Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1872 - Evil God Takes Action

Chapter 1872: Evil God Takes Action

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Once the Hell Tanks had wiped out the attacking Dark Players, Shi Feng instructed his guildmates to loot the battlefield.

The Dark Players that operated in the Orc Empire were very well-equipped on average. Otherwise, they wouldn't have dared to join the Glory Battlefield that was the empire. Fortunately, Shi Feng could use the weapons and equipment these Dark Players had dropped as compensation for the Magic Crystals the Hell Tanks had expended and to make a small profit. Naturally, he wouldn't leave the items for other players to loot.

However, Zero Wing's members only took action sometime after Shi Feng had given the order. They had still been stunned at the Hell Tanks' performance.

Before these Hell Tanks, Tier 2 experts were a joke; they couldn't even escape the Hell Tanks' destruction. Despite the 1,000-plus surviving Dark Players fleeing for their lives in every direction, the six war weapons annihilated them all…

Zero Wing's members watched the war weapons, their eyes sparkling as if they gazed at a piece of top-tier equipment.

"These tanks are amazing!"

"I can't wait to see how these Dark Players plan to maintain their arrogance around Silverwing Town now that we have these tanks."

"I wonder if the Guild will give a similar tank to the Guild teams? If every 1,000-man legion had five or six of these things, we'd be unstoppable in the fields."

"Keep dreaming. How could the Guild casually afford to arm a Guild team with such powerful tanks? I'd be satisfied if my team had just one of these tanks, not to mention five or six."

While Zero Wing's members cleared the battlefield of items, they softly discussed the Guild's new war weapons.

When Shi Feng overheard these discussions, he couldn't help his bitter smile.

The necessary materials to produce the Hell Tank were extremely precious. He had already depleted the materials the Guild had fought to collect to craft the six Hell Tanks before him. If he wanted to produce more, he would have to rely on Guild members to collect the necessary materials from Team Dungeons. After all, Team Dungeons had Cooldowns, and not every Team Dungeon dropped the necessary materials. Grinding for the necessary materials wouldn't be possible.

However, his team members' comments did remind him of something.

He could arm the Zero Wing teams that patrolled around Silverwing Town with the Hell Tanks. Although doing so would cost a lot of Magic Crystals and rapidly deplete the Hell Tanks' durability, it would significantly increase Silverwing Town's security. Current players were no match for these war weapons, and several Hell Tanks could end a battle of several thousand players within minutes.

After his team had cleaned up the battlefield, Shi Feng ordered the six Hell Tanks to bombard the Dark Witch's Tower.

Now that more than half of the Dark Players in the town had died, the remaining Dark Players posed no threat. All they had to do was destroy the town's defensive magic array. Then they could storm the town and destroy its magic array core and teleportation device. Once those had been destroyed, they would rend the Dark Witch's Tower powerless.

"Zero Wing's coming. What should we do?"

Meanwhile, the Dark Players who had watched the battle from the town's watchtower wore ugly expressions as they gazed at Zero Wing's members.

Over 2,000 expert players had died in just a few minutes. To make matters worse, not a single one of them had killed any of Zero Wing's players. This was utterly terrifying.

These Dark Players had been confident that Zero Wing's members couldn't touch the Dark Witch's Tower, much less destroy the town. However, after witnessing the Hell Tanks' destructive power and their ridiculous Movement Speed, they realized that the town's Defense Turrets and Arrow Towers would be useless against the enemy war weapons.

"So, this is the trump card Zero Wing has hidden all this time?" Even Veiled Spirit was a little afraid as the six tanks approached the town.

Although she had prepared a trump card, in the form of a magic array that enhanced players' power, she wasn't certain that any player at this stage of the game could stop those tanks, regardless of their buffs.

"Not bad! It's no wonder why Zero Wing only sent a 1,000-man elite team here. It turns out that they've prepared such a move!" Dust Edge gave the Hell Tanks a bright smile. "I hadn't thought that those players were worth my involvement, but it seems that they just barely qualify."

"You have a way to defeat them?" Veiled Spirit asked curiously as she gave Dust Edge, who brimmed with confidence, a look.

"Of course. I can also use this opportunity to show you your collaborator's strength," Dust Edge said, nodding. "However, I will require some sacrifices. Do you mind if I trouble you to capture some?"

"Sacrifices?" Veiled Spirit repeated, confused.

"I'm talking about players. I need a large number of players. The more, the better. Since this is a hub for the dark forces, these NPCs won't mind if players slaughter each other. And the remaining players in the Dark Witch's Tower aren't particularly valuable anymore, anyway, right?" Dust Edge asked, chuckling as he eyed the Dark Players as they tried to flee from the town. "I'll also need to borrow two of your peak experts."

"My subordinates?" Veiled Spirit frowned, turning to Dust Edge with a frosty expression.

Although she did not know why he needed sacrifices, it definitely wasn't for something good. She refused to allow her subordinates to become this madman's sacrifices.

"Relax. I won't sacrifice your subordinates. Rather, I want to grant them peerless strength!" Dust Edge explained when he realized that Veiled Spirit had misunderstood his intention.

"That won't be a problem." Veiled Spirit agreed. She then instructed her subordinates to gather the feeling players in the Dark Witch's Tower.

This time, she had brought 300 experts with her, each of which was incredibly powerful. They were far stronger than the Dark Players who idled in the town.

Under Veiled Spirit's command, Shadow Claw's 300 experts took action. Using the tools Dust Edge had granted them, they captured the players that tried to escape the town.

"What are you trying to do?"

"Why are you capturing us?"

Shadow Claw's prisoners soon found themselves bound by magical chains, their fear clear on their faces as they looked at Dust Edge and his companions.

"Oh, it's nothing. I'm just going to make you contribute to the Dark Witch's Tower's defense," Dust Edge said, laughing when he saw over 300 bound players. "You should feel so lucky to become a part of my new power."

"Hurry it up. Zero Wing's team is starting its attack. The town's defensive magic array won't last long," Veiled Spirit snapped anxiously as she watched the six Hell Tanks fire upon the Dark Witch's Tower.

Although the Dark Witch's Tower had a defensive magic array to protect it, it was much weaker than the one around Ancient Rock City. If Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells bombarded it, it wouldn't last long.

"Relax. My preparations are complete. Now, we just need two of your subordinates to stand in the center of the magic array," Dust Edge responded as he finished writing over 30 lines of crimson divine runes in the air. He then merged the divine runes with the crimson magic array before him, excitedly proclaiming, "Soon, you'll get to witness the power of the Almighty Evil God!"

At Dust Edge's words, the two experts Veiled Spirit had chosen began to panic as they stared at the magic array. However, when their leader urged them forward, they had no choice but to steel their resolve and step into the array.

"Almighty Evil God! I offer you Immortal Souls! Please grant me an immortal body to smite my enemies!" Dust Edge sang before tapping the butt of his staff on the array. The 300-plus Dark Players inside the magic array instantly collapsed like puppets as their strings were cut. In the next moment, the space above tore, leaving a gaping, black wound. A boundless aura then poured out of the spatial tear, and everything within the Dark Witch's Tower froze within its presence.