gray smoke before flowing back into the Void Serpent As the doppelganger died, the Void Sperent instantly lost 40,000,00 HP, while the team hadn’t lost a single player.

After dealing with the doppelganger, the various Guild experts refocused on the Void Serpent.

75%… 60%… 50%…

When the Void Serpent’s HP fell to 50%, it only had four HP bars remaining. At the same time, magic arrays began to manifest around the fight, and after a short moment, they merged to form a massive, blue magic array.

Suddenly, translucent creatures began to pull themselves out of the blue array, and in seconds, hundreds and thousands of them joined the battlefield. The weakest of these monsters was a Level 55 Lord, while the stronger creatures were Level 60 Great Lords…

Everyone felt their scalps tingle when they saw the army of translucent creatures. It was as if the Void Serpent had opened a gate to another world, and the world’s monsters poured out of the gate.

“Everyone, activate your Berserk Skills and attack the Boss with everything you’ve got!” Shi Feng gave the blue magic array a serious look.

This Spell was one of the Void Serpent’s team-wipe moves, Void’s Descent

If players did not reduce the Void Serpent’s HP to 30%, the Boss would continue to channel Void’s Descent and summon more Void Creatures to the battle. There was no limit to the number of Void Creatures this ability could summon, either.

In the past, the first players to raid the Void Serpent had been very high-leveled, some of which had already reached Tier 3. They had been able to cope with the endless army of Void Creatures easily, as a result.

However, the majority of Shi Feng’s team hadn’t even reached Level 60, much less reach Tier 3. If they didn’t drop the Mythic Boss’s HP quickly, they’d definitely team-wipe.

It was at this moment that the players understood that they couldn’t afford to hold back against so many Void Creatures.

These players immediately activated their Berserk Skills as instructed, their Basic Attributes skyrocketing. They then tried to maintain their attacks against the Void Serpent while fighting the waves of summoned creatures.

Fortunately, the Void Serpent would not move or attack while it summoned its Void Creatures.

Multiple Void Creatures assaulted every player on the team, and although they were all experts, the fight still crawled to a stalemate. Only Cola, Fire Dance, and the other humanoid monsters were able to cope with the summoned monsters.

Shi Feng didn’t hold back, either, as he activated Power of Darkness. He even used Phantom Kill and Nine Dragons Slash, and every Abyssal Blade phantom repelled a Void Creature. With 16 Abyssal Blade phantoms defending him, none of the Void Creatures could get close.

Without having to worry about the surrounding monsters, Shi Feng and his doppelganger were free to launch a frenzied assault against the Void Serpent, each attack dealing more than -50,000 damage. Following suit, Zhao Yueru and Alluring Summer cast one large-scale destruction Spell after another, targeting the World Boss.

48%… 47%… 46%…

Although the Void Serpent’s HP continued to fall, the team began to suffer casualties as it faced the endless torrent of Void Creatures.

Normally, players employed zerg tactics when raiding Bosses, but this Boss had turned the tables. The team experienced how frightening a Boss’s zerg tactics could be, and every one of its Void Creatures was either a Lord or Great Lord.

Fifty players had died in less than a minute after the Void Serpent had begun to summon Void Creatures.

“Vice Guild Leader, at this rate, we’ll team-wipe. Let’s hurry and retreat,” Dawnmaster, who held off two Great Lords and three Lords, hurriedly suggested. Although they held on, that would change as more Void Creatures joined the battle.

Sure enough, a World Boss is too much for current players. Illusory Words frowned as less than 800 members of the team remained standing. Crimson Emperor had already suffered over 30 casualties, and most of the survivors’ HP constantly danced in and out of the danger zone. The team’s healers simply couldn’t keep up. “Everyone, retreat!”

When they heard Illusory Words’ command, Crimson Emperor’s experts breathed a sigh of relief. They immediately formed a defensive circle and carved a path out of the battlefield. Once they had distanced themselves from the World Boss, they used Instantaneous Movement Magic Scrolls, fleeing from the cavern.

Now, only Zero Wing’s and Unyielding Soul’s members remained to face the Void Serpent. Meanwhile, the Boss still had 39% of its HP remaining. Seeing this, Long Soul and Hunting Blade grew nervous, thoughts of urging Unyielding Heart to give the command to retreat surfacing.

However, when Unyielding Heart saw that Shi Feng hold fast, he, too, chose to persist.

Team members continued to fall.

650 people… 600 people… 500 people…


When less than 400 players alive on the team, Shi Feng and his doppelganger used Flame Burst simultaneously. One after another, damages exceeding -400,000 appeared above the Void Serpent’s head. By the time Shi Feng and his doppelganger finished their attacks, the Void Serpent’s HP fell to 30%. As it did, the Mythic monster stopped channeling its Spell.

The blue magic array vanished, and the summoned Void Creatures disintegrated into ash.

“Foolish mortals, you will know despair!” The Void Serpent lowered its head to look at the players before it, anger apparent in its gaze.

The Void Serpent then spread its jaws and sucked in the Void Creatures’ ashes. The translucent Void Serpent then slowly transformed into a creature of flesh and blood, expanding and growing larger. Sharp bones jutted out along its spine, and after a short moment, the Void Serpent transformed into a gigantic, pitch-black beast, exuding turbid gas that filled the cavern.


With a roar, the cavern began to tremble, shaking debris from the ceiling.

“This Boss can grow even stronger?” Long Soul felt true despair as he stared at the mountain-sized Void Serpent.

Even Unyielding Heart felt discouraged. Now they the team had used up their Berserk Skills, how could they continue to fight the strengthened Void Serpent?

“It’s finally in its complete state?” Shi Feng felt an intense pressure from the Void Serpent. “It seems that we don’t need to hold back anymore. Cola, unleash your combat power!”

When Cola heard Shi Feng’s order, all of his worry about the World Boss vanished. Now, only excitement and joy drove him. “Leave it to me, Guild Leader!” Cola grinned at the Void Serpent He then charged at the monster without hesitation.