Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1879 - Qualifications to Establish a Foothold

Chapter 1879 – Qualifications to Establish a Foothold

The sudden news of the Dark Witch’s Tower’s destruction stupefied the Dark Players at Ancient Rock City.

“The Dark Witch’s Tower is gone? What’s going on?” Pathless frowned when he received the system announcement. “Shouldn’t Shadow Claw be over there?”

The Dark Witch’s Tower was an important stronghold for Dark Players like him. It was also the only teleportation point in the Ore Empire’s southeastern region, serving as an important foundation for Dark Players to take control of this region.

Losing the Dark Witch’s Tower meant that Dark Players would have much more difficulty operating in the empire’s southeastern region in the future. After all, with how large the Ore Empire was, traveling around the empire without teleportation points was very inconvenient.

Hence, Dark Soul and the other dark powers normally stationed some experts to guard the Dark Witch’s Tower. After hearing that Zero Wing had sent a 1,000-man team toward the town, Pathless had even made a point to instruct Veiled Spirit to bring some of Shadow Claw’s experts over. Despite that, he was actually being told that the Dark Witch’s Tower was no more.

At this moment, Pathless felt as if the system was playing a joke on him.

Veiled Spirit had brought 300 experts with her to the Dark Witch’s Tower. Even if she didn’t receive any help from the other Dark Players there, with the town’s defensive structures and NPCs, she could easily fend off a team of 1,000 players.

Pathless immediately contacted Veiled Spirit to find out what exactly had happened at the Dark Witch’s Tower. With the loss of the Dark Witch’s Tower, Dark Soul would have a much more difficult time dealing with Zero Wing’s Silverwing Town. This unexpected development might even severely affect the alliance’s plans.

The various superpowers also launched their own investigations into this matter, some even offering to purchase the relevant information at high prices. They were very curious to find out just how Zero Wing had destroyed the gathering point that they had been helpless to do anything against all this time.

The lucrative offers very quickly attracted the attention of the Dark Players that had fled the Dark Witch’s Tower. They promptly sold the battle videos they recorded to the superpowers.

After watching the battle at the Dark Witch’s Tower, the superpowers were thoroughly rendered speechless.

Although the battle at the Dark Witch’s Tower was not as sou卜stirring as the one at Ancient Rock City, it displayed Zero Wing’s frightening combat power and potential.

Six Hell Tanks had actually managed to slaughter 2,000 Dark Players without taking any damage. The destructive power the Hell Tanks possessed could practically rival that of the Magic Tower. Meanwhile, the battle against the Evil Dragons afterward was even more jaw-dropping.

Despite being Tier 3 Archaic Species, the two Evil Dragons had actually failed to inflict any noticeable damage on the Hell Tanks.

Even for the various superpowers, this was the first time they had heard of or seen such a frightening war weapon. The Hell Tank boasted both heaven-defying destructive power and defensive capabilities, which would make it an absolute nightmare on a battlefield.

Of course, dealing with the Hell Tanks wasn’t exactly impossible; only, the cost would be exorbitant.

For example, Tier 4 large-scale destruction Magic Scrolls. Attacks at the Tier 4 standard would definitely be effective against the Hell Tanks. However, the question was, how effective would they be? How many of such Magic Scrolls would be needed to destroy a Hell Tank?

Even superpowers like themselves had great difficulty getting their hands on Tier 4 Magic Scrolls, not to mention Tier 4 large-scale destruction Magic Scrolls. These things were treated as their Guilds’ foundations; they were tools that should not be used casually.

Moreover, the most frightening aspect about the Hell Tank was that, aside from being useful in siege battles, it would also be effective in guerilla warfare.

Six Hell Tanks could effortlessly slaughter over 2,000 expert players. In the future, when Zero Wing came across ambushes involving hundreds or thousands of players, it could deploy just one Hell Tank to fend off these ambushes. With this, trying to whittle down Zero Wing’s strength by ambushing its members would become much more difficult. As for conducting ambushes on the scale of parties or small teams, such attacks would simply be a waste of time and resources, as they would not cause Zero Wing any substantial damage.

“So, this is the trump card Black Flame has kept hidden? Truly amazing.” Blue Phoenix was filled with envy after she finished watching the video of the battle at the Dark Witch’s Tower.

The six Hell Tanks were akin to six mobile Magic Towers. It was no wonder Zero Wing did not need any direct assistance from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

One could say that, with these Hell Tanks, Zero Wing had the qualifications to establish a foothold in the Ore Empire.

Although the various superpowers operating in the Ore Empire had banded together, there was still a limit to the number of forces each superpower was willing to dispatch. They would not send their main armies to fight Zero Wing in a frontal confrontation. After all, Silverwing Town’s defenses were no laughing matter. Even if they could capture the town, the price of doing so was not one that the various superpowers were willing to pay.

At best, they would dispatch some members to conduct guerilla warfare against Zero Wing or economic wars.

The appearance of the Hell Tanks threw a wrench into the various superpowers’ plan of dealing with Zero Wing using guerilla warfare. As for economic warfare, that was even more impossible. Zero Wing possessed Silverwing Town, Stone Forest Town, and Zero Wing City. So long as the safety of these three money-printing machines remained unthreatened, Zero Wing would not lack for income.

Now that the various superpowers no longer had any means of dealing with Zero Wing without paying a huge cost, they would naturally give up on targeting Zero Wing altogether. After all, the superpowers were not actually friendly with each other. Every one of them had their own agenda. Unless they bore some deep-seated hatred for Zero Wing, or one of these superpowers lost their mind, none of them would persecute Zero Wing at all costs.

“Damn it! How did Zero Wing get these tanks?!” Nine Dragons Emperor frowned as he read the report in his hands. “Immediately have someone look into this! Find out how Zero Wing managed to obtain these tanks regardless of the cost!”

He felt true jealousy toward Zero Wing at this point. When he looked at the Hell Tanks, it was as if the doors to a whole new world opened up to him. While expert players were important, tanks could also play a huge role in future struggles in God’s Domain.

“Understood.” Martial Dragon nodded before turning around to leave.

In reality, Nine Dragons Emperor wasn’t alone in having such thoughts. Every major power that had watched the battle at the Dark Witch’s Tower basically had the same thought as well. The appearance of the Hell Tank signaled the end of the era of numerical strength. The upper echelons of every major power had immediately ordered their subordinates to conduct a thorough investigation into the Hell Tank.

Meanwhile, over at Ancient Rock City…

Zero Wing’s members grew ecstatic after seeing the system announcement. They never thought that their Guild had actually managed to destroy a dark gathering point without anybody finding out about it prior to succeeding. The Dark Witch’s Tower was a dark gathering point that even the various superpowers were helpless against. Moreover, now that the Dark Witch’s Tower was no more, they would have a much easier time operating in the vicinity of Silverwing Town.

“The Guild Leader did it?” Aqua Rose could not help but smile when she saw the system notifications. “Since that is the case, start retreating.”

With the destruction of the Dark Witch’s Tower, Blackwater and Beast Emperor had lost a crucial tool against Zero Wing. Without the threat of the Dark Players, Silverwing Town’s development would recover to its peak. After including the benefits offered by the Secret Stone Fortress, Zero Wing would definitely be able to compete against Blackwater in the Ore Empire.

After Aqua Rose gave the command to retreat, Zero Wing’s members started slowly withdrawing from the battlefield.

Boss, Zero Wing seems to be retreating. Should we give chase?” Wind Hunter asked in a quiet tone.