Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1881 - Disaster Incarnate

Chapter 1881 – Disaster Incarnate

When Aqua Rose activated Vulcan’s Sigh, which was powered by the Source of Blazing Fire, darkness suddenly flooded the sky above the battlefield. Following which, a gigantic spatial tear opened up in the sky.

Meanwhile, at this moment, the players and the monsters on the battlefield had frozen in their tracks, gazing at the black hole in the sky in fear.

“What did she do?”

Wind Hunter, who currently stood on Ancient Rock City’s city wall, shuddered in fear when he saw the hill-sized eyeball inside the black hole. Right now, he could clearly feel death looming over him.

Let alone Wind Hunter, even the Tier 4 NPC Wales turned pale when he sensed the dreadful aura coming from the gigantic eyeball. He couldn’t even move his body right now. As the aura intensified, the black hole spat out flaming meteors.

In the blink of an eye, the flaming meteors illuminated the sky brightly.

Before anyone could react, the flaming meteors descended on the Evil Beast and Evil Demon army, the impact causing countless explosions and screams of agony to resound in the battlefield. At this moment, it was as if Armageddon had arrived as the entire battlefield shook.

Among the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons caught within the range of the flaming meteors, those at the Lord rank and below were killed instantly.

Meanwhile, the meteor shower covered a 700-yard radius at the very minimum. By the time the meteor shower ended, the terrain of the battlefield had undergone an earth-shattering transformation. Aside from the monsters at the Great Lord rank and above, everything else caught within the AOE of Vulcan’s Sigh was now ashes. Even the two Mythic Evil Demons, which were unfortunate enough to be in the attack’s AOE, had fallen into a heavily injured state, their combat power plummeting.

In just one attack, more than 5,000 Evil Beasts and Evil Demons were killed.

The destructive power of Vulcan’s Sigh stupefied everyone on the battlefield. The Dark Players that were originally planning on charging into battle all gulped audibly, their backs growing cold as they watched this scene play out before them.

“That was close! Fortunately, we didn’t charge into battle too quickly. I never thought that Zero Wing would actually have such a trump card hidden as well. Had we charged into battle, we probably would’ve died to this large-scale destruction Spell.”

“However, Zero Wing is already at the end of its tether. The number of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons killed is nothing to Beast Emperor. How does Zero Wing plan on repelling Beast Emperor’s remaining forces? I refuse to believe that Zero Wing still has another Magic Scroll like that.”

“I guess you’re right Once Zero Wing’s members get scattered by the Evil Beasts, it’ll be our turn to make a move. Zero Wing’s members are all walking sacks of money. We’ll be able to make a fortune if we manage to kill a few of them.”

Although everyone was shocked by the might of Vulcan’s Sigh, none of them was an ordinary player. They understood that such a powerful large-scale destruction Spell could be used only once. This was merely Zero Wing’s last gasp before it got annihilated. It wouldn’t stop Beast Emperor’s forces from giving chase.

At this moment, Snow Scar, who was watching the battle from a short distance away, unsheathed the two sabers he carried in his bag and commanded, “Prepare to move out!”

This was the moment he had been waiting for.

When cornered, even a rat would bite back at the cat, not to mention a Guild like Zero Wing. Meanwhile, now that Zero Wing’s last-ditch defense was over, it was the perfect opportunity for them to take action.

At Snow Scar’s words, the eyes of Blackwater’s members glowed with excitement and anticipation. The experts of the Heavenly Eagle Legion, in particular, had long since been dying to make a move. If not for Snow Scar holding them back, they would’ve charged at Zero Wing’s army already.

However, just as the Blackwater members and Dark Players were preparing to rush down on Zero Wing’s members, a deafening roar suddenly came from the fiery plains created by the meteor shower. Following the first roar, more roars shook the battlefield one after another.

Then, the meteors that landed on the battlefield started transforming. The flames surrounding the meteors grew considerably. As for the meteors themselves, they took on a humanoid form. In the blink of an eye, over 500 flaming giants appeared on the battlefield.

Even the weakest among these Flame Giants was a Level 75 Great Lord that was ten meters tall. Meanwhile, the majority of the Flame Giants on the battlefield were 20-meter-tall Grand Lords. There were also four 60-meter-tall Mythic Flame Giants. These four Mythic Flame Giants looked like four flaming mountains as they stood on the battlefield. Everywhere these Mythic Flame Giants passed became a sea of flames. Lava also flowed down from their bodies continuously, turning the area within 100 yards of the Mythic Flame Giants into a lava field. Any Evil Beasts and Evil Demons caught within this lava field got burned and lost chunks of HP over time.

After taking shape, these Flame Giants slaughtered the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons before them and charged straight towards Ancient Rock City. The Level 83 Mythic Flame Giants, in particular, were simply unstoppable, sending even the Mythic Evil Beasts flying with a single slap. Meanwhile, the Lord ranked Evil Beasts caught within the lava fields formed by the Mythic Flame Giants lost HP at a rate visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, several hundred Evil Beasts and Evil Demons had been killed. The battlefield had been turned into a sea of flames as well. It was no exaggeration to say that this legion of Flame Giants was disaster incarnate.

“Damn it! Stop them! Quick! We must not let them enter the city!” Beast Emperor shouted, his complexion turning deathly pale when he saw the Flame Giants charging toward Ancient Rock City.

The Flame Giants’ bodies were massive. If they entered Ancient Rock City, the destruction they would cause would be unimaginable. This was especially true for the Mythic Flame Giants. Their entry would spell disaster for the city.

“Damn it! Zero Wing, just you wait! The Evil God’s Temple will flatten you sooner or later!” Wind Hunter bellowed as he glared at Zero Wing’s army. Gnashing his teeth, he promptly controlled all his Evil Demons and Evil Beasts to deal with the Flame Giants.

Ancient Rock City was the Evil God’s Temple’s foothold in the Ore Empire. They could not afford to lose it, no matter what. Although he did not think that the Flame Giant legion could destroy the entire city, even partial destruction was not a loss they could afford.

Following which, under Wind Hunter’s command, Wales and the two Mythic Evil Demons moved to hinder the Mythic Flame Giants. As for the other Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, Wind Hunter tasked them with dealing with the other Flame Giants.

The number of monsters targeting Zero Wing’s members decreased drastically. Using this opportunity, Aqua Rose activated the movement-type defensive magic array once again. Immediately after, she had the army beat a hasty retreat. At the same time, she also had Flying Shadow and the others recall the Divine Magic Dragons to support the army’s withdrawal. Right now, the Flame Giant legion was more than enough to handle the frontline.

This sudden development gave the players seeking to attack Zero Wing’s members pause.

With the three Divine Magic Dragons guarding Zero Wing’s army, no player could poke their nose into this battle. Moreover, Zero Wing’s defensive magic array was up again. There were also the 200 Miniature Ballistas continuously firing Exploding Arrows.

“We’re retreating!” Snow Scar said, sighing as he sent a glance at Zero Wing’s receding army.

“But…” The other members of the Heavenly Eagle Legion felt unreconciled as they looked at Snow Scar.

“Do you think you can handle those three Divine Magic Dragons?” Snow Scar asked as he eyed the 20-plus players behind him.

They might be able to do something about the defensive magic array and 200 Miniature Ballistas, but they would be helpless against the three Divine Magic Dragons. Although the Divine Magic Dragons were heavily injured, as they were controlled by players, the combat power they possessed was still above that of ordinary Mythic monsters. Not to mention, with the Divine Magic Dragons’ Basic Attributes, all they needed was one hit to kill current players.

“If we use our trump card, what will those three Divine Magic Dragons amount to?” a white-clad Tier 2 Summoner argued.

“Trump card? Are you all going to expose our Heavenly Eagle Legion’s greatest secret without the Vice Guild Leader’s permission?” Snow Scar asked as he shot a cold glare at the Tier 2 Summoner.

Everyone present promptly fell silent.

“Relax. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to perform in the future. Not to mention, we got to see Zero Wing’s trump cards this time. A Guild that has its trump cards exposed is no different from a beast that has lost its claws and fangs. Zero Wing is no longer a threat to us,” Snow Scar said, a faint smile appearing on his face as he eyed the distant Zero Wing army.

When Zero Wing’s army completed its retreat from the battlefield, the battle at Ancient Rock City had also come to an end. Although Zero Wing had failed to capture Ancient Rock City, it had managed to destroy the city’s defensive magic array and retreat entirely unscathed. Most importantly, Zero Wing had also destroyed the Dark Witch’s Tower, an important gathering point for Dark Players in the Ore Empire.

After the battle ended, news of it spread like crazy to the kingdoms and empires neighboring the Ore Empire.