Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1901 - Terrifying Defense

Chapter 1901 – Terrifying Defense

Inside the crysta卜filled cavern, after Shi Feng gave the command to attack, the first MT party, led by Cola, charged straight at the Void Serpent. The other groups fanned out to set up an encirclement.

As the Void Serpent was gigantic, even if they didn’t fully understand the Boss’s attack range, it was common sense to stand apart from each other. If they stood too close to each other, they would present the World Boss with a target-rich environment, which would easily result in a team-wipe.

When Cola’s party got within 500 yards of the Void Serpent, the Void Serpent suddenly opened its amber eyes. An unprecedented killing intent immediately washed over everyone, causing their hearts to skip a beat. At this moment, it felt as if countless threads bound their bodies, impeding their movements.

“Dirty and pitiful mortals, you dare step into my territory?! I’ll have you join the dust that fills this space!”

Following which, the Void Serpent let loose an angry roar.

A silver ripple spread across the entire cavern, with the Void Serpent as the center, the ground cracking as it came in contact with this ripple. In the next moment, a mud wave swept into the surroundings, taking only a brief moment to reach Cola’s party.

“Defend!” Cola shouted hurriedly when he saw the approaching four-meter-tall mud wave.

The other five MTs in Cola’s party were Level 57 and Level 58 MTs from Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor. With Cola as the core, they quickly fell into a defensive formation. Following which, Cola activated the Tier 2 Skill Guardian Wall, which increased the Defense of himself and players within a 10-yard radius of himself by 30% when blocking frontal attacks.

In the next moment, a wall of light formed by six shields appeared before the healer party positioned behind Cola’s party.


When the mud wave crashed into the wall of light, the powerful impact sent Cola’s MT party stumbling backward, the HP of the six MTs decreasing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Only after the six MTs had retreated by eight yards did they manage to stabilize their footing. After suffering the Void Serpent’s AOE attack, the MTs of Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor had lost at least 50,000 HP each. Each of them had a maximum HP below 80,000. Hence, that one AOE attack had instantly taken more than half of their HPs. This outcome caused everyone in the team to gasp involuntarily.

So, this is a World Boss? Illusory Words, who was part of the healer party standing behind Cola’s party, was stunned as she looked at the Void Serpent, which had already lowered itself to the ground.

With just one roar, the Void Serpent had inflicted over -50,000 damage each on the frontline MTs, who could be considered among the best MTs in God’s Domain right now. If that AOE attack had been a powerful melee attack instead, the consequences would’ve been unimaginable.

At this point, she truly wondered how Zero Wing planned to raid the Void Serpent. Did they even have a chance at victory?

However, although Illusory Words doubted Zero Wing’s success, that did not affect her healing speed in the slightest. Right after seeing the MTs receiving damage, she started double-casting one Tier 2 Healing Light and one Tier 1 Recover on Cola, fully displaying her abilities as one of the Ten Great Clerics in God’s Domain.

Huh? Why is his HP… After Illusory Words finished casting her Healing Spells, she suddenly noticed that Cola still had close to 80% of his HP remaining. Meanwhile, thanks to her healing, his HP instantly recovered to full.

However, before Illusory Words could figure out what was going on, the Void Serpent several hundred yards from the team’s frontline launched another attack.

After the Boss let out a hiss, countless Void Spears appeared around it. The Void Spears then shot toward Cola’s MT party in a blur, a series of sonic booms echoing throughout the cavern.

“Everyone, stand behind me!” Cola shouted urgently when he noticed the frightening power contained in those Void Spears.

Although the five other MTs had been healed back to 70% or so, if they were to receive this terrible attack without activating their Lifesaving Skills, they were likely to get killed. After hearing Cola’s command, the five MTs and six healers promptly lined up behind the Guardian Knight.

In the next moment, the Void Spears crashed into Cola’s shield one after another. However, not every Void Spear landed on the shield; some brushed past his body and tore holes into his Black Cloak. Meanwhile, due to the Void Spears’ strong destructive power, the Black Cloak’s durability zeroed out instantly, the Black Cloak itself disintegrating into nothingness.

The Black Cloak’s disappearance exposed the silver suit of armor Cola wore, which shone with the glow unique to Fine-Gold Equipment. Crimson runes could be seen engraved all over the silver armor, and judging from how the runes matched perfectly, it was obvious that the suit of silver armor was Fine-Gold Set Equipment.

Meanwhile, with the Black Cloak gone, Cola’s Attributes were also on display for all to see, his maximum HP of 118,600 revealed to everyone. Moreover, as the Black Cloak was no longer present to suppress Cola’s aura, the Tier 2 MTs standing behind him suddenly felt a powerful pressure bearing down on their bodies.

How is this possible?! Illusory Words fell into a daze when she saw Cola’s HP bar.

Even the strongest MT in Crimson Emperor had only a little over 80,000 HP after including team buffs, yet Cola had close to 120,000 HP.

Moreover, Cola’s Defense was also as unbelievably high as his HP was.

Despite not having activated any Lifesaving Skills, Cola had lost less than 40,000 HP after receiving all those Void Spears.

If it were any other Tier 2 MT standing in Cola’s place just now, they would’ve been killed instantly by those Void Spears.

After all, the Void Spears were a completely different attack from the mud wave before. The mud wave had simply been a casual greeting from the Void Serpent. Meanwhile, the Void Spears were the result of a Spell. Those Void Spears should be much more powerful than the mud wave.

At this moment, Illusory Words wasn’t the only one surprised by this revelation. The other Tier 2 MTs in Cola’s party were similarly stupefied.

As they were also MTs, nobody understood more clearly than they did just how frightening a Tier 2 MT with close to 120,000 HP was.

“What kind of set equipment is he wearing? It’s actually capable of forming a protective barrier around his body.”

“I’ve seen every Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment for MTs available in the game, and this is definitely not one of them. He’s most likely wearing Level 55 Fine-Gold Set Equipment.”

“Zero Wing is amazing. It actually managed to get its hands on this sort of set equipment.”

As the other Tier 2 MTs were very close to Cola, they could see that a faint layer of Mana covered Cola’s silver armor, forming a protective barrier that mitigated the Void Spears’ damage tremendously. This situation was simply unbelievable. They had never seen Fine-Gold Set Equipment like this before.

Is this the reason why Black Flame is confident of defeating the Void Serpent? When Illusory Words looked at Cola’s bearlike figure, she more or less understood why Zero Wing dared to challenge a World Boss.

The most important requirement when raiding a Boss was a powerful MT. As long as a team had an MT capable of tanking the Boss, then the raid definitely had a chance of succeeding.

While everyone was still in shock, Cola took the initiative to charge at the Void Serpent. He wanted to get within attacking range of the Void Serpent as quickly as possible.

However, the Void Serpent showed no signs of relenting as it continuously launched Void Spears at Cola from a distance. Meanwhile, the healer party led by Illusory Words kept healing him.

Although each wave of Void Spears dealt close to -40,000 damage to Cola, the healers were still able to keep him alive and healthy without much effort. After all, Cola’s massive HP granted Illusory Words and the others a lot of leeway when healing. They could afford to cast powerful Healing Spells, which had long cast times.

After running for a short moment, Cola arrived before the Void Serpent.

“Foolish mortals! All your efforts are futile!” Upon seeing Cola closing in on itself, the Void Serpent sent its tail whipping at the Guardian Knight.

Despite its gigantic size, the Void Serpent’s tail moved with lightning speed, so fast that it even tore space. The strong air pressure the tail created impeded the movements of the other Tier 2 MTs, which turned sluggish. They couldn’t help Cola block the attack in time.

However, unlike the other MTs in his party, Cola remained completely unaffected by the powerful air pressure, swiftly raising the Titan Guard to block the attack.

The ground beneath Cola shattered. The impact was so powerful that even the players standing over a hundred yards away could feel the ground underfoot shaking. When everyone present saw the devastated terrain before the Void Serpent, they stared in stupefaction despite themselves.

The Void Serpent’s frightening destructive power woke a sense of hopelessness in everyone.

As the dust settled, everyone quickly noticed a figure standing amid the dirt and rubble. This figure was none other than Cola. Meanwhile, beside Cola’s body lay the Void Serpent’s tail.

“He managed to block even that?”

When everyone saw that Cola still retained over half of his HP, they could not help gaping in shock.