Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1874 - - Evil Dragon VS Tank

Chapter 1874 – Evil Dragon VS Tank

As the two dark-gray Evil Dragons ascended, leaving the Dark Witch’s Tower, their massive frames, powerful roaring, and the intense pressure they radiated due to their upgraded Life Ratings quickly attracted Zero Wing’s attention.

“Are those Dragons?”

“How does the Dark Witch’s Tower have two Dragons?”

“How is this possible?! They’re actually Great Lord ranked Archaic Species!”

Zero Wing’s members, who stood some distance behind the Hell Tanks, watched the two massive beasts fly away from the town with astonished expressions. They could not understand why Dragons would be in the Dark Witch’s Tower.

Tier 3 Archaic Species were an absolute nightmare for current players, and although the two Evil Dragons were only Level 56, they wouldn’t be easy opponents.

“Guild Leader, what should we do? The Dragons are too fast, slightly faster than the Hell Tanks,” the engineers controlling the team’s war weapons asked worriedly.

As engineers, they were familiar with the Hell Tanks’ flaws.

Although the Hell Tanks were extremely powerful against players, they were fairly useless against monsters. Monsters had much higher HP and Defense, and if they pitted a Hell Tank against a Great Lord of the same level, it would take a considerable amount of time to defeat the monster with the Hell Cannon and Flame Spears. Furthermore, a Great Lord was considered a Tier 3 monster, so it would be more than capable of causing substantial damage to the Hell Tank, depleting its durability.

If the two Level 56 Evil Dragons were allowed to fight the Hell Tanks, the Hell Tanks would definitely lose.

Evil Dragons? Shi Feng watched the approaching Dragons with a strange look.

He could feel that these two were not actual Dragons, but pseudo-Dragon creatures. If they were actual Dragons, his Heavenly Dragon’s Breath would’ve given him a massive Basic Attribute boost Since the Fragmented Legendary ring hadn’t reacted, he knew that these Evil Dragons were something else.

Moreover, he could sense the Evil Dragons human-like emotions. When he looked in their eyes, it was as if the two Evil Dragons were children that had just found a new toy and were eager to play with it That wasn’t an emotion monsters should experience.

“Zero Wing, die!” the two Evil Dragons bellowed.

The two Evil Dragons widened their jaws and spat a tornado-like breath attack; space tore was the attacks flew towards two of the six Hell Tanks. Since the attacks had been launched from a close distance, the Hell Tanks couldn’t dodge in time.


As the two tornadoes dissipated, they revealed the massive craters the attacks had torn in the ground, each encompassing a 50-yard radius with a five-meter depth. Both of the Hell Tanks’ Magic Shields had shattered instantly, and the power of the breath attacks left Zero Wing’s members flabbergasted.

“Impossible! The Dragons actually spoke? Are players controlling them?”

“That can’t be right! Even if they are controlled by players, they shouldn’t be able to speak.”

“Their destructive power is insane. They actually broke the Magic Shields that not even hundreds of Tier 1 and Tier 2 players could destroy!”

Everyone was shocked as they watched the Hell Tanks’ Magic Shields shatter, and the battlefield’s new craters.

The Evil Dragons’ breath attack was clearly stronger than the Hell Tanks’ Hell Cannons, but the watching players were more confused by the Dragons ability to speak. Moreover, the Dragons’ words had been meant for Zero Wing. NPCs and monsters definitely weren’t capable of such a thing.

“So, this is the power of the Evil Dragons?” Veiled Spirit, who stood in the town’s watchtower, was just as shocked by the Evil Dragons’ power.

With such great destructive power, these Evil Dragons would be of immense help when sieging a town or city. If Dust Edge could mass-produce such beings, the Evil God’s Temple would truly be invincible in the Ore Empire.

“Hahaha! Wonderful! Destroy Zero Wing’s tanks and teach those players how foolish they really are!” Dust Edge’s eyes glowed with excitement as he watched the Evil Dragons.

The two Evil Dragons were still incomplete, yet they had displayed such frightening prowess. Once he collected the remaining materials and perfected the magic array, he could create even stronger Evil Dragons. A measly Guild like Zero Wing would pose no threat to the Evil God’s Temple, and the temple would claim the Ore Empire for its own.

The two Evil Dragons nodded in response to Dust Edge’s command, elation filling their hearts.

The Hell Tanks, which had slaughtered thousands of Dark Players like helpless sheep, were now at their mercy. This newfound power was intoxicating.

The two Evil Dragons flew toward the two Hell Tanks, which had lost their Magic Shields, and assaulted the war weapons with claw swipes.

“Crap! They’re coming!”

The engineers controlling the Hell Tanks panicked and tried to move out of the Dragons’ way, but the creatures were too fast Before the Hell Tanks could adjust their trajectory, the Evil Dragons had reached them, reaching towards the vehicles with their massive claws.

The earth beneath the two tanks shattered as dust and dirt flew into the air due to the shockwave.

As the dust settled, a new shocking scene was revealed.

Dust Edge, Veiled Spirit, and their dark companions had assumed that the Hell Tanks were finished, but the two tanks were safe and sound. The Evil Dragons’ claws had only left a few white scratches on their armored shells.

“How are they so tough?!”

The two Evil Dragons stared at the tanks in astonishment. When their claws struck the Hell Tanks armor plating, they felt as if they had scratched an indestructible wall. Their claws even stung from the impact.

Even the engineers were stunned.

They hadn’t realized that the Hell Tanks had such ridiculous Defense.

The Evil Dragons’ claw attacks had only reduced each of the Hell Tanks’ durability by two points. In other words, the Evil Dragons would have to land 200 claw attacks to destroy the war weapons.

“Stop daydreaming! All tanks, ignore the Dark Witch’s Tower and prioritize the Evil Dragons!” Shi Feng suddenly shouted through the team chat.

He was not surprised in the least that the Evil Dragons had failed to do any substantial damage. After all, the Hell Tanks’ outer shell had been made with Titan Ore. Normally, it was a material used to craft Epic Weapons and Equipment; it wouldn’t be easily destroyed by a Tier 3 Archaic Species.

However, Shi Feng was relieved that he had upgraded the Hell Tanks’ engines, increasing the vehicles’ defensive capabilities. Otherwise, those claw attacks would have reduced the tanks’ durability by at least four points.

After hearing Shi Feng’s command, the engineers promptly targeted the two monstrous Dragons. Without hesitation, the two tanks before the monsters fired their Hell Cannons at the hovering Evil Dragons.

Two balls of crimson light then slammed into the Evil Dragons.

The attacks, which had the power of a peak Tier 3 attack, sent the two monsters flying over 20 yards backward as the Evil Dragons cried out in pain.

The two Level 56, Tier 3 Evil Dragons did not possess as much HP as true Tier 3 Archaic Species. Each only had 28,000,000 HP. A single hit from the Hell Cannons had devoured over 3,000,000 HP.

While the Evil Dragons flew back, the two tanks’ engineers followed up with their Flame Spears.

Fourteen Flame Spears bit into the two Evil Dragons simultaneously, each dealing over -60,000 damage. After taking all 14 spears, the two monsters had lost nearly 1,000,000 HP.

The other four Hell Tanks had reoriented themselves by this time, launching their own attacks. With how fast the Hell Cannons’ projectiles were, the Evil Dragons had no time to dodge the attack. They were only able to block and dodge the Flame Spears from the other four tanks.

In the end, the two Evil Dragons had lost more than one-third of their total HPs after suffering a round of attacks from all six Hell Cannons. To make matters worse, they were now injured, slightly affecting their combat powers…

“How is this possible?” Dust Edge’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets when he saw the massive dent in his Dragons’ HPs and the unscathed Hell Tanks.