Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1883 - Set Equipment of Astronomical Value

Chapter 1883 – Set Equipment of Astronomical Value

Four people sat in the second-floor VIP reception room in Zero Wing’s Guild Residence. When Shi Feng and Aqua Rose entered, these four people shifted their gazes toward the door.

“Sorry for the long wait,” Shi Feng said.

He was already acquainted with two of the four players, Unyielding Heart and Mu Lingsha. Shi Feng also recognized the other two; they had been experts that ever large Guild in God’s Domain had known about during his previous life.

One of these two was a Level 57, Tier 2 Elementalist called Long Soul, while the other was a Level 57, Tier 2 Guardian Knight called Hunting Blade.

In the past, Long Soul had also been known as the Crimson Wizard, whereas Hunting Blade had been known as the Iron Giant Although neither had ranked on the God’s Domain’s Experts List in the past, the Secret Pavilion had given them official titles.

They hadn’t ranked simply because they hadn’t wanted to. Every superpower had their own secrets, and none of them would display every expert they had. Hence, under pressure from the various superpowers, the Secret Pavilion hadn’t included every expert on the God’s Domain Experts List. However, the Secret Pavilion had still provided a brief description of some of these experts.

All of the experts that had earned a title had striking battle records. Although Long Soul and Hunting Blade hadn’t been as famous as Unyielding Heart, they weren’t any weaker than the Guild Leader.

Of course, the two players had only earned their titles after reaching Tier 3 in the game. At this point, few people knew these players’ true abilities.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you’ve come,” Unyielding Heart said, smiling as he stood. He then gestured to Long Soul and Hunting Blade and said, “Let me introduce you. This is Long Soul, Unyielding Soul’s Chief Elementalist, and this is Hunting Blade, Unyielding Soul’s Chief Guardian Knight.”

“Hello.” Both Long Soul and Hunting Blade nodded at Shi Feng as they carefully observed the Swordsman’s every action, attempting to determine Shi Feng’s capabilities.

Shi Feng was a large part of the reason for Zero Wing’s current success. The Guild had even secured a foothold in the Ore Empire and forcibly dissuaded the various superpowers from targeting Zero Wing.

Some time ago, Zero Wing had even sold Unyielding Soul a large number of Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons, which allowed Unyielding Soul to earn the First Clear in a Level 50, large-scale Team Dungeon and become the first Guild in the Dark Night Empire to reach 3-star status. It was because of these achievements that Unyielding Soul now had more capital to contend with Starlink in its home empire.

Once everyone had been introduced, Unyielding Heart removed a list from his bag and handed it to Shi Feng.

A quick glance at the list left Shi Feng confused.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I suspect that you might be interested in the items listed; am I correct?” Unyielding Heart asked, smiling.

“You are. Zero Wing is very interested in acquiring these items,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

Every item on the list was a material that Zero Wing was currently trying to purchase in bulk. There were even materials for crafting the Hell Tank among them.

Certain materials the Hell Tank required couldn’t be acquired from Team Dungeons. Only a few special maps produced these materials. Unfortunately, the various large Guilds valued these materials and usually didn’t sell them. Hence, Melancholic Smile could only try her best to purchase these materials from other countries’ independent players.

Since he had no real reason to hide the fact, Shi Feng acknowledged his need for these materials. Any large Guild could easily deduce that Zero Wing was attempting to collect materials, after all. Only, these Guilds did not know what Zero Wing wanted the materials for.

“Unyielding Soul is willing to sell these materials to Zero Wing in bulk and at market price,” Unyielding Heart said.

“You’re willing to sell Zero Wing?” Shi Feng smiled. “That would be wonderful, but I doubt that’s why you’re here.”

If Unyielding Soul only wanted to sell Zero Wing these rare materials, Unyielding Heart wouldn’t have personally visited the Guild. He could have simply sent a subordinate to initiate the transaction. Moreover, Unyielding Heart had gone so far as to bring the Crimson Wizard and Iron Giant with him.

“Of course, that’s not the only reason I’ve come. I would like to trade these rare materials for the Dark Corrosion Set and Sundial Set earlier than planned. I believe the price I have to offer will be to your satisfaction,” Unyielding Heart said, nodding as he revealed his true motive.

“You want to conduct the transaction in advance?” Glancing at Long Soul and Hunting Blade, Shi Feng realized why Unyielding Heart had brought these two with him today. “Unfortunately, I’ve already informed you and the Phoenix Pavilion Master of the auction date for the two sets. If I trade with you now, I’m afraid that it won’t be fair to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.”

The Dark Corrosion Set and Sundial Set were both Level 55 to Level 60 Dark-Gold Set Equipment. If Long Soul and Hunting Blade could use these sets now, they could be of great help to their Guild. It was no wonder why Unyielding Heart wished to conduct the transaction ahead of time.

“I understand. That is why Unyielding Soul is willing to offer you 70,000 Gold’s worth of rare materials or Magic Crystals for the two sets. I don’t believe that even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion is capable of making such an offer. If you’re uncertain, we can also contact the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and conduct an impromptu auction right now. I believe the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion won’t object to the arrangement,” Unyielding Heart said.

When Long Soul and Hunting Blade heard Unyielding Soul’s statement, their expressions changed. They both wondered if their Guild Leader had lost his mind. This wasn’t the price they had agreed on earlier.

Not only had Unyielding Heart asked to purchase the two sets for 70,000 Gold, but he even offered to settle the bill with extremely rare materials. For that price, they could purchase quite a few sets of individual Level 60 Dark-Gold Equipment

“Seventy thousand Gold in rare materials?” Shi Feng was astonished when he heard the proposal.

Shi Feng had to admit that the offer was tempting. He had intended to set the starting bid for the Dark Corrosion Set at 24,000 Gold, and that price was only so high because the set was meant for MTs. He had thought he’d be lucky to sell the Sundial Set for 10,000 Gold. At best, he had estimated that he could sell the two sets for a total of 50,000 Gold.

Yet, Unyielding Heart had just offered 70,000 Gold for the sets. Moreover, he was willing to pay with the rare materials Shi Feng needed to produce the Hell Tank.

As Unyielding Heart had stated, Phoenix Rain couldn’t match such an astronomical price. The Dark Corrosion Set and Sundial Sets were only Level 60 Dark-Gold Set Equipment at best, not Epic Equipment, which could be used until Level 100 or beyond.

Aqua Rose, who stood quietly to the side, flashed Unyielding a surprised expression. She hadn’t expected the other Guild Leader to be so mad.

Now that Zero Wing had garrisoned in the Secret Stone Fortress and transferred a large number of Guild members to it, the Guild urgently needed a large number of Coins and resources. If Zero Wing could secure the resources Unyielding Heart had just offered, this transaction could accelerate Zero Wing’s occupation of the Ore Empire’s southeastern region.

When Unyielding Heart saw Shi Feng and Aqua Rose’s satisfied expressions, his smile brightened.

Although he had offered to purchase the sets at a much higher price than he had initially planned, he had done so to avoid a scene. If he had competed with Phoenix Rain in an auction, the risk of leaked information would increase.

Remorsefully, Shi Feng shook his head.

“Seventy thousand Gold is indeed tempting, but please, allow me to refuse,” Shi Feng said as he returned the list to Unyielding Heart, firm determination in his eyes.

“Are you not satisfied with my offer?” Unyielding Heart was stunned.

Long Soul and Hunting Blade stared at Shi Feng, as well. They both thought that Shi Feng had lost his mind. No one else would offer such a generous price, yet Shi Feng had rejected it.

“No, I find it quite satisfying,” Shi Feng answered truthfully.

“Then, why?” Unyielding Heart’s confidence began to crumble as he stared at Shi Feng.

“Unfortunately, I’m more interested in the Sea of Trees,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.