Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1895 - Epic Shop

Chapter 1895 – Epic Shop

Shi Feng’s eyes widened as he saw the name “Forest Traveler,” surprise and ecstasy overcoming him.

In the current Sea of Trees, the Forest Traveler was an unassuming restaurant located in the city’s outer area. The restaurant had only two floors; the first was the dining hall, and the second was used for accommodations. The restaurant was ordinary, and nothing about it stood out.

However, when the Sea of Trees’ third seal had been lifted in the past, players had discovered the restaurant’s unique quality. Since so many players had crowded the Sea of Trees back then, both hotels and restaurants’ guest rooms had been full. Naturally, many players instantly targeted the cheap accommodations that small restaurants like the Forest Traveler offered.

Once the third seal had lifted, the Forest Traveler revealed a package that included both room and board, available exclusively for the restaurant’s few high-class guest rooms. As the high-class guest rooms could only be rented by purchasing this combo pack, players had no choice but to dine there as well.

The Forest Traveler had become instantly famous after players had tried the provided meal, which granted a special buff called Forest Blessing[l].

The Forest Blessing buff granted players anywhere from 5 to 20 points in Luck for 18 hours. The buff could only be gained once every two days.

Although Luck was somewhat illusory in God’s Domain, it had a subtle effect on players. For example, Luck would affect loot from opening treasure chests and killing monsters. It would also affect one’s production success rate. Hence, on the market, ornaments that added even three to five points of Luck cost a fortune. Such ornaments would never become obsolete.

In the past, the various large Guilds had desperately stockpiled items that added Luck. A single extra point in Luck could be enough to gain a top-tier item. Since Luck items were so precious to both independent players and Guilds, such items had rarely appeared on the market.

One could easily imagine how attractive a meal that increased Luck would be to independent and Guild players. Even Shi Feng had often visited the Forest Traveler for a meal in the past, especially before he raided a large-scale Team Dungeon. The only downside was the buff’s long Cooldown. Even after the Forest Traveler had expanded its Shopfront, players had to deal with a seven- to eight-hour queue to get a seat.

The Forest Traveler had ranked as one of the top 100 Epic Shops in God’s Domain in its heyday. The Secret Pavilion managed the ranking system, and a Shop’s rank depended on demand for and rarity of its services.

Since the Forest Traveler had revealed itself to him, why wouldn’t Shi Feng be surprised and excited?

However, when Shi Feng saw the restaurant’s rental price, his eyebrows twitched.

Is this a robbery? Shi Feng couldn’t help but wonder.

Normally, the Sea of Trees’ hotels and restaurants demanded per week or per month rent, but the Forest Traveler had to be paid by the year. Moreover, renting the restaurant for a single year cost 60,000 Gold…

Even the larger Advanced Restaurants only cost 4,000 Gold per month, yet the Forest Traveler’s rent cost 5,000 Gold per month. Moreover, the system demanded a full year upfront. It was half of the funds Shi Feng had on hand right now.

With 60,000 Gold, he could rent over a dozen hotels and restaurants.

Should I set it aside for now and rent it during my next visit? Shi Feng fell into deep thought as he looked at the Forest Traveler’s information.

Competition would be at its fiercest during the first month after the Sea of Trees had activated. It was also the best time to secure an advantage. As long as players rented one of the Sea of Trees’ establishments, they could continue to renew their lease. Unless players gave up their right to renew the lease, other players wouldn’t have an opportunity to claim the establishment

However, if he rented the Forest Traveler now, he wouldn’t have much left to rent other restaurants and hotels, but he had no guarantee that the three superpowers wouldn’t discover these hotels and restaurants’ importance before his next visit. If the superpowers had already realized these establishments’ value, he’d have a far more difficult time renting a large number of them later. Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry about losing the Forest Traveler since only he knew the restaurant’s secret right now. Furthermore, 60,000 Gold was a huge sum to a superpower, as well. None of them would be willing to spend so much Gold for a modest restaurant like the Forest Traveler.

“Lord Demon Hunter, I recommend the hotels and restaurants on the last page. Many customers favor those establishments in particular. I cannot guarantee that these establishments will be available during your next visit,” the Elf administrator said, flashing Shi Feng a cunning smile when he noticed the Swordsman stare tentatively at the list’s final page.

Shi Feng rolled his eyes at the Elf administrator.

The administrator’s comment made one thing clear; he would either have to give up on the Forest Traveler or give up on renting another dozen or so hotels and restaurants. Both options would rob Shi Feng of profits.

“I’m interested in renting this Forest Traveler, but why must it only be rented by the year? Can it not be rented on a monthly basis?” Shi Feng asked as he gestured to the Forest Traveler’s information on the list He wanted to see if the system would grant him any other options.

“The Forest Traveler?” The Elf administrator repositioned his glasses as he took a look at the list. Smiling, he explained, “This restaurant has encountered some operational problems and urgently needs funding. That is why the owner had decided to rent the restaurant. We have suggested that the owner accept a monthly rent, but the owner is adamant about his decision.

Due to your status, Lord Demon Hunter, the city is willing to help you negotiate altered conditions with the owner. However, each negotiation will cost a 1,000-Gold fee. May I know if you wish to open negotiations?”

“One thousand Gold per negotiation?” The corners of Shi Feng’s mouth twitched.

Shi Feng was no stranger to negotiations. This was the precise reason that the three superpowers had sent their merchant players to purchase the city’s Lands, not their upper echelons. The higher-ranked a merchant player was, the more ability they’d have to reduce an item’s price. Some merchant players could even negotiate for price cuts by offering NPCs favorable conditions.

However, this was the first time Shi Feng had encountered a 1,000-Gold negotiation fee.

“That’s right. As a noble in our city, you have the right to three negotiation attempts. Of course, the city cannot guarantee the negotiations’ results,” the Elf administrator explained.

“Alright, let’s open the negotiations, then.” Shi Feng sighed as he took 1,000 Gold from his bag.

After receiving the money, the Elf administrator left the room.

To put it simply, the purpose of these negotiations was to convince the owner to adjust the rental requirements. Whether or not the player gained the upper hand would depend on their luck.

After five minutes, the Elf administrator returned with new rental conditions for the Forest Traveler.

Now, instead of paying a full year of rent for the Forest Traveler, Shi Feng could secure the establishment for 10 months of rent at 54,000 Gold. While this new condition had reduced the total payment and shortened the required lease duration, the average monthly rent had increased considerably. This wasn’t a favorable option.

Declining the option, Shi Feng paid 1,000 Gold for another negotiation attempt

The second negotiation’s outcome still required annual rent, but it could be paid in installments. Shi Feng would have to pay a 50,000-Gold downpayment However, he’d then have to pay 15,000 within one month.

Seeing this result, Shi Feng regretted leaving Icarus’s Heart with Aqua Rose. If he had the godly necklace with him right now, he might have had a better result.

With no other choice, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and paid for the third negotiation attempt.

If the conditions were still too stringent, he would have to give up on the Forest Traveler for now. After all, the Forest Traveler would not generate much income within a short period. Meanwhile, he was extremely tight for money right now. Although the Forest Traveler was tempting, he needed to earn a large sum of Coins quickly.

As the Elf administrator returned for the third time, Shi Feng silently prayed that the new rental conditions were in his favor.

“Congratulations, Lord Demon Hunter. After our third round of negotiations, the Forest Traveler’s owner has agreed to adjust

the lease’s duration to six months. However, you will have to pay 45,000 Gold. In exchange, you will receive 40% of the Forest Traveler’s profits instead of 20% during those six months.”