Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1890 - Breaking the Barrier in One Hit

Chapter 1890 – Breaking the Barrier in One Hit

When the watching crowd saw the Level 85 Personal Guard, Anna, they were dumbfounded.

“Destroy it?”

Unyielding Heart and the other Unyielding Soul members felt their anticipation melt away when they saw that Shi Feng had merely summoned his Personal Guard. Meanwhile, Crimson Emperor’s upper echelons couldn’t help but laugh at the Swordsman.

“Is that kid stupid? What is a Tier 2 NPC going to do in this situation?” a woman in white robes among Crimson Emperor’s members said as she shook her head. She had a tall, slender figure and radiated a mature charm.

While Anna was no doubt the highest-leveled Personal Guard she had ever seen, Anna was still only Tier 2. She wasn’t much different than the players trapped in the plaza.

Magic arrays couldn’t be destroyed simply by someone with a high-level. Otherwise, a Level 200, Tier 1 NPC should be just as capable of destroying a town’s defensive magic array as a Level 80, Tier 4 NPC. Unfortunately, that was not the case. In reality, a Level 200, Tier 1 NPC would struggle to damage a defensive magic array, whereas a Level 80, Tier 4 NPC would have no trouble doing so.

This was the power of tiers!

Not only did higher tiers provide quantitative transformations, but they also qualitatively improved one’s power.

This was the case for magic arrays as well. The higher-ranked a magic array was, the purer its Mana would be. Depending on the purity of the Mana powering the magic array, the barrier could be as weak as paper or as tough as iron.

Hence, Anna was only superior to Tier 2 players on a quantitative level; there was no difference in the quality of their strength. Since none of the players in the barrier had managed to deal any damage to it, Anna wouldn’t be able to, either.

“Vice Guild Leader, Starlink’s trap is simply vicious. We have no choice but to sacrifice one of our players. We can have them pass the key to the Guild Leader to prepare another team,” a Level 57, Tier 2 Guardian Knight quietly suggested to the white-clad woman.

The white-clad woman was none other than Illusory Words, Crimson Emperor’s Second Vice Guild Leader. Illusory Words had also been recognized as one of the Ten Great Clerics by the Secret Pavilion.

“Alright, get it done.” Illusory Words nodded.

There was a method to escape the magic barrier before its duration ended, although players wouldn’t use this method unless absolutely necessary. That method was death. When players died, they’d automatically resurrect in the nearest graveyards half an hour after their death. While doing so would allow players to escape the barrier, it would cost a level.

However, the current situation did not allow for such concerns. It was better to have one player die and get the key to their Guild Leader within 30 minutes than waste eight hours in the plaza. Their Guild Leader could organize another team to enter the Sea of Trees while the player waited for resurrection.

If they got lucky, they might claim two or three Traveling Bard spots. At the very least, it’d be better than nothing at all.

As Crimson Emperor’s members prepared to enact their plan, Anna finished chanting her incantation and writing the series of divine runes. Immediately, a golden magic array formed above the plaza, and a Level 85 Valkyrie with pure-white wings descended before the trapped players.

The Tier 4 Valkyrie’s aura was so intense that it felt stifling to the players in the plaza.

“A Tier 4 Valkyrie?” When Illusory Words saw the white-winged Valkyrie hovering in the air, she could not help but turn to Shi Feng’s cloaked figure. “Could he be Black Flame?”

A lot happened in God’s Domain each day, and a new power or rising expert practically emerged with each sunrise. Not even she, one of Crimson Emperor’s Vice Guild Leaders could remember each of these powers and experts, but she had a clear impression of the Tier 4 Valkyrie. After all, the Tier 4 Valkyrie was a considerable threat to any superpower.

With a slight flap of her wings, a storm brewed, and the Valkyrie vanished. By the time she reappeared, she hovered before the illusory barrier. The Valkyrie then thrust her Sacred Thunder Spear at the semi-translucent wall.


With a deafening explosion, countless arcs of lightning crashed into the magic barrier.

The barrier began to tremble. Despite the assault of so many players earlier, the barrier hadn’t reacted in the slightest, yet just one of the Valkyrie’s attacks was enough to shake it.

What power! Illusory Words watched with slight surprise.

The barrier hadn’t even reacted when Unyielding Heart had attacked with a Tier 4 Magic Scroll, but now, the Valkyrie’s attack had deformed the barrier. One could easily imagine how powerful the Valkyrie’s attack was.

However, as the lightning began to fade, the magic barrier stilled. A second later, the barrier recovered to its original state as if it hadn’t been attacked at all.

“Even that wasn’t enough?” Unyielding Heart’s expression soured as the magic barrier recovered.

While it was true that the Valkyrie’s attack had been effective, it was clear that the strike had only depleted a small portion of the magic barrier’s energy reserves. It would take a considerable amount of time for the Valkyrie to destroy the barrier. Unfortunately, he was somewhat familiar with Shi Feng’s Valkyrie; he knew that it could only remain for a short time. Most likely, the Valkyrie would not be able to deplete the magic barrier’s energy reserves before her duration ran out.

This left them with only the option of escaping by death. Although he knew it would be meaningless.

Players that could manipulate Intermediate Magic Arrays would have a 20% higher chance of completing their class-change. Even if Unyielding Soul formed another team, locating Tier 1, Intermediate Magician experts would be impossible. Intermediate Magician experts were extremely rare, and he had already gathered every one his Guild had here.

Even if the Guild organized another team to enter the Sea of Trees, if Unyielding Soul’s members were 30 minutes late and had a lower success rate, how could they compete with Starlink?

Of course, they could sacrifice the Intermediate Magician experts with him. It would give them a better chance of competing, but that plan left another issue.

Would players resurrect inside the magic barrier after they died?

If players resurrected inside the barrier instead of the nearest graveyard after the 30-minute wait had passed, they’d sacrifice a level for nothing.

Is there no choice but to risk it? Unyielding Heart gritted his teeth as he considered the option.

As Unyielding Heart contemplated, the Valkyrie readied to throw her Sacred Thunder Spear at the magic barrier.

However, the surrounding crowd had already given up hope. Since the previous attack had failed, this one shouldn’t fare any better.

However, Shi Feng, who had remained still earlier, suddenly activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, his aura’s intensity instantly skyrocketing. He then slashed at the barrier with Killing Ray.

Lightning Slash!

The Valkyrie threw her Sacred Thunder Spear at the same moment.

Two streaks of light, one blue and one gold, collided at a single point on the magic barrier as one.

With another explosion, the two streaks of light shot through the barrier. Following which, the crowd heard the sound of cracking glass.

Cracks then began to web themselves across the illusory barrier.


A moment later, the blue sky returned above the players’ heads.

“How is this possible?”

“The barrier shattered?”

“What did he do?”

Both Unyielding Soul’s Unyielding Heart and Crimson Emperor’s Illusory Words gave Shi Feng incredulous looks.