Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1878 - Dark Witch's Tower Destroyed Ore Empire

Chapter 1878 – Dark Witch’s Tower Destroyed

Ore Empire,Ancient Rock City:

A large number of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons was currently battering Zero Wing’s defensive magic array. Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s members were doing their best to wipe out the monsters attacking them. The 200 Miniature Ballistas were practically firing nonstop. All kinds of explosions constantly echoed throughout the battlefield outside Ancient Rock City.

As for the five Mythic Evil Beasts, they were fighting a heated battle with the three heavily injured Divine Magic Dragons. The battle between these eight monstrosities had destroyed the terrain around them. No other monsters or players could get within 300 yards of these eight Mythic monsters.

Meanwhile, the players spectating from a distance felt their blood boil as they watched the spectacular battle before them. “Amazing! This war is simply amazing!”

“Ancient Rock City really does have a lot of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons. With the battle having lasted this long, more than 50,000 monsters must have died already, yet the number of monsters on the battlefield doesn’t seem to have decreased in the slightest It really makes you wonder what gave Zero Wing the courage to attack Ancient Rock City.”

“Hey, Zero Wing is plenty amazing already. Can’t you see how many monsters are attacking Zero Wing’s army right now? If it were any other large Guild in Zero Wing’s place, they would’ve long since drowned in that sea of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons already. However, even until now, Zero Wing has yet to suffer a single casualty.”

“Although Zero Wing hasn’t suffered any casualties yet, the energy of its magic barrier should be close to depletion already. Once the barrier’s energy runs out, Zero Wing’s army will be doomed. After all, those Evil Beasts and Evil Demons are all Level 60 and above, with plenty of Level 70-plus Great Lords among them. Zero Wing’s 100,000 players simply aren’t enough to defeat all those monsters. Right now, the only thing I’m wondering is which will zero out first: Zero Wing’s magic barrier or Ancient Rock City’s monsters?”

Many of the spectating players had not expected the battle to escalate to such a point

The Evil Demons and Evil Beasts under Beast Emperor’s command weren’t existences that current players could go up against However, by relying on its movement-type defensive magic array and Miniature Ballistas, Zero Wing had actually managed to fight Beast Emperor’s forces to a standstill and even shattered Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic array.

These were feats that were beyond most superpowers.

The Dark Players that were originally planning on ambushing Zero Wing’s army, in particular, were now standing at the sides and quietly observing the battle, not daring to set foot onto the battlefield. After all, the fusillade of 200 Miniature Ballistas was simply too powerful. Each volley of arrows could easily kill several hundred Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, let alone players.

However, while the independent players were surprised by Zero Wing’s performance and had their opinions toward the Guild changed drastically, the spectating upper echelons of the various superpowers remained very calm. In fact, some even reveled in Zero Wing’s current predicament

“Zero Wing sure is tenacious. Unfortunately, the outcome of this battle has already been decided. No matter how Zero Wing struggles, nothing will change. That movement-type defensive magic array costs a lot of Magic Crystals to sustain. However, there are millions of Evil Demons and Evil Beasts inside Ancient Rock City. At the end of the day, Zero Wing is simply too immature to try and use Beast Emperor as a stepping stone to rise to power in the Ore Empire.”

“With this, Zero Wing should also understand its limitations. If it still insists on monopolizing the profits of the Secret Stone Fortress, then we’ll have no choice but to have Zero Wing disappear from the Ore Empire.”

“However, Zero Wing has really given us a great surprise this time. I never thought that it could force Beast Emperor to use one of his trump cards. When we try to capture Ancient Rock City in the future, we’ll have to think of a countermeasure for that attack first”

The spectating upper echelons of the various superpowers sneered as they watched Zero Wing’s members.

Ordinary players might not know much about Zero Wing, but they did. They had done a thorough investigation of Zero Wing already; they even knew how many Magic Crystals it cost to use the movement-type defensive magic array each time. Hence, they were well aware that Zero Wing would not last very long against Beast Emperor.

Although Zero Wing’s performance had indeed surpassed their expectations, that still wasn’t enough to convince them of Zero Wing’s strength. While this level of strength was above average for a first-rate Guild, to superpowers like them, be it the army of 100,000 elite and expert players or the 200 Miniature Ballistas, destroying these things would not be a problem if they really got serious. It was just that they did not wish to pay the enormous price for doing so, unless absolutely necessary.

However, the situation right now was also slightly different. If it were simply removing Zero Wing from the Ore Empire, it was definitely doable. After all, there wasn’t just one superpower putting pressure on Zero Wing, but multiple instead.

After this battle, if Zero Wing still insisted on monopolizing the Secret Stone Fortress, then it would surely end up getting annihilated by the combined forces of the superpowers. At that time, each superpower would only have to pay a small price to get the deed done. In such a case, they definitely wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

“Big Sis Rain, this is bad. Although Zero Wing is trying to prove itself qualified to monopolize the Secret Stone Fortress, according to the reports we’ve received thus far, several superpowers operating in the Ore Empire have already come to a secret agreement As long as Zero Wing refuses to become a subordinate Guild of one of them, they will remove Zero Wing from the Ore Empire. At that time, even if we try to intervene, the Great Pavilion Master will most likely stop us in fear of the alliance formed by those superpowers,” Blue Phoenix, who was observing the battle at Ancient Rock City in person, reported to Phoenix Rain.

According to Phoenix Rain’s original plan, if Zero Wing really wasn’t a match for Beast Emperor, then they would use the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s identity to back up Zero Wing. If they did that, the various superpowers might decide not to take action against Zero Wing. After all, individually, these superpowers couldn’t take down the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion easily. Not to mention, if the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion gained access to the Secret Stone Fortress via Zero Wing, the superpowers would have an even more difficult time dealing with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Zero Wing.

However, it was a different story if these several superpowers cooperated. Even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would not dare to go up against multiple superpowers simultaneously.

“Just what is Black Flame trying to do?” Phoenix Rain could not help but frown upon hearing Blue Phoenix’s words.

Meanwhile, inside Ancient Rock City, Beast Emperor likewise received news about the alliance of superpowers.

“Good! Very good!” Beast Emperor’s brows arched up in joy when he read the message he just received. “Zero Wing, this is your retribution for trying to use me as a stepping stone! I want to see just how you plan on surviving in the Ore Empire now!”

Although he wished to destroy Zero Wing personally, not having to expend a single troop to destroy Zero Wing was also a good thing for him.

Just as Beast Emperor was about to have his subordinates send the two Mythic Evil Demons into battle as well, to put a quick end to the battle, the sound of a system announcement suddenly entered his ears.

Ore Empire Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for destroying the Dark Witch’s Tower. Rewarding 20,000 Guild Popularity and one Basic Teleportation Device.

The emotionless voice of the system caused Beast Emperor to fall into a daze.

“How is this possible? How could the Dark Witch’s Tower possibly fall to Zero Wing?” Beast Emperor instinctively refused to believe the system announcement.

Although the Dark Witch’s Tower wasn’t an impenetrable fortress, it had several hundred NPC soldiers protecting it, including Level 100, Tier 3 NPCs. The town was also well-equipped with defensive structures. Most importantly, several thousand Dark Players resided there. Let alone a 1,000-man team, even an army of 50,000 players wouldn’t be able to take down the Dark Witch’s Tower.

Moreover, he had even dispatched Dust Edge to defend the town. With the Evil Dragons that Dust Edge created using expert players, he could easily repel even a 1,000-man team of Tier 2 players. Meanwhile, Zero Wing didn’t even have that many Tier 2 experts.

At this moment, Beast Emperor wasn’t the only person surprised by this outcome. Every player in the vicinity of Ancient Rock City was stunned by this announcement.

“Isn’t Zero Wing attacking Ancient Rock City? How did the Dark Witch’s Tower become the one captured instead?”

“Did the system make a mistake?”

“Isn’t the Dark Witch’s Tower a gathering point for Dark Players? I recall that there should be several hundred Dark NPCs guarding it. How could it possibly be destroyed?”

“What did Zero Wing do to the Dark Witch’s Tower?”

The upper echelons of the various superpowers were filled with confusion when they received the system announcement. However, after snapping out of their daze, they promptly had their subordinates investigate into the matter.

The Dark Witch’s Tower might not be as sturdy as Ancient Rock City, but it was still a location that the superpowers were helpless against. Hence, they found it incredible that Zero Wing had managed to destroy the Dark Witch’s Tower. After all, Zero Wing’s main army was clearly attacking Ancient Rock City right now. How could Zero Wing have any extra forces to spare to attack the Dark Witch’s Tower?

Moreover, Zero Wing had even destroyed it.