Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1875 - Zero Wing's Guild Leader

Chapter 1875 – Zero Wing’s Guild Leader

Everyone was stunned as they watched the considerably injured Evil Dragons.

“Amazing! These Hell Tanks are so powerful!”

“Now that the Evil Dragons are injured, we have a chance of winning!”

“If the Guild makes the Hell Tank available for exchange, I’ll purchase one even if I have to go bankrupt! That thing is insane! Even a Dragon is helpless against it! If I can use this Hell Tank when grinding and questing in the fields, I won’t have to fear other players at all!”

Zero Wing’s members cheered as they looked at the two collapsed Evil Dragons.

When the had first seen the Evil Dragons’ prowess, they had thought they were doomed, but they had learned that not only did the Hell Tanks have the strength to overwhelm players, but the weapons could even contend with the horrific Evil Dragons.

Normally, even a 100-man expert team would have to take the long way around a Tier 3 Archaic Species, yet these Hell Tanks had allowed a small number of players to fight two such monsters. They would definitely be invincible in the fields if they had the assistance of a Hell Tank.

They were excited just thinking about it.

Meanwhile, Veiled Spirit and the others, who watched from inside the Dark Witch’s Tower, wore gloomy expressions after the Evil Dragons had been beaten down.

They had witnessed the strength of the Evil Dragons’ strength personally. With those monsters speed and destructive power, dealing with war weapons should be child’s play, yet…

“Just how did Zero Wing get its hands on those tanks? Their Defense is ridiculous.” Envy and confusion swam in Veiled Spirit’s gaze as she looked at the war weapons.

She had never heard of such a war weapon in the game before. In her memory, war weapons had high destructive power but paper-thin Defense, yet these tanks’ Defense was heaven-defying.

The Hell Tanks were godly weapons on a battlefield. Meanwhile, Zero Wing commanded such incredible weapons…

“You two, hurry and distance yourselves from those tanks! Their Movement Speed and reaction speed is no match for yours! As long as you fight from a distance, those tanks will be useless!” Once Dust Edge recovered from his momentary shock, he commanded his two Evil Dragons to take advantage of the Hell Tanks’ weaknesses.

At the end of the day, the Hell Tanks were simply machines that players drove. Players couldn’t control the weapons as smoothly as their own bodies.

However, the Evil Dragons were a different story. These players had full and nimble control of the beasts’ bodies. In addition, the Evil Dragons could fly had had higher Movement Speed than the Hell Tanks. With the Evil Dragons’ capabilities, it was definitely possible to whittle down and destroy the Hell Tanks without taking any damage. At most, doing so would take some time.

The two Evil Dragon players were peak experts. They had merely failed to react to the Hell Tanks’ attacks in time since the war weapons’ Defense had taken them by surprise. Now that they had snapped out of their daze, they did as Dust Edge had instructed and put some distance between them and their targets.

Although the strongest weapons of the Evil Dragons possessed were their breath and claw attacks, their ability to control wind and attack from a distance wasn’t to be underestimated. When they flapped their wings, they could create Storm Blades that carried the power of Tier 3 attacks. Against the Hell Tanks that were incapable of flight and had delayed reactions, these Storm Blades would be an overwhelming advantage.

They responded so quickly. Shi Feng clicked his tongue as the Evil Dragons moved to attack from a distance. It’s a pity that the Hell Cannon’s power is only at the peak of Tier 3 and can’t inflict severe injuries to these Evil Dragons. Otherwise, that round of attacks would’ve ended the battle.

“Guild Leader, what should we do now?” one of the engineers, who drove the Hell Tank Shi Feng occupied, asked. “At this rate, those monsters will whittle us down until we die.”

Since the Evil Dragons had put some distance between them and the Hell Tanks, they could now dodge and block the tanks’ Flame Spears easily. The Evil Dragons could also strike with their Storm Blades. By the time the drivers noticed the attacks, it would be too late to evade.

Now that Storm Blades bombarded the Hell Tanks, they steadily lost durability. It was only a matter of time before the Hell Tanks ran out.

It seems that we can’t rely on the Hell Tanks to defeat these two monsters. After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng said, “All tanks, group up and take up a defensive formation. Once your Hell Cannons’ Cooldown has ended, wait for my command to fire! We’ll launch a concentrated assault on the Evil Dragons!”

The six Hell Tanks then circled, using their Flame Spears to prevent the Evil Dragon players from landing casual attacks. For a moment, the tanks’ decreasing durability slowed.

However, as the seconds passed by, the vehicles’ durability rapidly depleted under the Dragons’ frenzied assault.

386… 357… 324…

“I’m pretty surprised with Zero Wing. I didn’t think it actually had such a trump card. It’s no wonder why it dares to raid the Dark Witch’s Tower with such a small team. Unfortunately, Zero Wing’s luck will end here. I want to see how long those tanks can last against my Evil Dragons,” Dust Edge said, chuckling as he watched the Evil Dragons suppress the Hell Tanks.

Meanwhile, the Zero Wing members watching from a distance were extremely nervous. Although they wanted to help, they were powerless in this situation.

The engineers who drove the Hell Tanks sweated with anxiety. Fifteen seconds had never felt like such a long time.

Just as the Hell Cannons’ Cooldown was about to end, Shi Feng leaped out of the Hell Tank, attracting the attention of everyone present.

“Guild Leader?” Zero Wing’s members were stupefied as Shi Feng suddenly emerged from his Hell Tank.

The Hell Tanks were under heavy fire by the Evil Dragons, and the shockwave from the creatures’ attacks was more than enough to kill players, yet Shi Feng had left the relative safety of his Hell Tank, exposing himself to the Evil Dragons’ attacks.

“Are they trying to surrender now that they know they can’t win?” Dust Edge joked when he saw someone exit one of the tanks.

The Shadow Claw members were similarly surprised. They could not understand why someone would leave the safety of the tank and put themselves in death’s path. The Evil Dragons could even instant-kill a Tier 2 player.

As everyone chatted about this reckless player quietly, Veiled Spirit watched with a somber expression.

“Commander, has something happened?” a female Cleric asked curiously when she noticed the ugly expression on Veiled Spirit’s face.

“Crap! That is Black Flame!” Veiled Spirit shouted after getting a closer look at the figure.

She hadn’t been able to get a clear look at him since the Evil Dragons’ Storm Blades had kicked up dirt and dust around the Hell Tanks, but after watching carefully with squinted eyes, she recognized the player.

Veiled Spirit could never forget Black Flame’s appearance.

After all, he was the sole reason that Shadow Claw’s ambush on Zero Wing had failed so miserably.

When they heard their commander’s comment, the other Shadow Claw members grew nervous.

In their minds, Black Flame’s name was synonymous with ‘monster.’ The man’s most memorable feat was his ability to contend with a Mythic monster by himself. Although he had only stood against the monster for a short moment, it was a display of strength that countless experts dreamed of commanding.

“Oh? He is Black Flame?” Hearing Veiled Spirit’s warning, Dust Edge squinted his eyes as he looked at Shi Feng. Currently, Shi Feng stood beside a Hell Tank, yet the man was utterly unfazed by the Evil Dragon’s frightening aura. It was as if the Evil Dragons didn’t even exist to Shi Feng. “Sure enough, he really is extraordinary. Unfortunately, even if Zero Wing’s Guild

Leader is here, there is no changing the Guild’s fate here! You two, get rid of him! It’s time to put an end to Black Flame’s undefeated legend!”

Upon receiving Dust Edge’s command, the two Evil Dragon players licked their lips in anticipation and fanaticism as they watched Shi Feng.

He was the most famous individual in the Ore Empire!

Almost no one throughout the empire or Dark Soul didn’t know the name ‘Black Flame.’

When they had faced off against Black Flame during their previous battle with Zero Wing, their only thought had been of escape. However, this situation was different

They were now in possession of an Evil Dragon. They wielded Strength that no player could hope to rival. Moreover, their superior Life Ratings elevated their senses to unprecedented levels. Both players had been some distance from the Flowing Water Realm previously, but now, not only had their combat powers reached that realm, but they were also nearly at the Void Realm.

They were confident that they could easily defeat this legendary player. They were also extremely eager to fight Black Flame.

“Black Flame, hand over your life!” The two Evil Dragon players flapped their wings and flew toward Shi Feng, madness filling their eyes.