Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1877 - Second Evil God's Mark

Chapter 1877 – Second Evil God’s Mark

As the five pitch-black sword lights disappeared, the two Evil Dragons disintegrated into dust and scattered with the wind. The players spectating from the distant watchtower only reacted after the two Evil Dragons had vanished.

叮hey died…”

“Is Black Flame really a player?”

Everyone had gasped when they saw Shi Feng’s sudden attack.

Although they understood that the two Evil Dragons had very little HP left, each had held on to over a million HP, yet Shi Feng had slain both with a single attack. The man’s damage was horrific.

When the Dark Players in hiding saw this, they abandoned any thought of killing Shi Feng. They now considered the idea laughable and ignorant.

It was no exaggeration to say that no player at this stage of the game could survive Shi Feng’s last attack. Unless they used an Invulnerability Skill, they would die in an instant if they tried to take on the Swordsman. Furthermore, Shi Feng had summed a Level 85 Personal Guard to his side.

Anna had only moved her staff slightly, yet she had repelled both Evil Dragons. With such a Personal Guard, getting close to Shi Feng would be utterly impossible.

As for the person responsible for the Evil Dragons’ deaths, he finally snapped out of his daze.

What a powerful weapon!

Not only was the Godslayer Skill was much stronger than before, but the weapon had also granted a much higher boost to his physique. He could feel his strength rival that of a Tier 3 player.

Gaining a Tier 3 physique was a qualitative transformation for any player.

Once players’ physiques reached Tier 2, their five senses would sharpen, but when they wielded a Tier 3 physique, their natural response time would also improve.

Originally, only talented players possessed the ability. Although ordinary people could improve their neural response time by training, there was a limit In addition, the training process would be intensely arduous, and very few people would be able to endure the hardships that awaited them.

However, when players’ physique reached Tier 3 in God’s Domain, their neural response time would improve. Although the improvement was a measly 10% or so, when applied in a high-speed battle between Tier 3 existences, the effects would be significant.

For example, if a player with a Tier 2 physique could execute ten attacks in a fixed time, then a player with a Tier 3 physique and the same Basic Attributes could execute eleven attacks. This additional attack would allow the player with the Tier 3 physique the chance of landing an attack on their opponent. By relying on the advantage of one extra attack, the player with the Tier 3 physique could eventually achieve victory.

This was also why reaching Tier 3 was so difficult in God’s Domain. In the past, Tier 3 had been a threshold to determine whether a player was a true expert or not.

Meanwhile, despite the Evil God’s Inheritance being a shadow of its former self, equipping it had nearly boosted Shi Feng’s physique to the Tier 3 standard. One could easily imagine how powerful the Evil God’s Inheritance was. It definitely wasn’t something an ordinary Legendary Weapon could compare to.

After killing the two Evil Dragons, the sound of a system notification reached Shi Feng’s ears.

System: Evil God’s Inheritance has accumulated sufficient life force and recovered the Second Evil God’s Mark. Activating the second Evil God’s Mark’s ability.

As the system notification ended, the Evil God’s Inheritance began to transform.

The blurry divine runes that covered the broken sword became much clearer. The ambient Mana also avoided the broken sword due to these divine runes. Naturally, the broken sword’s Attributes had changed significantly.

[Evil God’s Inheritance] (One-handed Sword)

A treasured sword that the Evil God had once used. However, the sword had been destroyed in a battle, shattered into three pieces. Although the Evil God’s treasured sword had been destroyed, the Evil God’s power within remains intact. As long as one gathers all three fragments, it is possible to restore the sword to its past glory. This piece is the sword’s broken hilt.

By permanently sacrificing 8 points of all Attributes, the user may temporarily use the sword’s power. Although this sword has been severely damaged, it can still exert one-tenth of its original power.

First Evil God’s Mark: Power Absorption can increase Strength by a maximum of 120%, Stamina by 30%, and All Resistances by 120%.

Second Evil God’s Mark: Soul Devourer. Can cause tremendous damage to the target’s soul.

When this fragment is within 3,000 yards of other fragments, the fragments will resonate.

Drops upon death. Cannot be traded.

Soul Devourer? How tyrannical. Shi Feng looked down at the Evil God’s Inheritance in his hand with slight astonishment.

In God’s Domain, items that could attack a person’s soul were exceedingly rare. After all, the soul was a creature’s foundation. Even if a player’s soul only received a small amount of damage, it could double the player’s death penalty. Depending on the severity of the damage, the affected player might even be prevented from logging into God’s Domain for several days. If a player’s soul were thoroughly destroyed, they’d be forced to start over.

This was why any item that could target a soul was incredibly precious. Superpowers treated these items as ultimate trump cards to deal with peak experts.

And Soul Devourer was such a frightening ability.

Of course, this ability wasn’t without a price. To use the Evil God’s Inheritance, Shi Feng still needed to sacrifice eight points from every Basic Attribute.

Although eight points weren’t cheap, if Shi Feng could deal a devastating blow on his enemies, the price would be worth it to him.

Following which, Shi Feng stored the Evil God’s Inheritance and returned his gaze to the Dark Witch’s Tower. He then commanded, “The Evil Dragons are dead! There is no longer anything in our path! All Hell Tanks, fire at the Dark Witch’s Tower! Destroy the teleportation device and the town’s core magic array!”

As Shi Feng gave the command, the six Hell Tanks advanced as one on the Dark Witch’s Tower, firing their weapons at the town’s defensive magic array.

Although the barrier could protect the town from intermediate Tier 3 attacks, the Hell Tanks dealt bonus damage to magic arrays and constructions. In addition, the Hell Cannons’ attacks were at the peak of Tier 3. Under the bombardment, the defensive magic array’s energy reserves visibly drained.

“Commander, are we going to continue this fight?” Shadow Claw’s members asked Veiled Spirit when they realized that the barrier was near to crumbling.

Originally, they had been very confident of defeating Zero Wing. They were also eager to pay back the humiliation they had previously suffered. However, after witnessing the Hell Tanks and Shi Feng’s power, they shed the idea that they could annihilate this team from Zero Wing.

“Retreat!” Veiled Spirit growled in frustration, a hint of reluctance flashing in her eyes as she watched Shi Feng’s figure in the distance.

There was no point in staying here any longer. They would only get themselves killed if they did. After all, they had no other means of dealing with the Hell Tanks.

Although several hundred NPCs still guarded the Dark Witch’s Tower, the tanks’ Defense was simply too high. Even the Evil Dragons, Great Lord ranked Archaic Species, were incapable of damaging the vehicles. How could Tier 2 and Tier 3 NPCs fare any better?

By the time Tier 3 NPCs destroyed the Hell Tanks, the latter would’ve long since destroyed the Dark Witch’s Tower’s teleportation device and core magic array.

When they heard Veiled Spirit’s decision, Shadow Claw’s members breathed a sigh of relief. They immediately retrieved Return Scrolls from their bags in an attempt to leave this dangerous place as soon as possible. If they tarried, they might get caught in the crossfire and lose their lives.

“Zero Wing! You may enjoy this victory, but the next time we meet, you’ll be doomed!” Dust Edge said, sneering as he tightened his grip on the two shattered, gray crystal balls in his hands.

He had lost this time, but the Legacy he had acquired was still incomplete. He still lacked a lot of resources. Hence, the Evil Dragon Crystals he had created were not of sufficient quality. However, now that the Evil God’s Temple had partnered with Blackwater and Dark Soul, he was confident that he could create even stronger Evil Dragons in the future. At that time, his Evil Dragons would fall as easily as they had today.

Dust Edge then took out his own Return Scroll and teleported away from the Dark Witch’s Tower.

When the remaining Dark Players realized that the situation had taken a turn for the worst, they promptly fled the town. This allowed the Hell Tanks to enter the town unhindered after they destroyed the defensive magic array. Meanwhile, only the town’s Tier 3 NPCs posed any threat to the Hell Tanks.

However, with how few Tier 3 NPCs the town had, the Hell Tanks endured the attacks as they destroyed the town’s teleportation device and core magic array, which, in turn, destroyed the Dark Witch’s Tower.

Once the Dark Witch’s Tower’s core magic array had been obliterated, every player in the Ore Empire received a system notification.

Ore Empire Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for destroying the Dark Witch’s Tower. Rewarding 20,000 Guild Popularity and one Basic Teleportation Device.

The system announcement repeated three times, its content echoing in the minds of every player in the Ore Empire…