Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1882 - Everyone's Considerations

Chapter 1882 – Everyone’s Considerations

Dark Night Empire, Dark Night City:

Many players roamed along the city’s streets. Players visiting the city for the first time were awed by its prosperity. As one explored the busy streets, they’d encounter Level 55 or above players who wore Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment. Tier 2 experts were also relatively common.

Meanwhile, Starlink’s Guild Residence sat at the heart of the city. It was one of the most eye-catching sights within the city, and there was always a long line of players seeking to join the Guild outside its entrance.

“Why does it feel like more players have applied to join Starlink recently? I’ve even heard rumors that players from outside of the Dark Night Empire have come to join Starlink.”

“That’s only natural. I’ve heard that Starlink has acquired a Magic Crystal vein, so the Guild no longer lacks Magic Crystals. Moreover, the Guild recently cleared a path to the Sea of Trees and can now travel to the area.”

“The Sea of Trees? Are you talking about the Dark Night Empire’s rumored Dream City?”

“Of course. What else would I be talking about? I’ve heard that the Sea of Trees is a wonderful place, protected by the Six Great Primordial Elf Kings. It also has a passage that allows you to complete your promotion to Tier 2. You can actually skip the regular Tier 2 Promotion Quest. The passage is also easier than the normal Promotion Quest Although, once you complete the trial, you don’t get one of the main Tier 2 classes, but a special Tier 2 class.”

“A special Tier 2 class?”

“That’s right. It’s a semi-support class called Traveling Bard. The class is a combination of the Berserker, Elementalist, Cleric, and Oracle classes.”

“How awesome! You can actually skip the normal Tier 2 Promotion Quest?! The Tier 2 Promotion Quests are so difficult that you’re not guaranteed to pass if even with the full support of a large Guild. I wonder when we’ll get to visit the Sea of Trees. Even if I can’t complete my normal Tier 2 Promotion Quest, becoming a Tier 2 Traveling Bard isn’t a bad idea. At the very least, I’ll be much stronger than a Tier 1 Berserker.”

“Keep dreaming. That’s the Sea of Trees we’re talking about How could it be so easy to visit? Only Starlink, the force responsible for opening the path to the city, can lead a large number of players to it Why do you think experts from other countries are coming to join Starlink? Everyone’s trying to get into the Sea of Trees through the Guild.”

The independent players who loitered in the central district chatted as they watched the long line of players outside of Starlink’s Residence.

Although they, too, wished to join the Guild, Starlink was a large enough Guild that it could even contend with the various super-first-rate Guilds. Its recruitment requirements were intensely strict. Not just anyone could join.

Meanwhile, a dozen or so Tier 2 players had gathered in the Guild Leader’s office in Starlink’s Residence.

“Damn that Unyielding Soul! They actually secured the First Clear of a large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeon before us and promoted their Guild to 3-star!” Lu Xingluo frowned as he glared at the people before him. “How did this happen? We’ve clearly held the lead. How did Unyielding Soul get the First Clear instead?”

“Guild Leader, based on our investigations, Unyielding Soul has acquired a large number of powerful weapons and tools to increase their raid team’s combat power significantly. Those items are the reason that they secured the First Clear,” Dawn Web, who was now a Level 57, Tier 2 Elementalist, explained.

“Powerful weapons? How is that possible?” The situation left Lu Xingluo confused.

Despite its current, dire straits, Unyielding Soul was still a super-first-rate Guild. Its main force should’ve already wielded the best equipment in God’s Domain. Even if Unyielding Soul borrowed equipment from other Guilds, it shouldn’t be able to increase its raid team’s combat power by such a large margin.

“It’s true. According to our spies, the Guild has acquired a large collection of Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons,” Dawn Web said as he sent Lu Xingluo the information on the weapons. “Although these Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons are inferior to most Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons, they are still more powerful than Level 50 Dark-Gold Weapons.”

“Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons? How did they get their hands on these? Not even Super Guilds have such an armory. There’s no way anybody would be willing to sell a large batch of these weapons,” Lu Xingluo said in surprise.

“Our spies have confirmed that the weapons came from Zero Wing. Zero Wing must have some special channel that allows it to collect such items,” Dawn Web explained. “I’ve already had someone investigate the Guild, but Zero Wing has kept a tight lid on this matter. So far, we have failed to discover the weapons’ origin. However, if I were to guess, it is highly likely that Zero Wing’s forgers crafted the items.

“Even the various superpowers are struggling to raid Level 50 Team Dungeons. Other than special quests or high-level Field Bosses, it is almost impossible for players to acquire Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons right now. Furthermore, Zero Wing sold the weapons to Unyielding Soul in bulk. It is very likely that Zero Wing’s forgers have managed to create a Level 55 Dark- Gold Weapon by luck or found the forging designs, mass-producing the weapons.”

“Zero Wing?” Lu Xingluo’s expression darkened when he heard the name. “I’ve heard that Zero Wing just launched a sudden attack against Ancient Rock City. What was the battle’s outcome?”

Zero Wing had already dared to disobey him. Now, the Guild had assisted Unyielding Soul, his Guild’s rival. Due to the assistance, Unyielding Soul had recovered its momentum and become an even greater thorn in his side.

“Zero Wing has failed,” Dawn Web said softly after giving the matter some thought.

“I know that! That’s Beast Emperor we’re talking about. How could that old bastard be so easy to defeat? The old bastard was even lucky enough to acquire a Legacy from the Evil God’s Temple,” Lu Xingluo said, nodding. “I want to know how severe Zero Wing’s losses were.”

“There were none. After failing to capture Ancient Rock City, Zero Wing used a powerful Magic Scroll to stop Beast Emperor’s army before retreating from the battlefield,” Dawn Web explained. “Although Zero Wing failed to capture Ancient Rock City, however, the Guild did destroy the Dark Witch’s Tower, one of the Dark Players’ teleportation points in the Ore Empire…”

“How?” Lu Xingluo’s eyes widened with shock. Finding this revelation somewhat unbelievable, he continued, “I thought Dark Soul guarded the town.”

Although he did not know exactly how powerful the Dark Witch’s Tower was, even superpowers would have to pay a high price to destroy it since it was protected by high-level NPCs, much less a Guild like Zero Wing. Moreover, Zero Wing had been engaged in a battle against Ancient Rock City while it had attacked the Dark Witch’s Tower.

“That’s correct During the battle with the Dark Witch’s Tower, Zero Wing revealed war weapons that no one has seen in the game before. This weapon operates like a mobile Magic Tower. It even has extremely high Defense. The attack on the Dark Witch’s Tower succeeded due to these weapons. All of the various superpowers are looking into it to find a way to acquire the weapons for themselves,” Dawn Web reported, nodding. He then forwarded the Dark Witch’s Tower’s battle video to Lu Xingluo.

“The ability to produce Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons and now this? Zero Wing is unexpectedly capable.” After Lu Xingluo watched the video, his lips curled into a smile as he said, “Very good. I had simply planned to destroy Zero Wing, but it seems that the Guild still has some value. Change of plans. Notify our subordinates to bring me these items!”

“What about the Sea of Trees? We’ve gone to great lengths to acquire the eight keys from the Thorn Fortress. Are we going to give up now that we’re so close to the final struggle?” Dawn Web asked hurriedly.

“Of course not. We’ll deal with the Sea of Trees first Then, we’ll take care of Zero Wing,” Lu Xingluo said. As he looked at the Hell Tanks on his screen, a hint of greed flashed in his eyes. “Alright, go; see to the necessary preparations.”

“Understood!” Dawn Web nodded. He then led his men out of the office.

Meanwhile, in Silverwing Town…

The return of Zero Wing’s army caused a huge commotion in the town. After all, the battle’s outcome had been striking. Although Zero Wing had failed to take down Ancient Rock City, the Dark Witch’s Tower’s destruction ensured that Dark Players would no longer pose a threat to Silverwing Town. Including the Guild’s occupation of the Secret Stone Fortress, Zero Wing had secured the Ore Empire’s southeastern region. No force would be able to hinder the Guild’s members now.

With the rich leveling resources in the Ore Empire, Zero Wing’s development speed would skyrocket.

For a time, independent players from other countries traveled to Silverwing Town in hopes of joining Zero Wing. Many among them were expert players.

“Guild Leader, the various superpowers’ representatives have left. They all expressed their congratulations on garrisoning in the Secret Stone Fortress,” Aqua Rose said, smiling at Shi Feng as he organized and inspected the loot he had acquired from the Dark Witch’s Tower. “However, Hell Fiend from King’s Return wore a particularly grudging look when he left. You should’ve seen how funny it was.”

“It seems that they intend to give up on pressuring our Guild.” Shi Feng nodded. The outcome didn’t surprise him. Now that the potential losses outweighed the gains, it was only natural that the various superpowers gave up on targeting Zero Wing.

“Right, Unyielding Heart has also come to meet you. He has brought a few people with him this time. He says that he has a huge business proposition for you,” Aqua Rose said. “They’re currently waiting in the second floor’s VIP reception room. Would you like to meet with them now?”

“A business proposition? Alright, let’s head over and see what they have to say.”

Shi Feng was relatively curious about Unyielding Heart’s sudden visit. He and Aqua Rose then left the Guild Warehouse and headed for the second-floor VIP reception room.