Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1900 - Madness

Chapter 1900 – Madness

The Void Serpent was curled up and sleeping peacefully on the ceiling, and none of the present players dared to move for fear of awaking the World Boss.

They had never dealt with a World Boss before, so they did not know how wide its perception range was. On the off chance that the Void Serpent discovered them, they would pay for their mistake with their lives.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you’re not planning to fight that Void Serpent…right?” Illusory Words softly asked Shi Feng.

Although she understood that since Shi Feng had brought them here, there was a 99% chance that the Void Serpent was his target, her sanity urged her to confirm her suspicion.

For all she knew, this cavern might have two Bosses, and they were actually here for the other one.

“Mhm, it’s this Void Serpent.” Shi Feng nodded.

Illusory Words was silent for a long moment. She decided that Shi Feng must be insane.

That was a World Boss they were talking about!

Ordinary Mythic monsters were no match for the Void Serpent, and magical tools were utterly useless against World Bosses. In other words, they had no special means of weakening the Void Serpent. They would have to fight it at its peak. Even with their Berserk Skills, peak MTs wouldn’t last more than a few hits. The Void Serpent would likely kill the other classes instantly.

Moreover, the Void Serpent was a Realm Lord. Its Skills, Spells, and physique were far superior to Mythic monsters of the same level. Defeating this monster would be even more difficult than facing the Emerald Dryad and its several hundred guards.

Although their team of 1,000 Tier 2 players met the requirements to raid a Level 60 World Boss, they barely managed it. If they wanted to raid the World Boss effectively, all 1,000 members would have to be Level 60 and wear Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment or better.

Taking a deep breath, Illusory Words looked at Shi Feng and said seriously, “Guild Leader Black Flame, let me say this. The dangers of raiding a World Boss are too great. Crimson Emperor will only help you once. If it looks like we’ll team-wipe, Crimson Emperor’s members will retreat.”

If she allowed 200 of her Guild’s Tier 2 experts to lose a level, her Guild would suffer a massive blow. She would not follow Zero Wing in its descent into madness.

Unyielding Heart, however, said nothing. He simply watched the Void Serpent before turning to Zero Wing’s members.

“Vice Guild Leader, aren’t you going to inform Zero Wing of your limits?” Long Soul whispered. “That’s a World Boss we’re talking about. Our Guild can’t afford to lose so many Tier 2 players.”

Lately, the intensity of the struggle between Unyielding Soul and Starlink had grown. As a result, the Guild needed its Tier 2 experts to manage many affairs. Unyielding Soul could not afford to weaken 200 of its Tier 2 experts for no reason. If the raid turned sour, they had to retreat to minimize their losses.

However, Unyielding Heart did not answer Long Soul’s question. Instead, he walked up to Shi Feng solemnly.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, Unyielding Soul is willing to fight to the death alongside Zero Wing. In return, please consider selling Unyielding Soul a few pieces of MT equipment once the raid is over,” Unyielding Heart said sincerely.

“Heart, are you insane?!” Unyielding Heart’s proposal shocked Long Soul.

Illusory Words also turned to the other Vice Guild Leader, confusion flashing in her eyes.

The various superpowers still relied on special tools for a small chance of defeating ordinary Mythic Bosses, yet not only were they about to raid a Mythic World Boss, but they also had to do so without any tools.

Unyielding Heart was one of Unyielding Soul’s supporting pillars of strength. He had invested a lot of time and effort into developing his Guild. She couldn’t understand why Unyielding Heart would take such a massive risk, especially with Unyielding Soul’s current state in the Dark Night Empire.

Does Zero Wing really have a chance of defeating the Void Serpent? Illusory Words could not help but wonder as she swept a glance over Zero Wing’s members.

She couldn’t see what ability Zero Wing had to face the Void Serpent

Meanwhile, Unyielding Heart ignored Long Soul’s attempts to dissuade him. Instead, he remained focused on Shi Feng as he continued, “Of course, we will purchase the equipment at above market price as long as the items are Level 60 Fine-Gold Weapons or Equipment.”

The fact that Zero Wing intended to challenge a World Boss had surprised him greatly, but he had witnessed the strength of Zero Wing’s main force before. He doubted that the Guild would attempt a challenge it wasn’t confident of overcoming.

After all, Zero Wing had dispatched 600 Tier 2 experts for this raid.

Hence, he would gamble on Zero Wing’s ability to defeat the Void Serpent

Even the various superpowers only had a small stock of top-tier Level 55 equipment, let alone Level 60 equipment. If he could acquire a few pieces of Level 60 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment for his MTs, it would definitely be of great help to Unyielding Soul during future Team Dungeon raids. Unyielding Soul had many expert teams, and a single Dark Corrosion Set wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy the Guild’s needs.

“Alright, I’ll see what I can do.” Shi Feng replied to Unyielding Heart’s sincerity with a serious nod.

Level 60 Fine-Gold Equipment for MTs was nothing to Shi Feng. Selling a few pieces of such equipment in exchange for Unyielding Soul’s full support in the following raid was definitely a worthwhile transaction. The difference between the combat power willing Tier 2 experts wielded and that of experts who were prepared to flee at a given moment was like the difference between heaven and earth.

“Thank you,” Unyielding Heart said.

Normally, when a Guild employed another Guild’s experts to take down a powerful Boss, it wouldn’t sell any of the loot.

Such items were crucial to strengthening a Guild’s teams and weren’t usually available on the market, after all.

“Has Unyielding Heart gone mad? Does he really believe Zero Wing can succeed?” Chaos gripped Dawnmaster’s mind as he watched Unyielding Heart thank Shi Feng.

After witnessing the exchange between Unyielding Heart and Shi Feng as they discussed the Void Serpent’s loot, he wondered if the monster coiled on the ceiling was truly a World Boss. He also wondered if the two players knew what a World Boss was.

After discussing the agreement with Unyielding Heart, Shi Feng began to split the team into smaller groups and designated tasks to each.

The Void Serpent would transition through a total of nine different combat methods as the raid progressed, and all nine stages would be extremely dangerous. A single mistake could result in a large number of deaths. However, all of these players were experts, and many of them had even reached the Refinement Realm. As long as they were instructed properly, they could avoid any major mistakes. Then, they’d see if the Boss would die before the team was annihilated.

“Since there are no problems, all MTs and magical class players, come here to collect a dish. I’ll call up the physical class players after to collect their share,” Shi Feng announced after organizing the team.

Following which, under Shi Feng’s instructions, everyone received the dishes Shi Feng handed out

What a powerful Master Dish! Illusory Words was stunned when she accepted a bowl of Frozen Bone Soup. She hadn’t expected Zero Wing to be capable of securing such a top-tier dish.

She was no stranger to chefs’ products. She knew that some dishes could enhance players’ combat power. Unfortunately, most of the buffs food and beverages provided were minor, but this Master Dish increased her Intelligence by 10%. The Frozen Bone Soup could already rival a Master Potion. Moreover, the dish’s effect would even be effective against a World Boss. This buff reduced the raid difficulty by a considerable margin.

“Cola, start the raid! Everyone else, follow the plan!” Shi Feng commanded once his teammates were ready.

Hearing Shi Feng’s command, Cola, who had long since grown restless, grinned fiercely as he charged forward to attract the Void Serpent’s attention.