Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1885 - Basic Teleportation Device Silverwing Town, airport

Chapter 1885 – Basic Teleportation Device

Silverwing Town, airport

Due to the airport’s appearance, the previously desolate sector of the town had become a hub for players and NPCs. Many players lingered outside of the airport, hawking their wares or recruiting team members.

“So, this is Silverwing Town? The players here are so high-leveled! The town’s average level can already complete with Black Dragon City’s players.”

“Don’t you know? Many expert players have come to develop in Silverwing Town since it has become easier to travel here from Star-Moon City and the town’s transportation quests offer such bountiful rewards. I’ve heard that players can even purchase cheap Secret-Silver weapons and Equipment from Silverwing Town’s Transportation Firm from time to time.”

As players left the airport, some couldn’t help their surprise when they saw how prosperous Silverwing Town had become. Practically every player roaming the street outside the airport was Level 53 or above, with the majority being Level 54 and 55. Tier 2 experts were also common. However, the players selling equipment and tools were the most shocking.

In Black Dragon City, the Black Dragon Empire’s imperial capital, players rarely sold Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment. However, on the street outside the airport, quite a few players did just that. Moreover, their prices were 20% lower than in Black Dragon City. Although, despite the 20% discount, the prices were still beyond ordinary players’ budgets.

Meanwhile, after receiving a brief explanation on Silverwing Town, first-time visitors’ eyes glowed with excitement.

Based on what they had heard thus far, developing in Silverwing Town would be far more successful than in Black Dragon City. Not only did the town offer many income sources for independent players like themselves, but acquiring Level 50 weapons and equipment was also easier here. It was even said that the Transportation Firm offered Level 50 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment. The only problem was the Transportation Firm Contribution Point requirement, and those would not be easy to collect.

The airport’s benefits are really amazing. It’s no wonder why Guild Towns with airports had quickly become Advanced Cities, Shi Feng thought as he gazed at the crowded street before him. He had never thought that the airport would become so prosperous after just a few days.

Although he had told Aqua Rose to increase Silverwing Town’s player population limit, he didn’t think it would be long before they reached the new limit.

If he wanted to resolve this issue, he’d have to upgrade Silverwing Town to an Advanced Town soon. Although an Advanced Town was still a town, it was significantly larger than an Intermediate Town, nearly half the size of a Basic City.

However, upgrading Silverwing Town to Advanced rank wouldn’t be an easy task.

Aside from the required Popularity, neutraltowns needed sufficient security to qualify for a promotion.

Currently, gaining Popularity wasn’t a problem for Silverwing Town. With how many players the airport and Transportation Firm attracted, Silverwing Town gained a large amount of Popularity each day. It wouldn’t be long before Silverwing Town met the requirement for an Advanced Town. Unfortunately, doing the same for the town’s security would be challenging.

In terms of defensive structures, Silverwing Town definitely passed as it had five Magic Towers and a large number of Defense Turrets. However, any additional Defense Turrets wouldn’t provide much to the town’s security.

A town or city’s security was divided into two factors; defensive structures and NPC soldiers.

There were two methods of increasing NPC soldiers’ strength. The first involved improving the soldiers’ combat standards. The second required upgrading the NPC soldiers’ weapons and equipment. Unfortunately, not even Shi Feng had a method of improving the NPCs’ combat standards. It all depended on the NPCs the town recruited. All he could do right now to strengthen Silverwing Town’s NPC soldiers was improve their weapons and equipment However, boosting the NPC soldiers to meet the strength requirement for a promotion would require a large number of Coins…

To reach the security standard for a promotion to Advanced rank, 600 of Silverwing Town’s 2,000 NPC soldiers would need to wear full sets of Fine-Gold Equipment. Currently, only 120 NPC soldiers wielded Fine-Gold Equipment. Meanwhile, gearing the remaining 480 NPCs would cost close to 290,000 Gold in total…

The greatest difficulty other Guilds faced when trying to upgrade a neutral town was the town’s Popularity. During his previous life, the Guild Towns had generally fulfilled their security requirements long before they fulfilled their Popularity requirements. However, Zero Wing was the exact opposite.

This was precisely the reason for Shi Feng’s current headache.

Zero Wing simply didn’t have enough money!

From an outsider’s point of view, Zero Wing was quite wealthy. However, Shi Feng knew how truly broke his Guild was. Just taking care of Silverwing Town’s development had drastically slowed Zero Wing City and the Lost Town’s. Now, he also needed 290,000 Gold to upgrade Silverwing Town…

This predicament was the reason he had set his sights on the Sea of Trees.

In Unyielding Soul’s opinion, he just wanted the Traveling Bard class to strengthen Zero Wing’s teams so that the Guild could secure better weapons and equipment. In reality, however, the Traveling Bard class was nothing to him.

The Sea of Trees itself was his true target.

As players gradually unlocked the city’s various features, the legendary Dream City would enjoy immense fame throughout the continent of God’s Domain.

Thus far, the populace was still unaware that the Sea of Trees was actually a trade city for the various neutral races.

Of course, this feature would only become available after players had removed the city’s second seal. At that time, neutral NPCs would swarm to the Sea of Trees, and after the third seal was removed, neutral players would join them. At that time, like Blackwing City’s passes, the Sea of Trees’ keys would become more common in neutral races’ maps. The keys would no longer be limited to the Dark Night Empire. Unlocking this feature would also open trade between human players and neutral players.

Although there did not seem to be many neutral players in the game right now, when they gathered, they would easily outnumber an empire’s player population. After all, many players desired a stronger body, and becoming a neutral race would satisfy this desire.

Since no one knew this secret yet, he had to prepare to secure a share of the profits, using this opportunity to make a fortune. It wouldn’t be long before the Sea of Trees’ second seal was removed, and if he didn’t take action quickly, the Dark Night Empire’s three main powers would claim the Dream City’s benefits.

However, gaining these benefits had a prerequisite.


Lots and lots of Coins!

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng hurried towards a large, empty Shop not far from the airport. This was one of the many Shops Shi Feng had left empty specifically for the airport.

Immediately, Shi Feng took out the Basic Teleportation Device and a large number of materials from his bag. He then began to set up the device in the center of the Shop’s main hall.

After working non-stop for eight hours, Shi Feng finally formed the necessary magic arrays and magic circuits, connecting them to the Basic Teleportation Device. As he finished his work, he released a sigh of relief.

The necessary magic arrays were not easy to form. Players needed a strong understanding of Advanced Magic Arrays to do so. Creating the necessary magic circuits was even more complex. These magic circuits had to be connected to God’s Domain’s leylines. Normally, the task required three Advanced Magicians, but since he was Zero Wing’s only Advanced Magician right now, he had to complete the task slowly. Fortunately, he had grasped the production process for Advanced Magic Arrays. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to utilize the Basic Teleportation Device at all.

System: You have successfully connected the Leyline Magic Circuit. Do you wish to activate the Basic Teleportation Device?