Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1880 - - Descend

Chapter 1880 – Descend

Hearing Wind Hunter’s question, Beast Emperor could not help but turn towards the Blackwater members and Dark Players watching the battle outside of the city.

When Zero Wing had begun its retreat, a hunger to take action swept through the two groups of players.

Although the movement-type defensive magic array protected Zero Wing’s army, it could only withstand up to Tier 3 attacks. Tier 4 attacks would exceed the magic array’s tolerance and shatter the array.

Although the three Divine Magic Dragons had the five Mythic Evil Beasts tied up right now, he still had two Mythic Evil Demons on reserve.

Following which, Beast Emperor gazed at the many destroyed buildings behind him with a cold glint flashing in his eyes. He felt his heart ache as he looked at the destroyed buildings.

Although the buildings had only been Basic Constructions, they were still important for nurturing Evil Beasts and Evil Demons. It would cost him a lot of Evil God’s Temple Contribution Points to repair them all. Meanwhile, Zero Wing, the cause of this destruction, wanted to get away from the battle without suffering a single casualty…

“Zero Wing! First, you used me as a diversion to attack the Dark Witch’s Tower, and now, you want to disengage safely?! Do you think you own this place!?” Beast Emperor sneered at Aqua Rose and the others’ retreating figures. “Mobilize all Mythic and Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons! Send in Elder Wales! I want to teach Black Flame how foolish his decision was to send an army up against Ancient Rock City!”

If he allowed Zero Wing City to leave Ancient Rock City unscathed after this incident, both he and the Evil God’s Temple would become a laughingstock throughout the Ore Empire. He could not allow that to happen.

Not only did he intend to display the might of the Evil God’s Temple before Zero Wing, but before every major power watching this battle as well.

“Are we really going to mobilize Elder Wales?” Wind Hunter gasped when he heard Beast Emperor’s command. He hadn’t thought that Beast Emperor would involve 日der Wales, the Branch Temple’s Tier 4 NPC in Ancient Rock City.

Elder Wales was the strongest trump card Ancient Rock City had at the moment. They had also gone through great lengths to secure a single opportunity to request the NPC’s assistance. Initially, they had planned to save the opportunity for their assault on Silverwing Town. He had never expected Beast Emperor to use it here.

“Of course. I want to Black Flame to learn how foolish it was to send a measly army of 100,000 players to attack my city. If we destroy Zero Wing’s army here, the Guild’s hold over the Secret Stone Fortress will crumble,” Beast Emperor said, a hint of madness in his eyes.

Although mobilizing Elder Wales now would ruin his original plans, destroying 100,000 of Zero Wing’s elite and expert players would land a heavy blow to the enemy Guild. This defeat might even be enough to encourage the various superpowers to strike against Zero Wing.

“Understood!” Wind Hunter said, clearly eager. He couldn’t wait to see the enemies’ expressions when they were dragged to the pits of hell only moments after celebrating a victory.

Meanwhile, Blackwater’s members quietly observed the battle outside of Ancient Rock City from a safe distance. “Commander Scar, Zero Wing has begun its retreat. When are we going to make our move?”

“Finally! This is our Heavenly Eagle Legion’s chance to show the Vice Guild Leader our worth!”

“I don’t think there’s a need to wait until both sides are severely injured. We can simply charge in and slaughter Zero Wing’s members. Isn’t it just a defensive magic array? That Beast Emperor really is useless. He still hasn’t destroyed it.”

The 20-plus players behind Snow Scar, a Tier 2 Berserker, were growing impatient after such a long wait.

If Phoenix Rain were present, she would have been astonished to see these players. Not only were they all Level 56-plus, Tier 2 players, but they were also famous experts in the Iron Empire. Originally, they had either been weH-known independent players or top-ranked experts from first-rate Guilds. Some were even Dark Players.

Overall, everyone in the Iron Empire was familiar with these players. They all wielded a level of power that even first-rate Guilds were helpless against. Some of them even had special means that could cause the various superpowers headaches.

Yet, these 20-plus players had gathered here. Moreover, they had joined Blackwater. Why wouldn’t this be shocking?

“Let’s wait for a bit. Ancient Rock City should make its move soon. If the situation hasn’t changed in the next few minutes, it won’t be too late for us to attack,” Snow Scar said, smiling at the restless group of players around him.

Honestly, even he felt somewhat powerless against this group.

These people usually acted like lawless criminals in the Iron Empire since so few players weren’t capable of challenging them. A few of these players even had the strength to rival him. If they decided to rampage, he wasn’t confident that he could stop them. Only Xuanwu Chisha was capable of truly controlling these madmen.

However, she was also the reason that this bunch had joined the Heavenly Eagle Legion.

After hearing Snow Scar’s decision, the other Heavenly Eagle Legion members fell silent, returning their attention to Zero Wing’s army.

As Zero Wing’s army organized its retreat from the battlefield, over a dozen figures flew out of Ancient Rock City.

Upon seeing these figures, the watching crowd, all of whom had assumed that the battle had reached its end, were stupefied.

“What’s going on? Why is a Tier 4 NPC here?”

“There’s not just the Tier 4 NPC! Two Mythic Evil Demons have joined the battle as well! I knew Beast Emperor wouldn’t let Zero Wing escape! This is going to be interesting!”

“Beast Emperor is too ruthless! Zero Wing will suffer a massive loss this time.”

“Beast Emperor still had so much power hidden?”

The spectating crowd was stunned as they watched the dozen or so figures rapidly approach Zero Wing’s force. Even the spectating superpowers were astonished.

Although there were only a dozen or so new arrivals, the group had enough combat power to capture a Guild Town.

After a moment of silence, Wales, a Level 80, Tier 4 NPC, appeared above Zero Wing’s army. He then pointed his staff at the sky above him.

“Offenders of the Evil God, the punishment for your crimes is death!”

Suddenly, countless small magic arrays appeared in the sky before silvery-gray arrows descended like a storm.

Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell, Death’s Twilight!

As the silver arrows rained down, the defensive magic array’s energy reserves rapidly depleted. After a short moment, the defensive magic array’s energy reserves were empty. Aqua Rose hadn’t even had time to replenish the reserves before the magic array shattered…

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the two Level 80 Mythic Evil Demons and the dozen or so Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons flew towards Zero Wing’s army.

“Beast Emperor is quite ruthless. We merely destroyed Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic array. Does he really need to send a Tier 4 NPC after us?” Blackie felt an intense pressure weigh down on him as he looked up at Wales. The man’s aura was even stronger than that of a Tier 4 monster, and despite standing so far away from the NPC, Blackie felt stifled.

“Sure enough, Guild Leader’s guess had been correct; Beast Emperor won’t let us get away so easily,” Aqua Rose looked at Wales with a bitter smile.

She had to admit that Beast Emperor was a formidable foe. There was a reason that the various superpowers had been powerless against Ancient Rock City. Aside from the large number of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons under his command, Beast Emperor also had so many powerful trump cards.

“Elder Wales! Please punish these offenders and transform them into nutrients for our Evil Demon army!” Wind Hunter said, laughing as he pointed at Zero Wing’s army.

One hundred thousand elite and expert players!

The corpses of these players would elevate the Evil God’s Temple’s Evil Demon army to a whole new level. They’d be able to create far more Mythic Evil Demons in the future.

As soon as Wind Hunter finished speaking, Wales began to chant an incantation. Meanwhile, the Mythic and Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons charged for the movement-type defensive magic array in an attempt to destroy the barrier around Zero Wing’s army, preventing it from erecting another.

“It seems that there’s no other way. Since he won’t let us leave, we’ll drag him to hell with us.” Aqua Rose sighed. She then pulled an ancient Magic Scroll and a beautiful crystal from her bag.

This Magic Scroll was none other than the Tier 4 Continuous-use Magic Scroll, Vulcan’s Sigh. As for the beautiful crystal, it was an Elemental Source Melancholic Smile had acquired with great difficulty after scouring through the various kingdoms and empires.

Source of Blazing Fire!

“Vulcan’s kin, Descend!”