Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1884 - Tier 2 Special Class

Chapter 1884 – Tier 2 Special Class

After Shi Feng’s statement, the room fell deathly silent.


Unyielding Heart couldn’t help but stare at Shi Feng in shock. He had never dreamed that Shi Feng’s appetite would be so intense. Not only wasn’t the man satisfied with 70,000 Gold in rare materials, but he had also set his sights on Unyielding Soul’s Sea of Trees.

“The Sea of Trees?” Questions filled Aqua Rose’s mind. She didn’t recognize the name, and that made her curious. What was the ‘Sea of Trees’ that it was enough for Shi Feng to refuse so many valuable resources? Moreover, based on Unyielding Heart and his companions’ expressions, the Sea of Trees clearly wasn’t ordinary.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, if you wish to involve the Sea of Trees in this transaction, Unyielding Soul will have to bow out,” Long Soul firmly declared as he stood. “It is best if you consider something else.”

The Sea of Trees was a legendary city in the Dark Night Empire. Anybody could learn that much after a little research. Besides, it was no longer a secret in the empire. Many experts had already learned of the Sea of Trees and traveled to Dark Night City to join Starlink.

However, unlike Starlink, Unyielding Soul had no intentions of sharing the Sea of Trees.

Hunting Blade nodded as well from beside Long Soul. The Sea of Trees was far beyond Unyielding Soul’s bottom line. Zero Wing must be dreaming if it thought it could demand a share of the profits in exchange for two Dark-Gold Set Equipment.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to refuse. Aren’t you interested in what I have to offer?” Long Soul’s reaction didn’t particularly surprise Shi Feng.

The Sea of Trees was a unique secret land, which had been created by the Six Great Primordial Elf Kings. Like Primordial City, the Sea of Trees could provide players immense help, but the Sea of Trees primarily focused on magic research. Players could find many magic arrays that weren’t available in God’s Domain’s NPC towns and cities. Players could also improve their grasp on magic arrays, as well as their Spell Completion Rates. Because of this, the various major powers in the past had placed heavy importance on the Sea of Trees.

After the Sea of Trees activated, players would only be able to visit the city if they had a key. As a result, the city’s entry slots were incredibly precious. However, as players continued to unlock more of the city’s features, the entry conditions would loosen. In the end, the Sea of Trees had become one of the most famous NPC cities throughout God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, the Sea of Trees’ most well-known benefit was its Tier 2 Special Class, Traveling Bard!

As one of the few semi-support classes available at Tier 2, the class had the ability to boost teammates, although the Traveling Bard didn’t command high DPS. A Traveling Bard could increase a 100-man team’s combat power by at least 15%. This was why the various large Guilds had valued this Tier 2 Special Class.

Naturally, Unyielding Soul would have a greater advantage if it monopolized the class for as long as possible.

“It doesn’t matter what you say. We won’t budge on this matter,” Long Soul growled resolutely.

Unyielding Soul had researched the Traveling Bard class in detail, so they knew just how much help the class would provide to a team. As long as Unyielding Soul had Traveling Bard players, the Guild could clear Team Dungeons far faster than other superpowers.

As for Starlink and Crimson Emperor, who had also obtained keys to enter the Sea of Trees, neither would share their slots to ensure their advantage over their competition.

“What if I told you that I have a way to increase players’ success rate of becoming Traveling Bards?” Shi Feng asked, chuckling. “I know a little about the Traveling Bard class. I have heard that a limited number of players can class-change into a Traveling Bard; 20 per week, I think? Moreover, I don’t believe that Unyielding Soul is the only Guild in the Dark Night Empire that has acquired the keys to enter the city.”

“How do you know this?!” Long Soul stared at Shi Feng in shock.

The matter regarding the city’s keys should’ve been a core secret that only their three Guilds knew.

Players outside of the Guilds should only know that they could become Traveling Bards after visiting the Sea of Trees, but how could such a massive advantage exist without limit? There was indeed a player limit for the Promotion Quest; only 20 players could acquire the class each week. Once that limit had been reached, players would have to wait seven days before they could attempt the class-change.

“Increase the class-change success rate? Guild Leader Black Flame, do you really have a way of doing so?” Unyielding Heart could not help his growing interest.

Although seven days wasn’t a long time, it wasn’t very short, either. The various superpowers’ main force members would surpass Level 60 after two Cooldown cycles. At that time, Tier 2 players would not be as much of a rarity. Fortunately, the Traveling Bards’ value wouldn’t lessen in that time, although the class would be most valuable during the first two Cooldown cycles.

Currently, the Dark Night Empire’s three main powers vied for these first 20 slots. If it were possible to increase the class- change success rate, Unyielding Soul would have a massive advantage over its competition.

“Of course. Moreover, my method increases the success rate by at least 20%,” Shi Feng confidently explained.

“A 20% improvement?” Unyielding Heart gasped.

Although the Traveling Bard’s Class-change quest was slightly easier than the usual Tier 2 Promotion Quest, that didn’t mean it was easy. The experts Unyielding Soul had carefully selected to attempt the class-change only had a success rate of roughly 50%. If it were possible to increase that by 20%, Unyielding Soul could monopolize the 20 slots.

“The Sea of Trees’ initial entry slots are incomparably precious. Besides, how do we know that you’re telling us the truth?” Long Soul stated.

“I don’t have any proof. It is up to you to believe me or not. I only want 10 entry slots into the city. I’ll also reduce the price for the two sets to 50,000 Gold in resources,” Shi Feng said, smiling.

“You…” For a time, Long Soul was at a loss for words.

“Alright, I’ll agree to your offer on behalf of Unyielding Soul,” Mu Lingsha, who had remained silent all this time, said suddenly.

“Miss Mu, what if he’s just spouting nonsense…” Long Soul tried to dissuade the woman.

“I don’t believe that Guild Leader Black Flame would trick us. Furthermore, his understanding of the Traveling Bard class isn’t inferior to ours in the least. This proves that he knows what he’s talking about,” Mu Lingsha said.

Since Mu Lingsha was so determined, Long Soul had no choice but to nod silently.

However, as Mu Lingsha had implied, only the core upper echelons of the Dark Night Empire’s three major Guilds should know any details related to the Traveling Bard class. Information leaks should be impossible, yet Shi Feng had revealed accurate information on the class. This proved that he indeed knew something.

“Alright, let us sign a contract, then.” Once Unyielding Soul’s group had agreed, Shi Feng revealed a contract he had prepared beforehand. He then filled in some of the blank areas of the contract before handing it to Unyielding Soul’s representatives.

The conditions were very simple. Unyielding Soul would give Zero Wing ten entry slots to the Sea of Trees and 50,000 Gold in rare resources. In return, Zero Wing would hand over the two Dark-Gold Set Equipment and the information on how to increase the class-change success rate for the Traveling Bard class.

After both sides had signed the contract, Shi Feng revealed his method to Mu Lingsha.

In truth, the method was very simple: learn how to produce magic arrays. As long as one could manufacture Intermediate Magic Arrays, players would have a far easier time when attempting the Traveling Bard Class-change Quest.

Although the method was simple, nurturing players to the Intermediate Magician standard wouldn’t be. Hence, Shi Feng had only asked for ten slots. After all, the number of Tier 1 players that could craft Intermediate Magic Arrays was incredibly low. Most expert players in God’s Domain would be fortunate if they could produce Basic Magic Arrays, much less Intermediate rank.

Both sides then agreed to meet up in Dark Night City two days before they’d head to the Sea of Trees.

When Shi Feng had completed his side of the bargain, he received 50,000 Gold in resources.

These materials should be enough to set up the Basic Teleportation Device. Shi Feng smiled at the Magic Crystals and materials Unyielding Heart had transferred to him.

Although the system had awarded a Basic Teleportation Device, setting it up in a town or city required additional Magic Crystals and materials. In fact, the task demanded 20,000 Magic Crystals and roughly 4,000 Gold in materials. Previously, due to the battle against Beast Emperor, Zero Wing had spent most of the Magic Crystals it had stockpiled.

Fortunately, Shi Feng’s deal with Unyielding Heart had netted him 40,000 Magic Crystals, more than enough to set up the Basic Teleportation Device.

Immediately after the meeting, Shi Feng made his way for Silverwing Town’s most popular attraction_the airport.