Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1892 - Complete Legacy "Trial Emblem?"

Chapter 1892 – Complete Legacy “Trial Emblem?”

“How did he just trade with that NPC? Didn’t she refuse to trade with us a moment ago?”

When Lu Xingluo and the others heard the female Elf’s words, they were stunned.

When they had visited the elven temple, they had spoken with its NPCs. After asking around, they had verified that only 300 players could attempt the class-change quest every two hours.

They had tried to speak with the female Elf at the exchange counter as well, but she had ignored their questions, stating that she’d only deal with people of noble status or higher, yet she treated Shi Feng with such respect. Moreover, she had taken the initiative to introduce Shi Feng to the products she offered…

There’s still such a method? Unyielding Heart and his companions watched Shi Feng purchase Trial Emblems with glowing eyes. They had never expected Shi Feng to have such access to the class-change quest.

So, this is Zero Wing’s Sword King? Shi Feng’s display greatly surprised Illusory Words.

The only Guilds with a Sea of Trees Teleportation Key were Starlink, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor. Hence, one could say that their Guilds were the most familiar with the Sea of Trees. However, based on Shi Feng’s performance thus far, it was obvious that he knew even more about the Sea of Trees than they did. In fact, he even possessed a special status in the Sea of Trees.

As the crowd watched, Shi Feng spent 450 Gold to purchase nine Trial Emblems. He then handed the emblems to the nine Zero Wing members he had brought with him.

Purchasing a Trial Emblem was the same as applying for the Class-change Quest. Only, this method was 10 Gold cheaper. Using the Trial Emblems when attempting the quest also granted two difficulty modes to choose from: Normal Mode and Hard Mode. Normal Mode was no different than the Class-change Quest without the emblem, but if players chose Hard Mode, they’d be sent to a different trial. However, if players chose to challenge Hard Mode, they would be sent to a different trial.

Furthermore, unlike the Normal Mode Quest, which only 20 players could complete each week, Hard Mode didn’t have such a limit. As long as one had access to the Trial Emblems and could afford them, they could enable as many players to become Traveling Bards as they wanted. The Hard Mode Quest had been Shi Feng’s goal since the very beginning.

Players could only acquire the complete Traveling Bard Legacy the Primordial Elf Kings had left behind, becoming true Traveling Bards, by completing the Hard Mode Class-change Quest. If players only completed the Normal Mode Quest, they would only acquire a portion of the Legacy, becoming a pseudo-Tier 2 player.

However, the Hard Mode Quest was incredibly difficult to clear, even more challenging than normal Tier 2 Promotion Quests. The Hard Mode Quest was the equivalent of the Tier 2 Hell Mode Promotion Quest. Unless one’s combat and equipment standards had reached a certain level, challenging the Class-change Quest would only lead to failure. If a player failed the quest, they’d have to wait a while before they could challenge it again.

Hence, every player Aqua Rose had selected for this class-change was an expert capable of reaching the Trial Tower-s seventh floor. In addition, all nine were Intermediate Magicians, and among these nine players, five had been well-known Tier 4 experts in the past. However, since they had merely been independent players, their access to resources had been limited. Even though they had been members of wel卜known adventurer teams, they had lacked the resources to reach Tier 5.

The remaining four had been experts in first-rate Guilds. Even the weakest among them had reached Tier 4 in the past, and the strongest, Happy Wind, had been a Tier 5 Traveling Bard. Naturally, things had changed in this life, and all nine of these players had joined Zero Wing.

With these nine players’ combat standards, their chances of completing the Hard Mode Quest should’ve been quite low, but Aqua Rose had given each of them a Primordial Soul before they had come to the Sea of Trees. With the increased physique the Primordial Soul granted, these nine should have a much higher chance of completing the Hard Mode Quest.

As Shi Feng distributed the Trial Emblems to his players, Unyielding Soul’s group approached him.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, can I trouble you to help us purchase some Trial Emblems as well? I will buy them at a 50% markup. Of course, if that is not enough, I can increase the price,” Unyielding Heart offered, feeling slightly embarrassed.

Originally, Zero Wing had tried to purchase class-change slots from Unyielding Soul, which, in turn, had increased the competition Unyielding Soul faced. Now, however, Unyielding Soul approached Zero Wing for the same, increasing Zero Wing’s competition. This put Unyielding Heart in a bind.

Long Soul and Hunting Blade, who stood beside Unyielding Heart, felt ashamed as they considered their earlier attitude towards Zero Wing.

They had assumed that Zero Wing had taken advantage of their Guild, but now, it seemed that Zero Wing would become Unyielding Soul’s benefactor. It was only thanks to Zero Wing that their Guild had overcome the incident in the Purple Night Plaza. Now, they had to rely on Zero Wing once more to gain access to the class-change quest. If not for Zero Wing, they would’ve had no hope of competing with Starlink…

“Sure enough, you really are Guild Leader Black Flame. Hello, I am Illusory Words of Crimson Emperor. On behalf of Crimson Emperor, I wish to seek your help in purchasing Trial Emblems. I am willing to offer double the original price. May I know if you are willing to lend me your aid?” Illusory Words asked gently as she approached Shi Feng.

Everyone was stunned as they watched the Vice Guild Leaders of two super-first-rate Guilds approach Shi Feng for help. If the public found out about this, they’d be shocked.

“Our Guild Leader is so amazing! Even superpowers are asking him for help!”

“That’s only natural! That’s Zero Wing’s Guild Leader we’re talking about!”

“Quick, look at the stupid faces Starlink’s members are making!”

The nine Zero Wing members that had obtained the Trial Emblem chatted about their Guild Leader, reverence flashing in their eyes as they looked at Shi Feng.

Before they had joined Zero Wing, even first-rate Guilds had been colossal existences in their eyes, let alone super-first-rate Guilds. Super-first-rate Guilds were the virtual gaming world’s overlords, yet two such Guilds wanted their Guild’s help. This was simply unbelievable.

“That won’t be a problem. Let’s forget about the price markup. Instead, I hope that your two Guilds can help with a problem of mine,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words.

“Help?” Both Vice Guild Leaders gave Shi Feng confused looks.

They had brought with them a lot of players to attempt the class-change quest. In total, both had a little over 1,000 players. Even with a 50% price markup, Shi Feng could earn over 25,000 Gold instantly, a huge sum for a first-rate Guild. If Shi Feng charged a slightly higher price, he would even have enough money to build a town.

Yet, Shi Feng only wanted their assistance.

“That’s right I need your two Guilds to help me with something. In return, I’ll help you buy as many Trial Emblems as you want” Shi Feng nodded. There was no limit on the number of Trial Emblems one could purchase. It was a privilege for the Sea of Trees’ nobles, allowing them to skip the queue and granting a small discount when applying for the Class-change Quest. There was nothing special about it.

Moreover, even with the Trial Emblems, neither of these Guilds would become a competitor for Zero Wing. After all, the Hard Mode Quest was Zero Wing’s target; it didn’t have to worry about any competition.

“May I know what kind of help Guild Leader Black Flame requires?” Illusory Words asked.

Although the Traveling Bard class was valuable, if Shi Feng’s request threatened her Guild’s foundations, she had to refuse.

“Right, you can’t consider your decision properly if I don’t tell you the details. To put it simply, I’d like to borrow 200 Tier 2 experts from each of your Guilds. What are your thoughts on this?” Shi Feng explained.