Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1873 - Evil Dragon's Power

Chapter 1873 – Evil Dragon’s Power

The appearance of the spatial tear above the Dark Witch’s Tower immobilized every player inside the town. It was as if time around them had stopped.

“What kind of monster is in there?”

Veiled Spirit and the others could not help but be frightened when they felt the horrific pressure flooding out of the spatial tear.

They could sense that this horrific pressure did not originate from the spatial tear itself but from a creature residing inside the spatial tear, instead. This was a pressure that they had never felt in all the time they’d played God’s Domain. They did not doubt that, should the creature inside the spatial tear come out, they would instantly die and disappear just from the pressure the creature exuded.

A few seconds after the spatial tear appeared, the two Shadow Claw members standing inside the crimson magic array started screaming in agony, their lung-piercing shrieks giving all who heard them goosebumps.

“Dust Edge, didn’t you say nothing would happen to them?” Veiled Spirit questioned, a chilly expression appearing on her face as she glared at Dust Edge.

The two members she selected were peak experts of Shadow Claw. They were also one of the few Tier 2 experts the adventurer team had. If their accounts were to get crippled due to this incident, Shadow Claw would sustain a tremendous blow.

“Relax, they’ll be fine. In fact, once the ritual is over, they’ll feel much better than before. You can even label them as the strongest players in existence in God’s Domain right now!” Dust Edge explained, laughing as he looked at the two Shadow Claw members in the magic array.

Veiled Spirit was utterly confused by Dust Edge’s words. Just as she was about to demand a clearer explanation from him, the two people standing inside the magic array suddenly started transforming.

Originally, the two people were already tall and robust men. Now, however, their muscles started bulging rapidly like balloons. Very quickly, their bodies lost their human form. A pair of dark-gray wings sprouted out of their backs, and silver scales covered their bodies.

The transformation process continued for roughly seven seconds and produced two 10-meter-tall Dragons. The two Dragons then let loose deafening roars that echoed throughout the town.


Veiled Spirit and the others could not help but be stupefied by this sight.

They could clearly feel that the two Dragons before them were different from the pseudo-Dragons they had come across before. Although the two Dragons before them were only Level 56_the same level as the players themselves_they could feel a pressure coming from the Dragons that was a result of a difference in Life Ratings. This meant that the two Dragons before them were not pseudo-Dragon creatures but real Dragons.

“They’re still not at the level of real Dragons. However, they have been given new life by the Evil God. Although their Life Ratings are not at the standard of Dragons, they should be at the level of Archaic Species. You can call them Evil Dragons,” Dust Edge said as he looked at the two Evil Dragons. With a hint of excitement in his tone, he continued, “Unlike lowly Evil Demons, Evil Dragons are players. They are somewhat similar to the Dark Mutation you guys have, but the transformation is more thorough than Dark Mutation. Moreover, it is also much stronger. At this moment, they are already at the Tier 3 standard. They possess greater power and lifeforce than even Tier 3 NPCs of the same level.

“Of course, this is not their peak strength yet My power is still incomplete right now. I’ll need many more resources to unlock my strength. Once I have fully grasped this power, I’ll be able to make them even stronger!”

“Evil Dragons?” Veiled Spirit was shocked as she looked at the massive creatures before her. “No wonder Beast Emperor is willing to nurture you at all costs.”

Dark Mutation was something she was very familiar with.

However, Dark Mutation raised only a player’s combat power. The improvement was not sufficient for a qualitative transformation.

The two players that had turned into Evil Dragons, however, had undergone a qualitative transformation. Not only had their tiers increased by one, but even their Life Ratings now rivaled that of Archaic Species. In other words, the two players before her already possessed the strength of Level 56, Tier 3 Archaic Species. This was simply frightening.

A Tier 3 Archaic Species was originally already extremely difficult to deal with. After all, the Attributes such a monster possessed were simply too much for current players to handle. The only saving grace was that the combat standards of monsters were relatively low on average. They also grasped very few Skills. If players cooperated properly, defeating such a monster was still possible.

However, a player transformed into a Tier 3 Archaic Species would be an absolute nightmare for current players. Not to mention, said player would be able to control their new body as if it were their own. Let alone a 100-man team of Tier 2 experts, even a 1,000-man team of Tier 2 experts would be no match for such a player.

Just thinking about meeting such a player on a battlefield made Veiled Spirit shudder in fear.

The destructive power of such a player would far exceed that of a Tier 4 Mythic monster controlled by players.

“How do you two feel right now? Are you still accustomed to your bodies?” Veiled Spirit asked the two Evil Dragon players curiously.

When players transformed their bodies using Dark Mutation, they would initially have trouble adapting to their new bodies. Now that the two players before her had taken on a form that was nothing like the human body, chances were high that they would have great difficulty controlling their bodies.

“I’ve never felt better. Even without concentrating, I can easily grasp the movements in my surroundings. I can even hear the conversation of two players that are hiding behind a wall 200 yards away.”

“Indeed. Those two are actually planning to report our actions here to other Dark Players. Those two players are simply tired of living!”

After saying so, the two Evil Dragons flapped their wings, their massive bodies transforming into a powerful gale as they flew toward the two hidden players. By the time the two hidden players noticed the two Evil Dragons’ movements, the latter had already crossed a distance of 30 yards. Before the two expert players could move 30 yards away from their original hiding spot, the two massive Evil Dragons had already appeared before them and swiped their claws at them.

In the next moment, Dust Edge and Veiled Spirit’s group heard a loud bang coming from the Evil Dragons’ direction. The ground the two Level 55, Tier 2 experts stood on shattered instantly. As for the two experts themselves, they had died on the spot.

“What power!” Veiled Spirit gasped involuntarily.

Too strong! Too fast!

Two Tier 2 experts were actually killed just like that. Even Level 56 Mythic monsters weren’t capable of executing such a clean and swift attack.

Meanwhile, the other Tier 2 experts of Shadow Claw also shrank back reflexively.

Their reaction was because they’d imagined themselves in the place of those two Tier 2 experts and realized that they wouldn’t fare all that much better than those two players, either. They would almost certainly suffer the same fate as that unfortunate duo.

“Good! Very good!” After witnessing the two Evil Dragon players killing two Tier 2 experts instantly, Dust Edge turned to look at Veiled Spirit and said proudly, “This is the Evil God’s Temple’s true power! What do you think? As long as you all have this power, let alone the Ore Empire, even taking control of human empires won’t be a problem.”

“Indeed.” Veiled Spirit nodded in agreement with Dust Edge’s words. She, too, felt that the partnership between Dark Soul and Beast Emperor held great promise.

As long as Dark Soul had a large number of Evil Dragons under its command, removing Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul from the Dark Night Empire would be a piece of cake.

“Alright, now that you two have warmed up, it’s about time we go greet our guests,” Dust Edge said, smiling as he turned to look at Zero Wing’s members, who were close to destroying the Dark Witch’s Tower’s defensive magic array already.

At Dust Edge’s words, the two Evil Dragon players promptly turned to look at the approaching Hell Tanks, sneers appearing on their faces. Previously, they had still felt somewhat fearful of the Hell Tanks. Now, however, it was a different story.

Following which, the two Evil Dragon players flapped their wings and swiftly flew out of the town’s magic barrier and straight toward the Hell Tanks.