Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1876 - Slaying Dragons in One Hit

Chapter 1876 – Slaying Dragons in One Hit

Upon seeing the two Evil Dragon players flying toward Shi Feng, the engineers controlling the Hell Tanks grew anxious. “Protect the Guild Leader!”

Immediately, all six Hell Tanks fired their Flame Spears to hinder the movements of the two Evil Dragons.

The 84 Flame Spears shot at the two Evil Dragons simultaneously. Normally, a Tier 2 player would have no choice but to wait for their death when faced with such an attack. However, dodging these attacks was no problem at all for the two Shadow Claw experts who possessed the physique of an Evil Dragon. Even if their huge bodies prevented them from evading all the Flame Spears, they could still rely on their claws to block the ones they couldn’t dodge.

Very quickly, the two Evil Dragon players weaved their way through the Flame Spears and arrived within 15 yards of Shi Feng. They then simultaneously swung their massive paws at him, their silver claws tearing space apart as they sped toward Shi Feng’s head.

Just as the two paws were about to hit Shi Feng, the Sacred Sword in his hand suddenly flashed. In the next moment, a massive bolt of lightning cut the space before Shi Feng in half, spatial tears appearing in its wake.

This move was none other than Lightning Slash, the Additional Skill of Killing Ray.

The moment their claws came into contact with the massive lightning bolt, the two Evil Dragon players felt as if a truck had just hit them. Their bodies went flying over a dozen yards before crashing heavily into the ground, cratering it.


“Is he really a player?”

Dust Edge and the others gaped in shock when they saw this scene. They simply could not believe their eyes.

Shi Feng had actually sent two Level 56, Tier 3 Archaic Species flying. The shock they felt from seeing this scene was akin to that from seeing an ant flipping over an elephant.

The other Dark Players hiding within the Dark Witch’s Tower were also rendered speechless at this scene. They didn’t even know what had just happened. After all, everything was too quick. All they saw were the two Evil Dragons flying toward Shi Feng, then a bright, blue flash coming from Shi Feng. Before they realized it, the two Evil Dragons were already tumbling backward.

“Is he a monster?” The two Evil Dragon players wore looks of horror as they stared at Shi Feng.

A single slap from them had managed to kill a Tier 2 expert However, when they tried to do the same thing to Shi Feng, not only did they fail to kill him, but they also actually lost in a competition of Strength.

However, what the two players did not know was that Shi Feng’s Strength already rivaled a Great Lord’s of the same level. Meanwhile, after continuously producing the forging components for the Hell Tanks for the past few days, he was now a Level 69, Tier 2 Sword Master~thirteen levels higher than the two Evil Dragon players. Lightning Slash also provided him with a 330% increase to his Strength Attribute. Although he still couldn’t reach the standard of a Mythic monster of the same level, his Strength was more than enough to deal with Level 56, Tier 3 Archaic Species.

“No, that’s not right! He must’ve used a Skill that increases his Strength! He shouldn’t be able to use such a Skill often. As long as we work together to attack him, he’ll definitely fall!”

“That’s right. How could a player possibly possess that much Strength? He must’ve used a powerful Skill.”

The two Evil Dragon players discussed quietly as they looked at Shi Feng. Then, they promptly split up and started circling to Shi Feng’s sides.

A lot of powerful Skills in God’s Domain provided a significant boost in Attributes. Among these types of Skills, Berserk Skills were the most common. However, there were also certain Skills that exceeded one’s imagination, such as Taboo Skills. Such Skills were generally kept as a trump card and could not be used frequently.

Since that was the case, all they needed to do was continue attacking Shi Feng until he exhausted all of his Skills. In any case, both of them had a maximum HP of 28,000,000. They were not afraid of fighting a battle of attrition against players at all.

As for the attacks of the Hell Tanks, they only needed to be wary of the Hell Cannons. The Flame Spears posed no problems for them whatsoever.

As the two Evil Dragon players closed in on Shi Feng’s sides and were about to launch another attack, Shi Feng took out a Magic Scroll from his bag and activated it

Immediately, a golden-haired woman dressed in luxurious purple robes appeared before him.

This woman was none other than Anna, Shi Feng’s Personal Guard. At this point, she was already a Level 85 Yin Yang Saint.

As soon as Anna appeared, she lightly tapped the butt of her staff on the ground. Suddenly, a Yin Yang Barrier spread out with her as the center.


The moment the two Evil Dragons collided with the Yin Yang Barrier, they felt a power rivaling Shi Feng’s Lightning Slash smash into their bodies. The two Evil Dragons went flying once again.

“Everyone, fire at will!” Shi Feng commanded when he saw the Evil Dragons tumbling backward.

After snapping out of their daze, the engineers simultaneously activated their respective Hell Tanks’ Hell Cannon and Flame Spears.

Six crimson light balls and 84 Flame Spears flew at the fallen Evil Dragons right there and then.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

A series of explosions shook the battlefield.

The HPs of the two Evil Dragons plummeted, falling below the 25% threshold.

Feeling death approaching, the two Evil Dragon players automatically flapped their wings in an attempt to escape.

Shi Feng’s and Anna’s attacks might not pose a massive threat to them, but the attacks of the six Hell Tanks were simply too fierce. If the Hell Tanks landed another barrage on them, their lives would definitely be forfeit.

“You wish to run? Do you think you can so easily?” Shi Feng chuckled when he saw the two Evil Dragons trying to fly away.

Right then, Anna finished chanting an incantation and now pointed her staff at the sky. In the next moment, pitch-black magic arrays appeared around the two Evil Dragons and shot out pitch-black spears. In the blink of an eye, the pitch-black spears stabbed into the bodies of the Evil Dragons, sealing their movements and sapping their strength.

This move was none other than the new Overtier Spell Anna had learned—Dark Lock.

Due to Dark Lock, the two Evil Dragons were unable to move whatsoever. Their Attributes had also decreased by 30%, which further reduced their already low HPs. On the verge of ordering the Hell Tanks to fire the killing blow on these two Evil Dragons, Shi Feng suddenly felt a pulse coming from his bag.

What’s going on?

Just as Shi Feng was about to inspect his bag to check which item was producing the humming noise he was hearing right now, a broken sword suddenly flew out of his bag.

This broken sword was none other than the Evil God’s Inheritance, the weapon that Shi Feng dreaded using.

System: Faint traces of the Evil God’s Power detected. Do you wish to use the Evil God’s Inheritance to absorb this power?

Does this sword want me to use it to kill these Evil Dragons? As Shi Feng looked at the broken sword, he could tell that the Evil God’s Inheritance was riveted by the dying Evil Dragons. He then clicked to use the weapon in order to see what would happen if he killed the Evil Dragons with the Evil God’s Inheritance.

After Shi Feng made his selection, the Abyssal Blade suddenly vanished from his hand, and taking its place was the Evil God’s Inheritance. At this moment, despite Shi Feng not having sacrificed any of his Attributes, he was actually able to utilize the full power of the Evil God’s Inheritance, the weapon causing his Basic Attributes to skyrocket.

Although the entire process seemed to take a lot of time, in reality, only three seconds had passed since the Evil God’s Inheritance started humming until now.

Tightening his grip on the Evil God’s Inheritance, Shi Feng activated Instant Strike and appeared above the heads of the two Evil Dragons. He then sent a slash at them.


Suddenly, five pitch-black sword lights devoured the two Evil Dragon players.

Seen from afar, it looked as if a gigantic, pitch-black mouth had swallowed the two Evil Dragons whole.

As the pitch-black sword lights faded away, the two Evil Dragon players’ HPs instantly fell to zero. Their bodies petrified into two stone sculptures, which then disintegrated into dust particles that scattered on the wind. A short while later, all traces of the two Evil Dragons had thoroughly disappeared from the battlefield.